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Haiiiii, friends!!!! How are you all?? I know it’s been so long I have been updated one shot story…. Here I back with another one shot …….. I simply write this…..Do enjoy reading and leave comments…. Any negatives comments about it also allowed so I can improve the writing….. And lastly to my lovely si Affaa, its a dedication for you too for my come back….. Didu miss u…..Love u all…..

Hurt… Yes it hurts…. It hurts a lot…. The place that hurt is invisible….. It’s like I have been stabbed so many times and bloods are oozing through the wound….. But the pain that I have been going through mentally still won’t be that hurt much if I have really been stabbed physically……..


Why this much of pain? What happened till feel like this? Where she is the only one who is suffered as if other girls didn’t have any problem as her?
No….. She was suffering and it doesn’t mean that she is the only person who have problem in this world….. Does it mean that she doesn’t have any rights to complain???? Sometimes we can say a lot of things and complaint about someone but did you for once really think that it is the truth of them as you said….. And most of all why should we judge others! Yes, it’s true that as human it’s a common of judging people but does that mean we can said anything about a person that we barely knew without know them from inner and out…… Even we know someone very well still it doesn’t mean that we know everything about them and start to comment about them that are because human’s heart and mind can’t be read by anyone……. Everyone have their own perspective and opinion….

That’s what happened to our Swara…. She had been judged by her own family members….. A family that she always cherished…….. A family who she always give the first priority amidst all….. A family she has taken vow to the God no matter what she won’t let them bestowed to anyone with anything….. A family she wants to proud of her….. A family who she thinks will be with her ups and down…. A family who will lend a shoulder for her on her weakness……
But life is not a fairy tale which always filled with happiness….. Life is a reality that every human need to face…. When the reality of life struck, everything will be shattered like a broken glass…… Swara’s heart broke into thousand pieces which can’t be mending it back when she heard her own family members misjudged her even she explained herself….. Her own bloods judge her….They just disowned her like that without investigate the truth for once and insult her with unbearable words and didn’t think for once how come their growth will be waste….

Like people said tongue really didn’t have bones….Just voice out every displeasure and negative thoughts which you bottled up in your hearts for years….. Her own family insulted her who she thought always support her and well known her….. But today just because a stranger’s who hold grudges with her comes with a story that she was not pure and sleep with him, she been tagged as “sl*t” not by society but her own family members…….

She cried bitterly in front of God idol remembering her fate….. The one place we’re everyone can let their heart out…….God, I don’t know how should act…. I agree I’m not a perfect girl but whatever it’s me, myself….. I didn’t try please other….. I always am myself…..When I found something wrong I will voice it out which sometimes make other displeased with it and make me gain enemies….. I didn’t cover my body fully like normal girls who dress fully covered in front of family and once when they went outside they wear tiny pieces of clothes which barely covered their self…… Even I wear normal clothes, I never show of my body…..Still I had been called as “sl*t”, “b***c” and extra…..

But I do have question from which angle I’m looking those they said…… When a lot of guys flirting with me, I ignored and warned them….. While my other friends we’re enjoying their leisured life with their boyfriends and I’m staying single….. Still I had been called as “pr*stitute”, “bossy”, “arrogant”, “nasty”, “vulgar” and so on…… Still I moved on without giving a head to that statement…. I’m not coward to argue back…… It’s just that there will be no different between me and them….. And how long I will explain them about myself…… No matter what people won’t stop talking and tagging me….. So, what I did every time is keep quiet and people will shut their own mouth once they tired of didn’t getting any replies….. But today I can’t be like that….. I didn’t have that patient when it comes to my own family members…..
I’m really exhausted and tired of this…… God, I know it’s a normal thing even a lot of girls like me a suffering with this same problem in every corner of this world…..Every girl are being easily judged everyday in everywhere…… Why can’t they think that I am girl also a human being as them who have heart also will be hurt….. Won’t them ever stop judging a girl or tag them with names…..
With teary eyes Swara drink a bottle of poison that she have in her hand…… She finished her life…… She has no more energy to fight and live her life when her pillar who holds her on her weakness also blames her…… With that she leave a suicide note for her family which explaining what happened which she had told them and goes unbelief by them….. Swara died with the hope one day there will be a day which there we’re no girls been tag with names and they live their life fullest with more respects…..

Friends, no matter what please give comments on others if you didn’t know anything….. I know I can’t say that please don’t judge others because we need to judge others sometimes but we still can judge them without hurting their feelings too…. Judging a person without fully understanding of the situation is wrong. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean that you’re right…. Everyone right on their stand…. Every side of the coin has their own story…..

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