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Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) Chapter 26

“Hello ji Namaste” said Avantika and Harish standing outside Ragini’s home when Sumi opened the door. She smiled confused. And invited them inside. Avantika and Harish settled on Sofa. Sumi moved to go to kitchen. “No no please don’t bother” said Avantika stopping her. “Oh silly me. Hello we are Sahil’s parent” said Avantika smiling. Sumi’s lips curved into a smile as the confusion cleared. “Ohh. I’m so sorry. Mai bhi kaisi pagal hu. I didn’t even ask you people for tea. Kya lenge aap?” asked Sumi excited. “Mumma” screamed Swara heading out of her room unaware of the guests in house. She stopped and stood nervous finding new people. “Maaa. Ragu maaa” whispered Swara scared. “She is your daughter? She is Swara?” asked Avantika excited. Swara was scared. She went and stood behind Sumi. Avantika got up and approached Swara. Swara moved nervous. “Shona relax bacha” said Sumi trying to console Swara.

But Swara was hell scared. Ragini who entered home heard Sumi’s voice and asked “What happened to my Shona bacha See I have taken half day leave also on your demand” She looked up from her bag and found Avantika looking at her. Swara ran to Ragini and hugged her nervous. Ragini looked at her surprised and looked at Sumi asking what happened through eyes. “Sahil’s mumma” said Swara still hugging Ragini. Avantika and Harish were shocked. “What?” asked Ragini confused. “She is talking about me” said Avantika. “Hello beta we are Sahil’s parent” said Harish interrupting and trying to clear Ragini’s confusion. “Swara how did you recognize me?” asked Avantika. Swara held Ragini more tightly. Ragini sensed Swara’s nervousness. She signed Avantika that she will ask Swara. Ragini dragged Swara out of the hug and cupped her face and asked “Shona Bacha how you know she is Sahil’s mum?”


“This is my mom” said Sahil showing Avantika’s photo in his pocket. Swara remembered the incident. “Ahhh” screamed Swara holding her head. “Shona… Shona….” screamed Ragini holding Swara who was fainting. She patted Swara’s cheek but no response. “Shona” said Sumi approaching Swara. Avantika and Harish panicked and neared Swara. Harish lifted Swara and headed to Swaragini room and placed her on the bed. Ragini patted Swara’s cheek and tried waking her up. “Shona get up bacha please see don’t play with Ragu maa” said Ragini in cracking voice. Avantika and Harish felt bad looking at her condition. “Ladoo. Call Yohan” said Sumi. Ragini nodded and headed out to call Yohan.
“Hello Princess tell me” said Yohan smiling picking Ragini’s call. “Yohan… Yohan… Wo Shona dee” sobbed Ragini. “Ragu what happened why are you crying what happened to Shona dee. Wait I will come there” said Yohan and headed to Ragini’s house with his kit and disconnecting the call.

“Hello Sahil beta. We actually are in Ragini’s home….” said Avantika and narrated him whatever happened. Sahil was in meeting in office with Sanskar. The phone slipped from his hand and he became numb. He quickly got up and headed out of the meeting. “Mr. Raheja. Are you okay” asked Sanskar confused. “Hmmm? No. I mean Mr. Maheshwari some emergency. I need to go” said Sahil avoiding the topic and headed out immediately. “Why do I feel something is wrong” thought Sanskar. “Shall I call Ragini. No if she is in bad mood” thought Sanskar looking at his phone. After gathering much courage he dialed her number. Ragini looked at her phone. She was not in situation to talk to anybody. She silenced it but by mistake the call was answered. “hello” said Sanskar but stopped as he thought the call was answered by mistake. He was about to disconnect the call but stopped listening to Ragini.

“Shona please get up bacha. Please. See Ragu maa is here only. I promise I will get you your fav choki. Please” sobbed Ragini caressing Swara’s hair sitting beside her. A tear dropped from Sanskar’s eye.
“Ragu” said Yohan entering the room. “Yohan. See na what happened to Shona dee suddenly. She is not getting up only” said Ragini sobbing and hugging Yohan. “Shhh Ragu. Let me check her” said Yohan dragging her out of the hug. He checked Swara and gave an injection. “Shona” screamed Sahil entering Ragini’s house. He went to Swaragini room where Harish and Avantika were standing near the door looking at Ragini and Swara painfully and Ragini sitting beside Swara on bed and Sumi on the other side of the bed. Yohan finished his check up. He turned and found Sahil looking at Swara horrified and with tears in his eyes.

“I told you Sahil bhai. She will struggle more. Please listen to me once” said Yohan holding Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil jerked his hands and walked to Swara and sat beside her on his knees. He held her hand and burst out crying bitterly. Ragini closed her eyes painfully. “I’m sorry Shona. I became selfish for sometime I was scared to see you in that state again” said Sahil sobbing. “Ab bhi kuch nahi bigda Sahil bhai. We can start the treatment” said Yohan placing his hand on Sahil’s shoulder. He nodded his head. “But now we have to wait for sometime. Let her mind settle a bit more” said Yohan.

They headed out of Swaragini room. Ragini stood at a corner sobbing. Avantika neared her and caressed her hair and said “Beta we actually came to ask Swara’s hand for Sahil. We never knew this much will happen” Ragini looked at her painfully and was about to speak but was cut in by Sahil “Don’t tell her anything mom. She doesn’t believe anybody in Swara’s case” Ragini looked at him and said “It is not like that sir” Sahil stood in front of her and held her from her elbow and said “Then how it is Ragini. Actually I only failed to prove my love. I looked selfish to you isn’t it?” His eyes were red. He wanted to take Swara’s responsibility not feeling pity on her but as he loved her truly. “Sahil” screamed Harish. He dragged Sahil away from Ragini. “She thought about us Sahil what is wrong in that?” asked Avantika side hugging Ragini. Ragini sobbed more. Sahil left from there and went and stood at the gate. Harish signed Avantika to console Ragini and he followed Sahil.

