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he will not taunts her on her clr because…. (TS by rabia) 2nd shot


Guys I will be able to post mostly on Monday night and Thursday night because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays im home alone:P soo I have to look after the home soo in free time I will be able to reply and I will post at late night after 12 I hope u don’t have any problem… 😉 if u have any than also wait (hehehehe) guys I was thinking why TS only for two shot or three shot why it is not ten shot? Twenty shot?? It can be na?? 😉 because I have a doubt that this TS will become Ten shot story 😛 and if u want early then I will post late night but a short part and if long then u have to wait on above mention days… soo choice is yours… and im posting today because I completed this short part…..because now a days I became OWL 😉

Previous Shot

Shot 2:-

Sanky and karan reached near a big building… the building seems like a small palace… with beautiful interior and architecture…

Both got down and start walking towards the main door.. in the whole way female servants were drooling… but from far because they know what happens if they will try to go near him (reveal later)…

Karan opened the door and sanky came behind him… there in the hall 2 ppl are sitting…

Karan : look who came..

they saw towards karan and becomes happy after seeing sanky standing behind him…

His mother ap and father dp came towards him…

They welcome him and now he is sitting in the hall with is parents… but before sitting sanky says something to karan with the movement of eyes…

Which karan understand and goes after making an excuse…

Dp : beta how r u what a pleasant surprise….

Ap : yes betaaa… but dp glares her on which she kept quiet and this is noticed by sanky but he didn’t said anything…

Dp : ap go make my son’s favorite dishes…

Ap goes..

dp : soo beta… howz u and howz your studies going?? Why u r not coming back?? Why r u studying this much?

(sanky is a businessman but his family didn’t know this only karan knows the reason behind will be revealed later)

Dp: beta here im becoming olddd…

Listening this sanky choked because he was drinking tea… (and murmur something under his breath)

Dp : r u okay??

Sanky : yes dad..

Dp: im not to able to run business alone

Sanky while smirking but didn’t notice by dp said: don’t worry dad I will be back soon….

Dp becomes happy and said: okay u have some rest i will be back at night..

Sanky saw dp going……on which karan who is coming towards him said: don’t see them like this otherwise their body will get hole…

Sanky : I wish this will happen… huhhh

Ap from behind came and calls him..

Ap : sanskar beta..

Sanky stands up and hugs his mom tightly.. ap is silently weeping which sanky knows very well but this is not the time to say something…

Sanky : mom please give me food im very hungry…

Ap nodes and take him to dining table…

Sanky eat silently and goes towards his room but before going he said..

Sanky : mom please one cup of coffee..

Ap : okay beta

Sanky and karan were sitting in his room when servant came with 2 cups of coffee..

Servant silently gave them and goes

Next day sanky decided to roam the village…

He is roaming around the village when he heard someone singing poem…. He turned and saw swara coming while having sugar cane in her hand and she is singing a poem while jumping and moving here and there with all actions…her two braids are also jumping on her shoulders

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some chickens,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a cluck-cluck here,
And a cluck-cluck there

Here a cluck, there a cluck,
Everywhere a cluck-cluck
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i oh!

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some dogs,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a woof-woof here,

And a woof-woof-woof there
Here a woof, there a woof,
Everywhere a woof-woof
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i oh!

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some turkeys,
Ee i ee i oh!

With a gobble-gobble gobble-gobble here,
And a gobble-gobble gobble-gobble there
Here a gobble-gobble, there a gobble-gobble,
Everywhere a gobble-gobble-gobble
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i oh!

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some cows,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a moo-moo here,
And a moo-moo there
Here a moo, there a moo,
Everywhere a moo-ooo
Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!

Sanky laughs loudly on seeing her dancing and singing a poem..

Sanky go and stand in front of her..

Swara stumble due to his sudden appearance…

Swara glares him and said : don’t u have any manners… why the hell u came in front of me like this??

Sanky : because I want to talk to u..

Swara who was going to take a bite of sugarcane stop and saw towards him with open eyes and wide mouth..

Swara : what did u just said??

Sanky : I said that I want to talk to u…

Swara didn’t believe soo she pinched herself…

Swara: oucchhh

Sanky gave her a confused look and said : hey what’s wrong??

Swara think something and after composing: what r u saying??

Sanky : don’t u understand??

Swara : speak in hindii

(Sanky is asking swara in english)

Sanky : ooo… okayyy.. but he stopped after remembering something and said…

Sanky : heyyyy?? U don’t know English?? (sanky is asking now in hindi)

Swara nodes no while taking bite of sugar cane..

Sanky raised his eye brow and said : then why were u singing English poem???

Swara who is having sugar cane piece in her mouth throws that piece on sanky’s face due to shock…

Sanky : yukkkhhh.. what the hell??

Swara who was in shock compose herself : u r having hearing problem im not singing any English poem I only know ABC… by saying this she runs from there…

Sanky while wiping his face from his hanky said to himself : no I didn’t heard wrong she is only singing English poem… but as I know there is no English school in this village even girls can study after 10th…

Sanky: I have to keep an eye on this girl… by saying this he goes…

On the other side swara is running.. she reached a spot…

And now she is breathing heavily due to continuous running…

Swara while putting hand on her chest to calm herself said: thank God I run from their otherwise that baraf ka gola (ice candy) will definitely came to know about the truth..

Who will came to know about the truth black beauty?? A voice came from behind and swara screams in fear…

Swara : aaaahhhhhh… and turns…

Swara : oo uuuu idiottttt…

Voice: what I did??

Swara : just shut up and don’t u dare to call me black beauty otherwise I will make u coal statue huhhh… and she storms out from their…

Voice while scratching head said: haw hayeeee….

Hahahahahahaha…. Look at your face… another voice cameee…

First voice: turned and glared the 2nd voice..

1st voice: shuttt uppppp… and goes..

2nd voice shrugged his or her shoulders… : huhhh…

To be continued….

Precap : swara is crying and on sanky’s support she is answering those who commented on her clr…

Soo guys shoot your questions :P…. and yaa I know everyone wants fair clr,white clr,, but later only nature matters ya ya i know I know that I also sometime got jealous with my sisters clr but only in a funny way nothing serious han (hehehehhee) but it doesn’t mean that I hate them or they hates mee.. and u know even im having one frnd from almost 14 to 15 yrs she is christen but she is my bestttt frnd… because once u start liking or loving someone’s nature u forgot about their clr true naa?? 😉

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