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Half girlfriend (Episode 10)

Yuvraj and suhani are in car and finding a good place for her house…
Suhani instructs yuvraj from google map.
Suhani – yuvraj 7 years passed but you didn’t change
Yuvraj – yes suhani but now i m a Music teacher
in my own school.
Suhani – what ??it was my dream to sign songs
Yuvraj – yes i remember but now i m Music teacher .
Suhani – good yuvraj

They stop at an apartment .
Yuvraj – here??
Suhani – yes

They go upstairs .
They enter a flat .
Landlord – 15 thousand
Suhani – done .
Landlord – ok bye i will leave now
Suhani – ok

Suhani gives to yuvraj
Suhani – my half boyfriend lets go for shopping
Yuvraj – ok lets go half girlfriend

They leave for shopping .

After returning flat .
Suhani – yuvraj today i will make food
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – yes
Yuvraj – ok suhani .

They eat food .
Suhani – how it is ??
Yuvraj – tasty very tasty
Suhani – thanks
Yuvraj – hmm
Suhani – yuvraj its is 11pm plz dont go
Yuvraj – what suhani ??
Suhani – yes dont go
Yuvraj – ok suhani i will not go

Suhani is standing in balcony .
Yuvraj comes there.
Yuvraj – what r u looking ??
Suhani – this stars
Yuvraj – u love them
Suhani – yes . I want to be a star . I want to die.
Yuvraj – angrily puts his hand on her mouth.

Yuvraj pov…
Again we are close to each other now what will happen ??
End of pov..

Yuvraj removes his hand .
Suhani comes near yuvraj .
Suhani puts her hand on his shoulder .
Yuvraj keeps his hand on his waist .
They both came close to each other .
They have an eyelock .
They come more close and they have an liplock .😘😍💕

Yuvraj pov…
Finally i kissed my love
End of pov..

Suhani pov…
Finally i have found my love .
End of pov..

They move apart .
Yuvraj – ok lets sleep now . Good night .
Suhani – good night.

Precap – suhani sings…

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