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His Lust Or Love (Episode 28)

hey frds h r u all?
sorry for late and short… actually busy in personal life so hope u understand… ENJOY 😃

Episode 28


The episode start with Sanskar… he woke up and saw Swara was not there… he sat on bed and look around but still didn’t saw any sign of Swara… Sanskar remember last night and thought…
Sanskar in mind: did Swara also left me like everyone
thinking this Sanskar get up and shout…
Sanskar:Swara where r u Swara
Swara who was in washroom taking shower immediately came out in bathrobe… Sanskar saw Swara and immediately hug her… Swara also reciprocate and said
Swara:what happened Sanskar
Sanskar:where were u
Swara: i was just taking shower Sanskar
Sanskar:I thought u also left me
Swara:Sanskar can anyone left their life

Sanskar looked at Swara and she said
Swara:Sanskar if ever I left u that day will be my last
before Swara could complete Sanskar immediately kissed Swara making her silence… Swara closed her eyes and enjoying Sanskar… he bite her lower lip and she moaned… Sanskar hold Swara tightly and kissed her passionately… Swara hold Sanskar back tightly…. she pulled Sanskar closer… more on herself… Sanskar was necked while Swara was in bathrobe… Sanskar opened her bathrobe knots while still kissing… he removed her bathrobe and it fall on ground… they get apart as it become hard to breath… both stare each other with desires and love… Sanskar hug Swara and whisper
Sanskar:I Love You Swara

Swara closed her eyes feeling Sanskar’s hardness against her core and a soft moan escape her lips… Sanskar hug her even tightly… Swara whisper…
Swara:I Love You Too Sanskar
Swara looked at Sanskar and kiss his lips… Sanskar reciprocate… Swara broke the kiss while Sanskar tried to kiss her again… Swara giggle and Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara please
Swara:let’s have bath
Sanskar widen his eyes in shock seeing Swara’s bold side… Swara smile and drag Sanskar in washroom…. (enough of the romance guys 😋)

After 2 Hours
SwaSan came out of washroom such as Swara was in Sanskar’s arms… both were lost in each others… Sanskar make Swara sit on bed and kiss her forehead… Swara smile and Sanskar said
Sanskar:sit here I’ll get ur clothes
Swara smile and nod.. Sanskar left and came in dressing room… he took his clothes and change then he took Swara’s clothes and came out… Swara saw Sanskar and smile… Sanskar came closer and sat in front of Swara on his knees… Sanskar slowly and carefully tied Swara hair in bun… he make her stand and lovingly make her wear clothes… all the time admiring her… Swara smile… she stand on her toe and kiss his right cheek… Sanskar smile and kiss her forehead… Swara said
Swara:come on let’s have bf
Sanskar hold Swara from waist and pull her closer… Sanskar said
Sanskar:I want u
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar rub his nose on Swara’s cheek and whisper sensually
Sanskar: Swara saying this he kiss her cheek softly yet romantically… Swara hold on to Sanskar trying to control her senses…. Swara whisper
Swara: Sanskar please not now I’m hungry
Sanskar smile and kiss her forehead…. Sanskar said
both came down and Swara came in kitchen… she refused Sanskar to come in and ask him to sit outside… after all the effects when Swara didn’t allow Sanskar sat out… after sometime Swara came out with bf and put it on table… Sanskar was shocked… it was all his favorite bf… Sanskar get up and hug Swara… he said
Sanskar:thanks baby
Swara:come have bf now
both sat and have bf…

Next Episode: RagLak Sangeet Swara’s Getting Angry…

how’s the epi?

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