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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-1

Hiii friends lahari here with another ragsan ff…..

Story starts in one village…in a moring one girl was watering d plants wearing beautiful chudidar with beautiful smile on her face…some ine calls her “laado” it was her dadi who calls her nd the girl was our ragini…
[Ragini gadodia:beautiful ,very traditional ,innocent girl..she loves her parents shekhar sumi nd her dadi..she completed her+2 nd she got a good emcet rank nd preparing to do BTECH]ragini “coming dadi” saying she goes inside where sumi shek nd dadi presents nd sees all r looking happy…
Ragini:kya maa ,all r looking so happy
Sumi:hearing this news u will also feels happy more than us…
Ragini:bolo na maa
Dadi:areh laado ur mami(shekhar ‘s sister),mamu nd their son r coming here …
Hearing this ragini face was glowing nd she hugs shekhar nd asks really papa..
Dadi:ha ,get ready to see ur honewali pati…
Hearing this ragini was blushing like hell…
[her mami ,mamu loves ragini alot,when ragini borns then only her mami decides ,ragini was her bahu ]Sumi:shekhar see someone is blushing..
Hearing this ragini runs to her room with shy…while sheksumi dadi smiles…


@ragini room
Ragini was jumping while shouting he was coming he was coming…she opens her cupboard nd takes one photo(mami’s son photo )…she was talking with photo…u know how much i was waiting for u…after 5years u r coming here im very happy…i missed u so much ,she caress his photo nd said i love u )
[they r always used to come ragini’s home in every summer vacation but last 5years they arnt as her mamu was busy with his business]@evening
Ragini was in her room…she hears car horn sound…hearing this ragini sensed they came..she looks herself in mirror 2,3 times nd she took a deep breath nd comes out of
room nd sees her mami ,mamu who r talking with dadi,she looks at him (mami’s son) who was taking blessings frm her parents…seeing him her heart beat
incresed..she lost in him as he was looking dashing…she was jst staring at him while walking towards them…she came to sense when her mami saw her nd hugged her
tightly….ragini came sense nd hugged her mami..
Mami:i missed u princess
Ragini:me too mami
Mamu:ur mamu also here dont u giva hug to ur mamu…
Ragini smiles nd hugs her mamu…
Mamu:shekhar u didnt give her food
properly na see my princess become thin…
Dadi :she was dieting
Mami(angrily glares at ragini):who told u to do diting see u r looking so week..
Ragini:no mami i was perfectly fine..i was thin but healthy ,saying she shows her musils…all r smiles expect one…that is our hero..he was looking at them with disgusting face…
Mami:looks at the boy nd calls him “sanskar”(he is our hero sanskar kapoor,nd her parents sujatha nd ram kapoor)
[Sanskar:loves his parents,he doesnt like ragini as she hates behen ji type of girls,he competes his 1st year btech..he lives in mumbai]Sujatha:sanskar dont u meet ragini ,see how beautiful she is..
Sanskar(un interested):hai
Sanskar:mom i want to get fresh
Sumi:come beta i will show u room
Sanskar nodded nd leaves with sumi..while ragini staring at him…dadi noticed this nd whishpered in her eyes laado control…ragini smiles nd hugs dadi..dadi caressed her hair…

Aftet they had dinner ,sujatha asked ragini to give milk to sanskar who was in his room as he was habitated by drink milk before sleeping…ragini nodded with wide smile on her lips…she goes to sanskar room sees sanskar was listening songs by putting headphones with closed eyes…she was jst admiring him holding milk…after a while sanskar opens his eyes nd sees ragini who was smiling at him..
Sanskar:what r u doing here
Ragini(came sense):vo..vo..milk
Sanskar:keep there(pointing towards table)
Ragini kept there nd going
Ragini(cloud9):turns at him
Sanskar:close d door
Ragini nodded nd leaves while closing d door….

Precap:ragsan marriage…sanskar reaction?

[ragini dont know that sanskar doesnt like her,he always teased her when he came to ragini home but ragini ignored it….]How was it guy…can i continue…

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