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Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (intro+EPISODE 1)

Hi.I am Tejaswi.This is my first ff.I am writing a ff on YUVANI.If u like it I will continue.

This is the intro.


Suhani shrivasthav – a very simple girl who belongs to a middle class family.
Yuvraj Birla- a boy belonging to rich family.
Pankaj shrivasthav- suhani’s father
lata -suhani’s mother
sowmya- suhani’s best friend.
Pratima- yuvraj’s mother
Sharad- yuvraj’s cousin and best friend.
bhavna- suhani’s sister


It was a pleasant morning in allahabad.The sunrays are falling through a window on the face of a beautiful girl who is sleeping.She shields her face from the sunrays using a pillow.Just then her mother comes.
Lata : Suhani beta, wake up it is already time.You have to get ready.Don’t u remember.Today bride groom and his family are coming to see your sister.Get ready soon.
Suhani: Maa.. Let me sleep for some time na…
Lata: No suhani.Enough of your childish behaviour.Go and get ready soon.
Making a face at her mom she goes to the bathroom.She gets ready.She wears a red colour lehenga.She is shown wearing bangles.She moves her hair from her face. She puts the ear rings and puts sticker on her face.She sees herself in mirror.She is mesmerised by her own beauty.
Suhani(to herself): Wow suhani!!! Today you are looking very beautiful.
She goes to her sister bhavna,who is getting ready.
Bhavna:Arey suhani.How much time will it take for u to get ready?
suhani:Anyway I came no.SO don’t make much fuss.You get ready soon.The groom may be arriving soon to see you.
Bhavna gets ready.
Meanwhile soumya comes.
Sowmya: arey bhavna sis u are looking beautiful today.I am sure the groom will like u.
The sound of horn is heard and the bige groom and his family arrive.

PRECAP: The bride groom’s family like bhavna.

Thats it for now.If u like it I will update the next episode very soon.

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