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I am back with my zid (Epi-8)

hi, this is Anah…
thank u so much for all readers ,
also ur comments ….
Om room,
Om lost in his thoughts
Sarah enter and call him,
he didn’t answer her….
she shake his sholder …

Om:… haan…. Bolo….
Sarah:Om u still hold lidless pen come on just throw it man…
Om:no… Sarah… This is not just pen this my past…love…isha’s…. leave it.. U don’t understand…
Sarah:okay don’t worry we search that mall… Come
Om: will we find ? Ok i also order one book…
On mall,
Om :excuses me , yesterday one girl take my pen unknowingly if she gave u ?
Re:no sir,no one give any thing sorry….
Om:it’s ok.. I want this book in Urdu….
Re:ji sir,we will order this, tomorrow u will get this…
Om:thank u….
Om and Sarah leaves and ishana come,
Ish:hello yesterday i am take this with me (pen lid) plz give….
Re:so that was u…just then one guy ask and leave… Give it i will give him…
Ish:thank u and i want this book in English….
re:sorry mam…this book not in   stock… if u want we will order but u get tomorrow only…
ish:okay order it… plz send this address..
re:ok mam…
cbi office ,
officer:miss priyanka, u guys meet this girl she will help u in ur case…
priyanka take her details .
prinku:ok sir,
she sign ranveer to go
they go to meet that girl,
girl residence ,

prinku:hello i am priyanka ,crime branch…
girl:oh… i am priyal lab assistant
nice to meet u..
she give her hand for shaken
prinku about to give her hand but she shaken with ranveer…
prinku fumes but didn’t show…
pri:hi I’m priyal chopra… Ur so handsome….
Ranveer notice prinku and smile,
Ran:thank u .Ranveer singh randhawa.and u r so hot…
Pri:ohh… So sweet…
They flirting eachother,
Prinku give irritating look,
Prinku:ur nonsense talk finish hogayi tho we should talk about case.
priyal murmuring Ranveer ear,
pri:i think she is sadu…
Ranveer smile…

prinku :let’s go…
oberoi mansion,
Sarah and anshi ,
anshi: kisse baath karrahi ho?
Sarah:mom se
anshi goes hall …
dadi,Pinky,Sakti,tejvir there,
she goto Pinky,
anshi:where is ur mom?
pin:her home… what happened ..
anshi:all have maa….
Janvi :haan, but what happened?
anshi:then where is my mom?
all r speechless ,and tear eyed…
Shivaay enters,
pink:shivaay,come here,
Shiv:what mom….
pin:anshi beta go and ask ur dad..
he must give u…

Shiv:anshi,tell what u want ?i will give u?
anshi:pakka ?..
anshi:mom… i want mom…
shivaay dumbstruck,
Pinky :just give it…
shiv:no way mom i don’t want second mrg
Pinky in angry tone…
pin:shut up…
all r shocked and stands
pin: 2nd mrg tumari mann may ye bhi hai.. agar tu kuth mujse poocha bhi naa  i wanna give tight slap … find my bahu anika…
kamal hai… 2nd mrg …
next day,
soumya call karan ,
som:hello sir, I’m soumya… I’m ready for work… ok…8pm…fine.
shivaay in office ,
Shiv:mishra .. what about hotel ?
mishra : work going smoothly i think will be finish in 2 or 3 weeks …
Shiv:okay i want meet Mrs randhawa so arrange the meeting …
mis:ok sir,will i fix the meeting 8pm …

in mall

Om: my book ?
receptionist give the book .he take and about to go…
re:sir,this is urs?
Om see his pen lid ..
Om:yes ,thank u so much….
he see the book and tell ,i didn’t order this…
re:no.. sir u order this only….
Om:yes but in Urdu this is English…
re:sorry sir,book got changed…
plz wait….

re:sir u book in this address plz can u get it…or
Om take address
Om:no problem… i will
Om find the address and goes there,
Om:fun zone art club…..

Om enter one room ,
Om:miss randhawa ,
ishana stand there and face rack side,arrange all books ,
Om:our books got changed…so…
ishana turn and see Om
Om got huge shock and walk towards her…
they have painful eye lock ,
tear flow their eyes…
Ishu compose herself
Ish:ji…. Ur book ….

She is running from there,
Om still in shock and don’t know what to do….
Rain flows,
Ishana stands rain with tears,
Ish mind: why this is happened only me,Om behind her,
Om:i am sorry ishu…. Plz come back to my life…don’t punish me like that….
Ish:why… Why u want me come back to ur life….again u want throw out from ur life for silly reasons…again u want broke me..
Once i managed…. Again i can’t
Mein mar…
Om shut her mouth,
And hug her…
Ishu crying badly
Om:i am sorry for everything… I’m really sorry… Plz forgive me..
Ish:leave me Om….
She try to get rid of his hug….
But she can’t…. Slowly she reciprocate his hug…
song plays ,
tere bin naa mumkin
apna guzara hai
hard dua main Mein
thujko hi maanga hai
tere jaana jaise koi bathdua
door jaayenge ho tum
marjaayenge hum
sanam teri kasam …
then she come back to her sense and push him away
Ish:i don’t want to come back….
She leaves from there….
He looks on…..

At 8 pm,

Som:hello listener I’m ur love angel… So guys, share ur prblm with me… If ur in  confusion with ur decision which is wrong and u take urgently in ur past…
and today that past is front of u…so i want clear ur confusion call love angel… stay tune..
re:soumya i am going plz i have important work…
som:no prblm riya i will manage..
she play song
Rudy:i think i went mad ,i hear sumo voice…..everywhere..
no this is my sumo voice only,
he get his car key and leaves ,
he reach the fm station ,
rudr enters
Rudy:no one is there,
He call love angel,
som:so this our first caller hello what’s ur name ?
som:inner voice :rudr
so compose herself…
som:so what’s ur prblm Mr aman.

Rudy:ur same i mean old love angel right….
he search all rooms suddenly he see her through the glass door and get happy and tears also
som:no… no I’m new love angel Mr amar prem…
she is super nervesness ,
Rudy:1 sec ,i said my name is aman how u know i am aman prem?
soumya bite her tounge and sees rudr in door side she get shock and stands her seet….

precap :
som:rudr don’t come close…
rudr : why ? u didn’t  care anything right..
soumya walk backwards…
on road,
she hold anika sholder,
Shiv:how long u ran away from me… haan
anika:when u didn’t behind me…
Om in his room crying badly,

very sorry for grammatical mistakes and i am very bad in express emotions…. so sorry for disappoint u guys, drop ur opinion guys, negative also welcomed..

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