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Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) chapter 20

“Hello Haa Maa” said Sanskar attending his call. “Beta Sanskar, Ananya is crying very badly I’m no able to handle her. I thought if she hears your voice she will cool down” said Anu managing Ananya whose cry could be heard. Sanskar became restless listening her cry. “Aww Ani baby relax. See chachu is here only” said Sanskar. Tears developed in his eyes as he could not tolerate Ananya’s cry. Ragini saw him and grabbed the phone from his hand. Sanskar who was consoling Ananya jerked and looked at Ragini.
“Chandaniya chup jaana re, chan bhar ko luk jaana re” sang Ragini. Ananya suddenly stopped crying.
Nindiya aankho me aaye , betiya meri so jaye
Nindiya aankho mein aaye

bitiya meri so jaaye
Ananya looked around and looked at the phone
Leki godh mein sulaaun
Ananya leaned her head to Anu’s shoulder
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
Mai lori lori ho main lori lori
Lori lori lori haa lori lori lori
“Chandaniya chup jaana re, chan bhar ko luk jaana re”


Ananya fell asleep and Anu patted her back for some time. She placed Ananya in cradle. Ragini stopped Lori when she heard Ananya stopped crying and was silent for a long time. When she opened her eyes she had tears for a unknown reason. It was really strange the way she connected to Ananya so well. She could never tolerate her cry right from the first time she met her. She turned and looked at Sanskar who had tears in his eyes. He looked at her thankfully. She handed the phone back to him and said “Sorry” lowering her head. Anu picked the phone and spoke breaking Sanskar’s trance. “Who was that beta?” asked Anu. “Maa wo” he looked at Ragini who was wiping her tears looking other side. “My colleague. She has come with me for meeting” said Sanskar. “Hello,,,, Hello,,,,,,” said Anu and looked at the phone which got disconnected. She could not hear what Sanskar said. She tried calling back but it was switched off. “Fish. Now only this phone has to be dead” said Sanskar frustated when he discovered that his phone got turned off. “Ha ha ha ha ha” laughed Ragini.

“What is wrong with you?” asked Sanskar. “Has anybody told you till now?” asked Ragini holding her stomach. “What?” asked Sanskar serious. “How big panauti you are. Apki jab lagti hai na sab saath me lagti hai” said Ragini and burst out laughing. Sanskar smiled but controlled it and made serious face as if he is angry. Ragini stopped for a second and again started laughing looking at his face. Sanskar waved his hand in air as what the hell. “You are looking like a cartoon seriously” said Ragini. Sanskar gave her I’m gonna kill you now look. “How about spending tonight here only Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar with smirk. Ragini became serious and controlled her laugh and stood straight. “Turn on your mobile data and book a cab now” said Sanskar looking around. “My phone is normal phone not smart phone I cannot use internet on it ” said Ragini pouting. “What?” screamed Sanskar looking at Ragini who was looking at him with puppy eyes. “You are seriously impossible Ms. Gadodia. Now what to do? We are still in outskirts of Chennai” said Sanskar pulling his hair frustrated. Ragini tried to get lift but nobody was stopping. In the process she walked a bit far from Sanskar. Atlast one car stopped. The car window opened and Ragini saw one person.

“Hello sir” Ragini told to the person. “Machi sama chicken piece da” said a person from back side. “Sorry I’m vegetarian. No chicken” said Ragini as she understood that they are offering her food. “Sir please we need lift. Our car is spoiled” said Ragini pleading. “Lift?” asked the person. She nodded her head smiling as the person understood what she meant. Two hefty guys stepped out of the car and Ragini got scared looking at their well built physic. She smiled nervously. “No that’s ok. Sorry” said Ragini scared. “Lift venunna nida sonne” said one person who was standing in front of her. Ragini shrank her eyes and looked at him confused. “Sorry” said Ragini bending her head a bit. The person lifted her within few seconds and before she could grasp anything she was inside the car.

“What the hell leave me” screamed Ragini. “Ava vaayi mud ra machi” said the guy to the person who was sitting holding Ragini. He covered Ragini’s mouth and she struggled in his hold. She hit his stomach with elbow and he winced in pain. She shot him death glares and signed him to remove his hand but he did not budge. She struggled to scream in his hold. They started the car and drove. Ragini looked at Sanskar who was looking other side unaware of her plight. “Sanskar” she called in her thoughts.

