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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 13 (Last Part)

Hey guys, I am so so sorry I know I am really very late. Almost a month, actually I was busy seriously very busy. But now I am back! Today was my last test. I know this is the last episode of my ff but I promise I will come with one shot or few shots soon cause I have many stories cooking up in my mind. So finally lets start with the last episode.

Recap: Devakshi sangeet function, Dev comes to meet her secretly and tries to get close.


Night time,
Sona is seen smiling looking at the mirror, a voice comes from back,
: Sona are you thinking about me?
Sona sees Dev in the mirror standing right behind her, she turns behind.
Sona: Umm.. its nothing like that. I was toh..
Dev: what? You were thinking about me only and you cant hide it now.
Sona shies and turns towards mirror and finds no one behind her in the mirror. She turns again and finds no one in her room, she thinks that she was dreaming of Dev and pats her head blushing.

Early morning,
Sona was sleeping peacefully on her bed with a smiling face but this could not long last, she was distributed by her mom.

Asha: Sona wake up, its your marriage today, many preparations are do be done.
Sona: Maa.. let me sleep na…
Asha: Are.. Sona.. you don’t want to marry, uh?
Sona gets up quickly and says: When did I say this?
Asha laughs, : I will miss you Sona..
Sona: I’ll miss you too maa.. And they have a cute but emotional hug.

All the preparations have been done, its evening time and everyone is waiting for the barat to come.

Sona is dressed up as a beautiful bride, surrounded by Asha, Elena and grandmother. They all praise her beauty and have some emotional talks. They hear drums beats and wipe their tears and go down leaving Sona alone. Everyone greets the boy’s family and welcome them. Sona is brought down. All the rituals take place and the marriage is completed.

Pandit: The marriage has now been completed, congratulations.
The couple takes the blessings of elders. Bijoy, Asha and daadi ask Dev to always keep Sona happy and Dev assures them.
After bidai the couple is taken to Ishwari Mansion.Sona enters her sasural with all the rituals. They are given a vessel containing milk(I guess) and they had to find the ring. The one who finds the ring will be ruling their relationship. They both put their hands and Dev holds Sona’s hand. Sona glares at him, Dev smirks. Sona asks Dev to leave her hand through pleading eyes. Dev nods in no. He holds her hand more tightly and Sona angrily stares at him. Niki who was noticing all this thinks to pull their legs.

Niki: Bhai bhabi aakho hi aakho mai kya ishare chalu hai?
Ria pinches Niki,
Niki: Ahh.. di…
Devakshi feel embarrassed. Dev leaves Sona’s hand and she quickly picks the ring to avoid further embarrassment. Everyone clap for her. Ishwari asks everyone to go and sleep as everyone are tired especially Devakshi. Niki, Neha and Riya take Sona with them leaving Dev confused. Ishwari stops Dev and asks him to keep Sona always happy. Dev smiles and says of course maa. He wishes good night to Ishwari and goes towards his room sorry their room.
He reached the door and was stopped by Niki, Riya and Neha. They ask some money for entering the room. Dev who was very eager to go to her Sona quickly agrees and hands over some money to them.

Niki: Aree.. bhaiyaa… Sona di sorry bhabi is not running anywhere. So much desperation to meet her. The three sisters have a laugh while Dev gives a death glare to them.

Riya: ok ok bhaiyaa.. now you can go.. we will not trouble you!

Note: High romantic content, not that much but still read at your own risk

Dev thanks them and gets inside to find Sona sitting on the bed waiting for him. She smiles seeing him. Dev moves towards her. The whole room was decorated with rose petals, even the bed was decorated with a heart of rose petals in the middle. A perfect ambience for romance! Dev came near Sona and sat beside her. He held her hand in his and kissed it. Sona blushed. Dev slowly moved to her face and kissed her right cheek. And he continued kissing her left cheek, forehead. He gently removed the necklaces and places soft kisses on her neck. Sona felt his warm breath on her neck. He removes her ear rings and bites her earlobe. Sona was not able to take it as she felt very shy so she ran towards the window and looked at the dark yet beautiful sky with stars. She thanked God for bringing Dev in her life. As soon as she opened her eyes she felt two strong hands encircling her bare waist, she felt shivers run through her spine. She held Dev’s hand and they stood like that for a while.

Dev slowly turns towards her and quickly grabbed her soft cherry lips, Sona felt rough lips touching hers and was shocked by Dev’s sudden move. She didn’t reciprocate at first but then Dev bit her lower lip making her come back to her senses and without any further delay she reciprocated. It was a kiss full of passion, love, they continued with the intension of never leaving. But slowly they felt breathless and were forced to leave each other. Sona shied a lot and had turned the darkest shade of crimson and buried her head under Dev’s wide chest. Dev hugged her back and then picked her up in his arms. Sona again turned crimson and Dev smiled at her look. He was indeed loving it. They reached towards the bed and Dev gently placed her on the bed and got over Sona. He kissed and her face and placed love bites on her neck which made Sona moan his name. She felt the warm breaths of Dev.. he slowly removed the safety pins of her saree and removed it and threw it down. Now Sona was left just with the blouse and the petticoat. Dev slightly moved her hands to her bare waist and placed kisses on it along with love bites which made Sona groan.

She then got up and came over Dev, now she was on top, she started kissing him passionately and slowly untucked his sherwani, while Dev was just praising her beauty. He tucked her strands of her hair behind her ear which were blocking her view. She looked up to him and smiled opening the last button. She removed his sherwani along with his vest. And placed her head on his bare chest. Dev slowly untied the knot of her blouse leading Sona to shiver. He removed her blouse making her shy. He threw that also on the floor and moved his hands on her bare back only with the b*a left. He also untied the knot of her petticoat while she looked down shying. He helped Sona in removing it and Sona also removed Dev’s bottom. Dev also removed her underwear and opened the hook of her b*a. Sona was left with nothing and Dev removed his. Sona covered themselves with the blanket and consummated their marriage.

The End!
Thanks for reading!

I hope that it was not too much! If it was then I am really sorry. Please let me know your views on this but no bashing please, it was my first attempt of writing a wedding night so I really don’t know whether it was good or not. Let me know your views so that I can improve. But please no abusive words. Bye.. Love you guys..


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