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His Lust Or Love (Episode 27)

hey frds h r u all?
sorry for late and short episode… enjoy

warning: Intense Romance Episode…


Episode 27
The episode start with SwaSan… they were lying on bed hugging each other… Sanskar was holding Swara so tightly as if she’ll run away if he didn’t hold her close… Swara was also hugging Sanskar tightly… Sanskar fall asleep like this… after sometime Sanskar woke up and looked at Swara and said
Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Sanskar: yeah Sanskar I’m here only don’t worry
Sanskar: Swara u won’t leave me na like everyone
Swara smile and said
Swara:Sanskar I love u I can’t even imagine my life without u how can I leave u tell me
Sanskar’s eyes welled up in happiness… Sanskar hug Swara again even tightly this time… Sanskar said…
Sanskar: I need u Swara saying this he start kissing Swara’s neck… Swara tighten her grip and moan
Swara:umm Sanskar
Sanskar:I love u Swara i just love u so much baby
Swara:I…I lo..Love u too Sans… kar umm

Sanskar turn Swara and came on top of her… Sanskar remove Swara’s nightie… Swara was left in her undergarments… Sanskar start kissing her shoulder… he moves down to her cleavage and start giving her open mouth kisses there… Swara was moaning crazily… she was not able to control her emotions… Swara pull Sanskar holding his hair and kissed him on lips… Sanskar also reciprocate… Swara turn came on top of him… Swara also removed Sanskar’s clothes… Swara was in her undergarments while Sanskar was in his shorts… their hands explore each others body while they kissed… Sanskar turn Swara and broke the kiss… Sanskar stare Swara lovingly yet passionately… his eyes was clearly reflecting his love and desires for her… Sanskar lean closer and kiss her forehead… he moved down and kiss her eyes… then he kissed her both cheeks and a soft kiss on the tip of her nose… Sanskar whisper
Sanskar:I Love U Baby
Swara:I Love U Too
with that Swara hug Sanskar tightly locking her legs around his waist…. Sanskar hold Swara from waist and lift her up a lil… he opened her bra hooks and throw it on floor… Sanskar kissed Swara’s shoulder and Swara tighten her grip on

Sanskar… Sanskar make Swara lie down on bed and start kissing her cleavage… Swara moan and Sanskar said
Sanskar:I love u jaan
Swara: ahmm I love u too Sans… Kar
Sanskar moved down and kissed her left bre**t while kneading the other one… Swara moan and said
Swara: Sanskar I need u please
Sanskar:let me enjoy u Swara please
Sanskar moved down and kiss Swara’s belly… Swara moan and Sanskar start kissing her belly button… Sanskar kiss her whole body and then looked at Swara… she was moaning in pleasure… Sanskar immediately removed the remaining clothes of both and kiss Swara’s lips softly… Sanskar whisper
Sanskar:can I baby
Swara: Sanskar please I want u
Sanskar smile and entered in her… Swara moan in pleasure holding Sanskar tightly… as Sanskar thrust deeper Swara’s moan increased… both enjoyed their romance and then slept in each others embrace….

Next Morning
Swara woke up and saw Sanskar sleeping peacefully holding her tightly… she smile and kiss Sanskar’s forehead… Swara slowly and carefully get up and left from washroom…

hey frds how’s the episode???

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