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I am back with my zid (Epi-4)

hello dears, i am back with episode-3, thank u for reading my ff . plz support me with ur lovely comments… thank u once again let’s start….

EPi – 4,


oberoi mansion ,
Pinky speaking in phone ,
Pinky : haan…  mousiji… shacchi ….congratulation …. mousi ji…
dadi : whom u r talking with phone?
Pinky : mummyji … wo.. meri  canada waali mousi hena …. her daughter ki delivery  hogayi …
Janvi:girl or boy ?
Tej:girlses ?….
Pinky: haan…twins…..
Janvi :wow!!! that’s great news ….
Pinky: haan jetaniji… hamari family mein first twins …
Sakti :but in our family.all have twins except me…
dadi:ji my husband and Janvi ‘s mom are twins.
Pinky:jetaniji and pradeep bhaiya ,
Tej:my sisters roop and sameera
Om:Rudr and prinku..
Sarah :wowww oh my god so many twins here..
dadi: sameera ko bhi twins hai…
she get teary eyed…
Tej : mom plz..
dadi went her room…
Sarah : what happened ?
Om: when i’m young …. sameera bua went our house with teary eyes… but i don’t know why? 
Tej:it’s my mistake…
Om:Mr oberoi .. what’s new ?
Sakti : humane roop ki sazah sameera ko dediya ….

all r went their respective room..

in dadi room,
Janvi and Pinky comes there,
dadi is crying ….
Janvi:mummyji plz…
dadi:nahi Janvi … we r not done with this to them…
Pinky: and also anika..
dadi:yes, we went out..
Janvi:yes..mummyji that day we didn’t went out?
Pinky:u know mummyji she calls me and said plz mom comefast I’m going to give surprise…

Fb starts,
anika leave oberoi mansion,just then Pinky ,Janvi ,dadi,rudr and prinku enters,
Pinky :anikaa  beta where r u?
rest of guys keep silence…
Janvi : any one tell…
Rudy:where is anika di ?
dadi:chaligayi matlab ?
Tej:Shivaay throw her out…
Shiv:haan… i throw her out …
She gave drugs to Om
Om: what? r u mad Shivaay ?
just the curiar boy enters,
c b:Mr shivaay  singh oberoi …
shivaay get the envelope and read it.
Shiv: look at this … i will get milk from ur room when u r unconscious …. issme drugs hai
this milk is given by anika right…
Om: no…
Shiv:yes I’m seeing anika with milk glass and ask her she told its for Om.. she is very tired i said first u drink then give Om.but she urgently denies …
Om:no shivaay milk is given by riddima
just then riddima enters
Om:i have something for u plz must drink …
Om:riddima what’s in milk?
rid:nothing … special  but must drink… plz …
Om call lab..


Om:plz come oberoi mansion with test equipments .. thank u
Om cut the call
Om:I’m sorry riddima… meri food mein drugs hai… so …
riddima get shock and try to leave that place
rid:Om … i forgot….i have something important work …
Om:just wait riddima plz,
lab technician comes.
Om give him milk which is given.by riddima.
all r looks on….
riddima phone ringing,
riddima get nervous,
Om handover her phone..and pick it..
caller:hello riddu beta .. Om drunk  milk ?
lab technician:sir , drugs hai…
Om slap riddima hardly ….
Om:get out riddima….
ishana is right…
riddima went…

one phone ringing ,
all r looks on,
its anika phone….
rudr pick it and put loud speaker
caller : hello Mrs shivaay…
i am conform that news few hrs back but report come its 200% conform i had send ur report and one letter for ur husband also ..bye .
call ended….
Mrs anika…
all r look door….
boy:report …
shivaay take the report and boy leave….
shivaay read the letter  …
shiv:Mr shivaay i met ur wife 2weeks before when she is pregnant …but she is so anemic so i advise to abortion but she didn’t hear me she want her baby anyhow so i advise her to follow these things usually pregnant ladies looks very tired so we prefer to take milk but she is very different so i prefer to not take milk for ur baby health …. its so complicated but ur wife did it congratulations Mr shivaay .. u have great wife…
shivaay get teary eyes ….
dadi:billu tune accha nahi diya.all r stand with teary eyed…
Fb end…

in road,
shivaay rushes towards his car
suddenly he hit one lady ..
shivaay:sorry …
he she her face ,she is none other then nurse who give anshi to shivaay before 3yrs
Nu:u r same… and where is ur daughter ….
Shiv :my daughter?
Nu:yes ur daughter …. that day i give u ? she is ur own daughter…
Shiv :what?
Nu:haan u r …ani…. Anika husband  right?
Shiv:yes…. But… Anika ko accident ….
Nu: haan accident tha but She is 7months pregnant…. Bcoz of accident… Early delivery ho gaya u didn’t believe me then take dna test…
Shivaay rushes oberoi mansion and take anshi with him
Pin:shivaay where r u going with anshi ?
Shivaay didn’t reply her question and went hospital

At night ,
Shivaay get mail and goes his room where anshi sleeping peacefully . Shivaay check the mail .its dna test report…
Shiv:what anshi is my own daughter …
He is very happy.tears flow his eyes continuously …
He don’t know what to do?
He take his car keys and went out …
Om enter shivaay room ,
Om:shivaay …
He see report and read ….
He get shocked….

Precap :
Anika: what’s going on?
Ranveer :celebration ?
Anika:for what ?

Sorry for long episode next time i will make short …

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