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I am back with my zid (Epi-2)

Hi iam Ana sorry for half post galthi se submit hogaya here. Epi-2

Oberoi mansion ,
At night ,
Shivaay in pool side ,
He riminice his call.


Fb start ,
Person :hello Shivaay sir ,I’m calling  from city hospital ,plz can u come here .
Shiv:but why?
Person:sir ur wife  admitted our hospital
Shiv : what ?…how ?..
Person:sir,she met accident ,
You searching her last  seven months so I’m informing  u  plz come
Shiv :ok I’m coming …
Shivaay rushes to hospital,

In hospital people running outside .
Outside police help them ,
Police : plz don’t panic compose urself and comefast . Pls help patient for get outside
Police 2: hello fire service plz comefast city hospital …
Shiv : what happened ?
Police 2: hospital inside bomb .its explore within minutes
Shiv get huge shock , he rushes inside  one person stop him
Person : r u out of mind ? Inside  bomb all r coming outside
U r going inside stay here,
Somehow Shivaay manage and enter hospital one nurse with baby running towards him
Nu : wait don’t come inside ,where  r  u going?
Shiv : wo ani…. Anika…
Nu:who is anika?
Shiv:my wife…. Accident….
Nu:go outside and see ambulances all patient are there and plz one help .
She give  the baby to shivaay
Nu:plz iski maa buhut mushikil se isko janam diya outside u r meet her mother give it .

She rushes inside ,
Shiaay come out suddenly the huge blast
Shivaay shout
Fb end .
no ….. she is safe i will find her at any cost.
In om room ,
Om lost his thoughts,
Om : hw could u do this to me ishana .u know  i hate lie and u r full lie but i can’t hate u ish i can’t ,bcoz i luv u ishu

In morning ,
Rudy :hello sumo .. Hw r u ?
Sumo:haan Rudy i am fine.
Rudy :where u u Sumo? Tum naasik ponch gayi?
Sumo: we… Are… Di…
Rudy : hello sumo i can’t hear .. Voice distrubed hello sumo..sumo…
Sumo:rudr… Hello….
Line cut .

Scene sift living room ,
All oberoi members waiting care taker ,
Pinky: mummyji yet cares takers abtak nahi aayi..
Dadi:puttar ,morning 6 am
Who going to work waise bhi aaj se she living oberoi mansion so baking karni hai hoga buhut Sari kaam don’t worry aajayegi..

Just then one young  lady enter oberoi mansion ….
Every one looks on and  shocked .
YL:hi I’m Sarah Jain child care taker (Dr Sarah Jain is Sara khan ,zindagi wins ‘s Dr malavika Seth)
Om:Sarah!…what a plasent surprise … Glad to meet u
Sarah goes dadi and get her blessing
Dadi : khush raho puttar ..
Janvi:so its u ? but u never tell us?
Sarah: i want give shock treatment to all badi maa…

Where is Shivaay?Tej:he went office Sarah : so early… He is such a robot … Impossible …. Hey Rudy what’s up man? Rudy:Iam cool Di. Sarah:where is baby ? Pinky : take her full night crying check her Sarah: what’s her name? Sakti : anshi Sarah :nice offo she had bad fever and she is so young? Pinky: kamal hai.. She born yesterday . Young nahi tho old kaise haan Sarah:no it means she like early born baby just like 7months baby.. Rudy:just like Shivaay baiya? Sarah :i felt she misses some one i think she is twin baby Pinky:Rudy and prinku jaise ? Janvi:maybe oneday i went my house with prinku without rudr Tej:then they had fever Sarah :i think baby ko hospital.. Just then Shivaay come Shiv :no way baby didn’t come any where ,I’ll arrange all things in home Art club , Om:ishana didn’t come till now ok. Om went ishana house. Ishana house. Om seeing lock , Om:ishu where u r? After 3days , Sarah:shiaay 3days went,fever didn’t get low .

Its getting high, I think we should going hospital Shiv:ok u go with Rudy. Sarah :ok… In hospital , Dr cabin , One lady sit with one boy baby Dr:what’s baby name? Lady:Dr he is my grand son ansh born 3days before aaj se ab tak buhut fever hai Dr check baby and told nurse Dr: sister put the baby on icu and keep under observation. Nu:Ji Dr. She goes. Dr point the lady, Dr:plz wait outside. Lady went just then, Sarah enter Dr cabin , Dr:hi Sarah Sarah : Dr..she is anshi She had fever so want keep her observation Dr:okay .. In icu , Nurse stops rudr Sarah :i want take him with me Nu: Ji mam .. They goes inside icu, Sarah seet the baby near ansh Rudy : Di see.. The look like eachother and eyes bhi same…blue eyes aur dono haath bhi mila diya… Sarah : Rudy all baby look a like same before 3months and some babies melonin rate low hoga so eyes r blue ok.. After a week , Sarah discharge anshi Sarah :nurse i want anshi report Nurse : ji mam Nurse give report to Sarah , Sarah read the report . Sarah :ansh….boy…. Oh god report got changed… She call nurse Sarah:report had changed u send anshi report oberoi mansion Nurse: ji mam . Precap :after 3years , Oberoi mansion, Pinky : o my Mata.. Anshi , tune billu ki uper brotien shake pek diya All r cups their mouth, Somewhere, One girl:ansh u broke my phone..don’t run I’m not leave u

Sorry for grammatical mistakes

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