Sanskar’s heart beat raised and he felt restless. “Why do I feel Ragini called me?” thought Sanskar and looked at the direction Ragini went to get lift and found a black car moving. He looked around but Ragini was not to be found. Ragini bit the person’s hand and he removed it from her mouth and she screamed “Sanskar” at top of her voice when the car was passing in front of Sanskar. He looked at the car and found Ragini screaming and calling him. His heart beat stopped for a moment. She called him Sanskar for the first time. Her voice had the love he craved for, he couldn’t believe his ears he smiled widely. Ragini looked at him confused. She got hell angry. “Oye langoor save me” screamed Ragini again and the person again covered her mouth with the cloth. Sanskar came to reality. “Oh fish” he said and ran in the direction the car went. He stopped a two wheeler and requested him to help him as a girl was in danger. The person complied and made him to sit behind him and they followed the car.

The car stopped at a shed and the person lifted Ragini in his arms and headed inside. Ragini struggled in his hold as her hands and legs were tied. Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously. She felt so helpless. The person threw her on a heap of grass. Ragini sat straightening herself and looked the people who were smirking looking at her. “Machi tanni adchidla adakapra pakala ivala” said one of the person. She looked at them confused. She was not understanding anything what these were upto. One of the person lifted her and her heart sank and she struggled hard. The person made her sit on a chair and tied her to the chair. And all of them headed a bit far at a corner and opened the alcohol bottles they had. Ragini relaxed a bit as they were little away from her and every second her heart beat increased thinking what these beasts might do with her. She prayed God to save her somehow and closed her eyes sobbing.

The two wheeler stopped near a shed where the car they were following stopped. Sanskar told him thanks and approached the shed. He looked around to find Ragini. The guys finished their drinking program and headed to Ragini. They untied her and threw her on the grass and approached her dangerously smiling. Ragini’s mouth was still closed with the cloth. She removed it quick and screamed “Help please someone help” Sanskar heard it and headed inside. One of the person fell near Ragini and grabbed her when she tried getting up. She struggled in his hold “Leave me please” she said sobbing. She tried hard to get out of his control. The person held her hands and approached her face, and she shifted her head disgusted. He removed and threw her dupatta with one hand and approached her neck. Ragini’s breath hacked. The person was crossing her personal space and she was helpless. “Leave her” screamed Sanskar at top of his voice when he found a person very near to Ragini. He closed his fist angry and his face burned with fire. Ragini looked at him and smiled through her tears. She felt as if she got the last lump of oxygen of her life.

Ragini’s tears raised his temperature more. One among the person approached Sanskar and he punched him on his face so hard that the person screamed and fell on the ground and winced in pain. The other person approached Sanskar and he was also lying on ground with one punch. The third person who was near Ragini approached Sanskar closing his shirt buttons and tried punching Sanskar but Sanskar held his hand and twisted it hard and the person struggled in his hold. “Sorry sorry sir. Vittidinga sir” cried the person. “Say sorry to her” said Sanskar in his ears showing Ragini who sat straightening herself and shocked. The person winced with pain when Sanskar twisted his hand more. “Ahhh sorry sorry sister” said the person. Sanskar left his hand and he ran away from there along with other two. Sanskar looked at Ragini painfully. He lifted her dupatta which was fallen on the ground.

Ragini shrugged and came out of her thoughts. She ran and hugged Sanskar in a bone crushing hug encircling her hands around his stomach and leaning her head to his chest and burst into a bitter cry. Sanskar could not tolerate her cry. He covered her encircling his hands around her soulder and placed his chin on her head and closed his eyes letting his tears from his burning face. The time itself wanted to stop looking at this beautiful pair.
Tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere tho tujse pare mai javu kaha
Mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai
Ishq Mubarak Dard Mubarak
Ishq Mubarak dard Mubarak

“Stupid Maheshwari. Why did you take so much time” said Ragini pouting. Sanskar laughed through his tears. He dragged her out of the hug and covered her with dupatta and held his ears and said “Sorry Ms. Jhansi ki Rani I thought you will
handle them for sometime” Ragini looked at him with anger. “Okay okay sorry. It was a bad joke I know” said Sanskar chuckling and Ragini joined him. “Where is your phone I will call Tarun he will arrange some help” said Sanskar. “I was wrong. You are not stupid” said Ragini. “I know Ms. Gadodia. You can compliment me later now give me the phone” said Sanskar. “Arrey akal ke dushman. I lost my phone when they threw me inside the car. It must be there” said Ragini annoyed. Sanskar bit his tongue and composed himself and said “Ha teekh hai teekh hai” “Tube light Maheswari” said Ragini looking at him. He pouted sadly. Ragini nodded head in disbelief.

I’m sorry If there are any mistakes in Tamil and sorry if anybody felt bad that I used Tamil. Next I will update on Wednesday.

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