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Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-2)

Thanks for the comments.I know you all are eagerly waiting for YUVANI to meet.Here’s the next episode.



It is the day of the engagement.Everyone at the birla house is busy making the arrangements.All the arrangements are looked after by Yuvraj.The house is decorated very beautifully with roses,orchid,carnation…etc.In the evening for the engagement Yuvraj wears a dark blue coloured sherwani and sharad wears a red colour one.
At the Srivasthav’s Bhavna is getting ready.She wears the same saree which sharad gifted her the before day.Our jhansi ki rani Suhani wears a dark blue and rose colour lehenga.Both of the look beautiful.
Lata : Bhavna!! Are you ready??
Bhavna : Ha maa!! I am ready.
All of them including soumya get into the car to go to birla house.
Meanwhile Yuvraj also gets into the car to go to the jewellery shop to get the engagement rings they have ordered.
Srivasthavs along with soumya reach the birla house.
Suhani is walking back of all of them.She is carring a plate containing roses.Her lehenga gets struck to the thorns of a rose plant which is beside the path.All of the others go inside.Suhani some how removes her lehenga from the thorns and is climbing the steps infront of the house to go inside.Snoopy comes out running from the house barking at suhani.She gets frightened and tries to run.Yuvraj just then returns to birla house from the shop.He too is walking towards the steps.Suhani slips from the steps and is about to fall.Yuvraj holds her by her waist to prevent her from falling.The plate of flowers she is holding go up in the air and fall on them.They have an eyelock.Saawre…. plays.Suhani’s hair falls on yuvraj’s face.They are so close to each other.Meanwhile sharad comes out of the house searching for snoopy.He sees YUVANI in the romantic position.
He clears his throat.Yuvraj and suhani realise their position and stand properly.Both suhani and yuvraj go near sharad.Suhani is about to go inside when sharad calls her.He introduces yuvraj to suhani and suhani to yuvraj.
Both of them smile at each other and shake their hands.All three of them go inside.Suhani is spell bound by the arrangements.
Suhani: Wow Sharad bhaiyya!! The arrangements are very nice.
Sharad : You should appreciate yuvraj.He has made all these arrangements.
Suhani compliments yuvraj.Yuvraj thanks her for the compliments.
All of the guests had arrived.
Sharad makes bhavna wear the ring.Bhavna is about to make sharad wear the ring.Suhani stops her.Everyone is shocked including bhavna,sharad.
Suhani: Don’t be shocked sharad bhaiyya.I will allow this engagement to complete only if you promise me one thing.
Sharad: What is it suhani??
Suhani: You should give me a treat on the occasion of your engagement.
Everyone laugh.Sharad agrees.Bhavna makes sharad wear the ring and the engagement has completed.Everyone clap.Everyone have dinner.Sharad,Bhavna,Suhani and Yuvraj sit together and have dinner.Suhani cracks jokes and all four of them laugh heartily.
After the dinner the srivasthav’s get ready to leave.Suhani says bye to Yuvraj,sharad,pratima.They leave.
Suhani and bhavna change into night gowns.Bhavna sleeps.Suhani sleeps next to her.But she is not feeling sleepy.She recalls yuvraj and their romantic moment.She blushes to herself.She thinks that there is something in yuvraj that is attracting her towards him.
Meanwhile,Yuvraj is also thinking about suhani.

PRECAP:Sharad,bhavna,yuvraj,suhani go out for dinner.

That’s it for today.Should I use soumya as a positive character or negative character.Please make your suggestions.

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