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Half girlfriend (Prologue)

Hii friends i m avani. I want to write an ff on YuvAni which will be based on half girlfriend . If you will like than i will continue it.

This is intro


Suhani shrivastav – a rich girl who is simple and loves to play basketball .

Yuvraj birla – a simple boy who loves to play basketball.

All others will be introduced later .

Episode no . 1

St stephen’s college at delhi.
Yuvraj is playing basketball in basketball court.

Just than he saw a girl who was wearing shorts and t – shirt ( back on the shirt it was S )

Yuvraj pov
This girl is beautiful but who is she ??
I want to know that who is this S ??

End of pov…

Suhani runs to yuvraj
Suhani – you played really well today
Yuvraj – thanks
Suhani – what is your name ??
Yuvraj – yuvraj birla
Suhani – nice name , my name is suhani shrivastav
Yuvraj – ok nice to meet u
Suhani – thanks . I will catch u later .bye
Yuvraj – bye

Sorry friends for grammatical mistakes .
I will try my best to avoid grammatical mistakes.

Suhani shrivastav – she is a rich girl but she is simple . She plays basketball.

Yuvraj birla – he is a nice person . He plays basketball.

Episode 1

St stephen’s college at delhi .

Yuvraj is playing basketball in basketball court.

One girl enters basketball court and starts playing basketball with yuvraj .

Yuvraj pov..
This girl is beautiful and she is playing basketball very nicely but who is this S ??
( He saw a chain in her neck in which pendant was of S )

End of pov ..

Yuvraj completed his game and was going out just than suhani came and stopped him.

Suhani – you played really well …
Yuvraj – yes i played at national level …
Suhani – i m suhani shrivastav
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj birla
Suhani – nice to meet you yuvraj
Yuvraj – thanks
Suhani – ok bye class ka time ho gaya hai
Yuvraj – ok bye

Precap – dont know

Sorry for gramatical mistakes i m very weak in grammer.

Yuvraj birla – he is a simple boy . He played basketball at national level

All other characters will be introduced later.

Episode no. 1

Episode starts with st. Stephen’s college , at basketball court all are shouting yuvraj , yuvraj and yuvraj enters the basketball court . He scores 3 and st. Stephen’s college wins bcoz of yuvraj.

Precap YuvAni meeting

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