“Sahil and Swara?” asked Sumi confused. “Ha Sumi ji. Sahil came home day before yesterday and told us everything and how Ragini rejected his proposal sighting our displeasure. We decided then itself that Swara only will be our bahu. We wanted to come yesterday but Harish had some important work so we came today” said Avantika. “But Shona” said Sumi. Avantika held her hand and said “Please Sumi ji I beg you my son’s happiness. Please agree for this” Sumi looked at Ragini painfully. Somewhere she felt Ragini loved Sahil and she was sacrificing her love due to Swara. Ragini had null expression. Sahil’s words echoed in her ears. She closed her eyes painfully. Sumi misunderstood her pain. “I need time” said Sumi hesitant. “I understand. It is about your kid and you don’t want to take decision in haste. No problem you take your time and tell us” said Avantika smiling through her tears.
“Sahil” said Harish keeping his hand on Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil immediately turned and hugged him and burst into a bitter cry. “Shh relax champ. She is Swara’s sister and she has all the rights to decide about her. She thought about us bacha. What if we would have rejected Swara. How will you people live like that. Swara is in very bad condition and she needs someone who can give her full attention and how you would have done. Now see your mom is with you to take care of Swara. Ragini had taken care of Swara like a mom from two years and she thinks like her mom. Try to understand. I seriously feel I should have had one more son I would have definitely made Ragini my second daughter in law for sure” said Harish smiling a bit. “Dadd…” screeched Sahil laughing a bit at his dad’s humor. Sahil nodded his head. They saw Avantika nearing them. “Chalo beta. We will leave. I have spoken to Sumi ji. She said she will think and tell me soon” said Avantika. Sahil complied and they headed to their home.
“Ragu please relax. See she will be fine by tomorrow. Don’t panic” said Yohan placing his hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini was sobbing sitting beside Swara. “I’m very bad sister Yohan. I’m such a bad sister. Sahil sir is not selfish. I’m selfish. She started recovering after he came back in her life and I was doubting on his love though I know how much he loves Shona dee.

I did not trust him only” said Ragini. Her voice choked. Yohan looked at her painfully. He wiped his tears and headed out of their room. He stood outside and his phone buzzed. He received the call and spoke “Hello” “Hello Yohan are you okay? You did not reply to my msg” said Kavya concerned from other side. “Kavya please I will talk to you tomorrow” said Yohan disconnecting the call. Kavya felt bad. She was at the verge of crying but composed herself. “Why am I getting so attached to him. I should control myself. I cannot handle one more heart break” thought Kavya. “Doll are you okay?” asked Dayal as he was crossing her room and found her lost. “Yup poppy” said Kavya smiling widely.
“Why am I failing Gannu ji. How much ever try I fail as a sister” said Ragini standing at her terrace sobbing looking the sky. Her eyes moved down. She found Sanskar standing leaning to his car in front of her gate. He had tears in his eyes. Something triggered her emotions. She ran from her terrace and reached him. He stood straightening himself. Ragini encircled her hands around his neck and hugged him and cried her heart out. Sanskar held her back. Tears rolled from his eyes also. She was not understanding anything. So far she faced her life alone but now she needed Sanskar beside her. How much ever she tried she was not able to get out of her love. For some time she used to always forget everything. Even her promise to her dad. His love used to drown her in it. He dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face.

He wiped her tears with his thumb finger and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling his care. They did not needed words to understand each other. Even if she denied that she loved him Sanskar knew how madly she loved him. He did not wanted to hurry on this. He was ready to wait for her forgiveness all his life. Because that mattered the most because without that they both could not move further in their relation. “Shhh, I didn’t knew my Jhansi ki rani will flood Mumbai today. Otherwise I wouldn’t have come here” said Sanskar to cheer her. My Jhansi ki Rani echoed in her heart and she felt butterflies inside her stomach. “Stupid Maheshwari” said Ragini hitting playfully on his chest. Sanskar smiled through his tears and hugged her and caressed her hair dragging her more close to himself. She suddenly remembered something and tried dragging herself away from him. Sanskar’s grip tightened on her sensing her emotional shift. “Please Ragini. Please live your life for some more time the way you want to live. Just at least for today” pleaded Sanskar. Ragini stopped her struggle. She nodded her head sobbing and controlling her tears. Sanskar controlled his tears dragging away from her and wiped his face. “Can I have a chance to date you Ms. Ragini Gadodia for today” said Sanskar kneeling down and forwarding his hand. Ragini smiled through her tears and nodded her head. She trusted him completely. She placed her hand on his palm. Sanskar smiled and held her hand and stood and walked to his car. He opened the car door for her to sit.

She smiled and sat inside. He lifted her chunni which had fallen on ground and placed it in her hand. Ragini smiled. He went and sat in the driving seat and drove off. “So Ms. Highness where do you want to go?” asked Sanskar lifting his shoulder and chin up a bit. Ragini chuckled looking at his nautanki. She forgot her life for the time being. Sanskar smiled. “Hmmm okay. Let me think” said Ragini patting her head. “Ohho you call me stupid and you take so much time to think Ms. Rapid fire” said Sanskar. “Wait na . Haa Beach” said Ragini smiling widely with twinkling eyes. “Okay your highness” said Sanskar saluting her and drove to beach chuckling.

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