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Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 43

Hello guys…. Wanna kill me… I know…. U will not …..solly again for being late…. But what can l do u all want romance…. N I am a class 1 student in that….. I read many stories but when it comes to write I become blank paper….. So this lovey dovey part credit goes to Sheeba akka….
Writer of feel my love n storm…..
Thank u….. Bye bye….. Will be back soon…. Hopefully
Recape:Sanskar discharged from hospital.Sanskar IN asanskari avatar.

San was busy in his work to romance Wid his teddy while swara was trying her label best to hold her voice as Ansh n the driver was in front of them. Soon they reached MM
San act like he cannot walk n hold swara’s waist n start to cares her bare waist while walking.For others swara was helping San IN walking bUt only swasan knows what he was doing. While walking he squeezed her waist n she stopped on the spot.
She gave a deadly glare to San n stamp her foot on his injured leg.
swa:*acts*:Sanskar what happen….Is it paining… U need to rest… Laksh plz take him to room. I will make soup for him.
By saying this she wink at him n went from there.
Without any other choice he went Wid laksh to his room n wait for his teddy to have dinner wid her in private… or can say to romance Wid her.
Others all were confuse but leave the matter.


San was waiting for swara when he heared foot steps n pretend to sleep.
As soon as he feel that someone is about to touch him he hold the person waist n open his eyes.
Sans bewildered and take aback.
Dp understood whom he expect.He sat near him.
Silence in d room…san turn his face…
But was shock to hear sound of weeping. He turn his face n saw what he never thought in his dream too. The person who never show any strong emotion towards anyone is crying like a hurt child. Yes…. Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari….the person who is his ideal….His guru is crying infront of him or may be he is crying for the first time.
The person Who always consider and treat san as his pride is crying infront of him
San want to stop him but his pain is more than his tears.
San:*whisper*Bade papa…
After a long time…. He said this word…. Which he sweared never to say again but… One bitter memory cant vanish the love care he got from him from his birth.
He was about to say something but before that dp fold his hair infront of him n close his eyes. Tears were not stopping from both of there eyes.
San:*Hold his hand*I need some time.
Dp nodded his head n gave him a side hug cares his hairs n went from there.
While going he saw Rp IN tearly eyes near door. They left..sans is sad …..thinking about his last 6 years which was the worst part of this life. But then he remember the days With his family…. With his bade papa… Badi Ma… Ma papa…. His brothers… N sister…..
He close his eyes as his head was paining again.
He was fighting wid his heart n mind….
Mind is saying not to forgive them… While his heart is saying that they r his own family…. For some years of pain he is forgetting the love n sacrifice they did for him.
His thoughts where intrupted by door sound.
Swara come wid dinner.
San just look at her n again bow down his head .
Swara place the plate beside him
San:I will eat it…. After a while
She sat beside him n took the plate.
Sw:open ur mouth….
San look at her n saw she was holding a roti piece towards him.
San:Swara I said I will have it after a while….
Sw:N I said open ur mouth 😡
San silently open his mouth n swara started to feed him.
In all this he was calm n sitting wid pale face.
After finishing the dinner she make him drink water n gave him his medicines….

After gaving him his meds I sat beside him while he Is just sitting calmly but his mind n heart is not calm…. His restlessness can be seen on his face.
I am tense what should I do now…. I can’t take risk wid his health…. He shouldn’t be depressed again or this time it will be bad for him.
Swara came to mm for preparing food for Andy m sanskar…. that time she notice sanskar’s tablets n get suspicious about them…. So to. Check she went to SK Mansion after preparing food n check sanskar’s room n found sanskar’s old health reports.
She took the reports n consult wid doctor.
Doc checked them reports n looked a bit tense.
Sw:Doc….what happen is everything alright?
Doc:Well…Mrs. Maheswari… He is not so fine…. He is taking depression pills for many days I guess…
Sw:What…but..Doc he is fine Na…
Doc:presently yes… But I suggest u.. Keep him busy n Happy…. He shouldn’t be depressed ….coz his health is decreasing due to the effect of the pills…. So keep him away from all the addicted stuffs like alcohol smoke n specially from this pills.
Swara just nodded n went from there.
Doc:N Ya…. For some days he will be restless Widout them…. N Ya give this anti depression pills.
FB end
Swara’s pov end

She was looking at San n thinking about doc’s words when something strike in her mind.
She stood up n was about to go when she shout in pain….
San came into his sense
San:swara…what happen?
Sw:something went in my eyes.
San:Come sit here….
He make her sit n blow air in her eyes…
Both look at each other…Wid mix emotions…
Distance between them were decreasing when suddenly swara felt San’s hard lips on her.
She freeze on her place n San forgot everything in that moment…. She Widout doing anything intoxicated him but didn’t respond back to his kiss.

sanskar’s PoV
We both looking at each other..I can see love in those pretty eyes but with complaint..
Ya my teddy is still angry with me..her tiny button nose is toooo cute..
i move closer automatically and rub her nose with mine..she shivered and parted her cherry lips slightly…
i just want to capture it and cherish it completely..it badly needs for me…without thinking i just capture her lips..
she was shocked and widen her eyes…Her eyes makes me crazy always..I involved in the kiss and closed my eyes and started to suck those petals hungrily…i am getting enough relief and energy .. My stress and tension which was haunting me few minutes before is now ran away from me….
suddenly i feel her chest rising up and down..o godddd..in my involvement I forgot how long I am kissing her..I left her lips finally but i didn’t wish to leave it…if she is not suffocated…we are breathing heavily…my teddy is looking at me angrily with her grapes eyes and her lips are swollen..i feel sleepy ..may be because of medicine effect…before sleep i peck her lips and fall asleep..

Precape:New entry(Negative or positive)

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