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Half girlfriend (Episode 8)

After 7 years

Yuvraj pov…
Suhani 7 year passed but i cant forget you for a moment also. You left the college after your
marriage and i completed my studies their and
now i m a Music teacher in my own school.
End of pov..


One student enters the classroom
Student – sir its time for our practice
Yuvraj – ok i m coming

In classroom all are singing in front of yuvraj
Yuvraj starts singing
Kahin toh
Kahin toh hogi woh
Duniya jahaan tu mere saath hai

There is a place some where,
Where we can be together

Jahaan mein jahaan tu
Aur jahaan bas tere mere jazbaat hain

Where there is you, me and our emotions

Hogi jahaan subah teri
Palkon ki kirannon mein
Lori jahaan chand ki
Sunu teri bahoon mein

Where there will be a breeze in the
Beam of your eyelashes
Where i would be able to
Hear moon’s lulaby in your arms

Yuvraj stops singing and starts recalling suhani ..

Just than yuvraj phone rang
Yuvraj receives it
Stranger – hello am i speaking to yuvraj birla ??
Yuvraj – yes
Stranger – u applied for best school competition in allahabad ??
Yuvraj – yes
Stranger – so for that u have to come to meet me in cafe .
Yuvraj – ok i will come
Stranger – see you their
Yuvraj – ok

Just than pratima enters the classroom . All students stand up and wishes her good morning.
Pratima make students sit and talks to yuvraj.
Yuvraj – maa i m going to meet a person who is organising best school award ceremony .
Pratima – go yuvraj and make my dream true.
Yuvraj take blessed of pratima and leaves.

Precap – YuvAni meeting…

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