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Hum jo chalne lage h ye raste (ragsan) epi2

Hello guys I am back with a bang.hehe?.thanku so much for ur wishes.I didnt expect such a good response in my first part itself.thank you so much guys.nd I am so sorry I made u all wait for so long.actually I didnt even know that the episode got posted because when I submitted it showed some error to post.I thought to check once but then I was busy with my exams nd yesterday I logged in nd saw so much notifications.I cant imagine how happy I am.thannks you so much guys.
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So lets start with the 2epi..

Sanky was sitting on the train seat nd ragini came there handling her language. She was strugling to walk carrying two bags nd a picture of babaji in her hands.ragini came to her seat nd kept her bags on the floor with a thud.she saw sanky sitting on the seat opposite to her.it was double tyre compartment.sanky had his eyes closed.he had his head rested to the wall.rags stared at him.her heart skipped a beat.she didnt know why but she was getting attracted to sanky.sankys eyes were still closed.his face showed innocence with hidden pain behind it.
“Hey “ragini said making sanky to open his eyes.
“Hello”sanky replied uninterested.

” I know you wanna know who I was talking to right.I was talking to my boyfriend laksh.you know what we are gonna get married soon.I am gonna run away with him.it will be so much fun na.”rags said as she kept her bags below the seat nd made herself comfortable.
Sanky just stared her but then the fact that she had a boyfriend pinched his heart.
He didnt know why but he was feeling light listening her voice.it felt like he had nothing to stress about.he just wanted to listen to her.
Ragini as always talkative girl she was talking non stop.she told him about her family frnds nd about her life.
Sanky pov..
How amazing her life is.so simple nd easy.why cant be my life like hers.why is my life so complicated.I dont have a proper family . I didnt get true love.why did u did this with me only god.why me.??
His thoughts were disturbed by rags voice.she was waving her hand infront of him.”hello mister where are u lost are u okay”rags asked.

“Nowhere.yup I m fine..”sanky replied covering up.
Rags again started nd she fell asleep while talking.sanky stared her innocent face.he made her sleep on the birth nd he went near the door.nd stood there feeling the air.
Sanky’s pov-
Why did u do this kavita?u left me for that vicky just bcoz I dont look as good as him.what about love??I loved u nd u u ditched me..u made me ur frnd just for my money.
Tears fell down his eyes.in a single day he lost his everything.his love his life kavita.his family.his mother had runaway with someone nd bcoz of that his dad had an heart attack nd he passed away.

His life was a complete disaster now.he had no one now.but he had his responsibilities still.he had to handle his dads company.he wanted to run away from everyone.from the society, from the useless reporters who asked how do u fell after your dad died.like seriously will he enjoy after his dad died Off course he is feeling terrible.he wanted to runaway from these stupid questions..nd mostly he wanted to runaway from his responsibilities nd that was why he was here.he didnt know where he was going he just knew he is now gonna start a new life forgetting the past.ragini was like a angel in his life.her voice soothed him. Her innocent face made him forget all his pain nd miseries.
He wondered what he was gonna do next.

Screen freezed on the thinking teary face of sanky nd sleeping innocent face of ragini.
Thanks for reading it guys.please comment on this one also guys.tell me how was it.I know its not upto the mark.
Next time I will try to give u better.thanks guys.
Stay tuned

This time I will be back soon
Bye guys
Stay blessed.
Take care.

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