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Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) chapter 18

“Hello. Mr. Rahheja. May I come in?” asked Sanskar standing at Sahil’s cabin. Sahil controlled his anger. He wanted to rip off Sanskar’s body, but he did not wanted to fall as low as Sanskar so he decided to handle him maturely. He nodded his head and said “Yes” Sanskar smiled weakly and entered his cabin and sat on a chair in front of him. “Actually I was thinking of shifting my office back to my old company” said Sanskar. Sahil looked at him shocked. He wondered what made him take such sudden decision. “I know you must be shocked. But I’m feeling bit uncomfortable here. And not to worry I will handle my responsibilities from the other office only and this company is also equally important for me” said Sanskar smiling. Sahil just nodded his head. “Ok and one more thing. There is a meeting in Chennai with Malhotra’s. I will leave for it tomorrow. But I need some assistance regarding it. Can you please arrange someone to travel with me. It will be really helpful. It’s really important deal for company, I hope you understand. Then I will take your leave now” said Sanskar heading out of his cabin. Sahil just nodded his head. Sanskar felt a bit bad but thought he deserved it after whatever he did with Ragini.

“Ragini can you please come to my cabin” said Sahil on the intercom. Ragini complied and entered his cabin and sat in front of him. “Ragini who handles Malhotra company details I mean who knows it better?” asked Sahil. “I have only been handling it Sir. And handling Malhotra’s is very difficult so nobody got involved till now. So I only know better about Malhotra company” said Ragini smiling. “Oh. Other than you anybody else?” asked Sahil worried. Ragini could sense his anxiety. “No sir as I told before only nobody got involved till now. Why sir? Anything important?” asked Ragini. “No nothing Ragini. Mr. Maheshwari is gonna attend the meeting tomorrow. He need somebody to assist him. I don’t want to send you” said Sahil worried. Ragini felt happy inside for a unknown reason and immediately she said “I will go sir” Later she got confused thinking why did she said that. Sahil looked at her shocked and asked “Are you sure?” raising one eyebrow. “Don’t think I’m being selfish but what about Swara?” asked Sahil hesitant. Ragini smiled at his concern towards Swara. “One day na. Saloni aunty will handle her. I have stayed out like that before also and moreover Shona dee is recovering and she will not trouble Saloni aunty more” said Ragini. “Ok.

But are you sure Ragini. I really don’t want to send you with Mr. Maheshwari” said Sahil concerned. “I will manage sir no problem. I know how important this project is for our company. And I can handle it” said Ragini assuring him. She was herself confused why was she doing all this. Why was she utilizing every situation to be with Sanskar. She hates him but then why she could not stay away from him. Why his silence was paining her. Sahil smiled and said “Ok. Let me arrange for both of your travel and stay there” Ragini nodded and headed out of his cabin. “What the hell is wrong with me?” said Ragini as she was walking out to her work station. “You have gone mad” said Sanskar looking at other direction and crossed her path. “Hei?” asked Ragini. Sanskar showed her that he is talking over the Bluetooth not to her. Though he just showed her through signs Ragini felt happy that he spoke. As he walked to his cabin without responding further she felt bad. “I have gone mad seriously” said Ragini and walked to her work station.

“Ragu maa. You go bindas. I will not trouble Saloni aunty” said Swara and bit her lower lip and smiled. Ragini caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and dragged her to sleep on her lap and sang lori. Swara dozed off and Ragini placed her head on the pillow and she slept on her side. As she closed her eyes she saw Sanskar’s face. She opened her eyes horrified “Seriously I have gone mad” she said and closed her eyes tight and dozed off after struggling much.
Sanskar stood at his room window holding Ananya in his embrace and patting her back to make her sleep. Ansh was already slept on the bed. He looked at moon and he felt Ragini’s smiling face. “You are only in my dreams Ragini not in my fate” said Sanskar and smiled with pain in his eyes. A tear dropped from his eye and he wiped it. He placed Ananya in the cradle slowly, kissed her forehead and slept on his bed. Ansh put his small legs and hands around Sanskar and Sanskar smiled and hugged him and dozed off.

“Hello Haa Yohan. Okay I will get Shona dee this Friday ok bye” said Ragini entering the office building with a bag. She looked around searching Sanskar but he wasn’t there. She headed inside the lift. Just then Sanskar came and was about to enter the lift. Then he saw Ragini and stopped himself and headed to climb the stairs. Ragini noticed his actions and her face fell. She composed herself and lift door closed

“So Mr. Raheja I’m leaving today evening. Who is assisting me?” asked Sanskar sipping the water. “Ragini” said Sahil and Sanskar spit the water suddenly and coughed badly. Sahil looked at him weirdly. He coughed badly and patted his head to relax himself and said “No” “What?” asked Sahil confused. “Why Ragini?” asked Sanskar consoling himself. “Only she can assist you Mr. Maheshwari in this” said Sahil explaining. “No Mr. Raheja that’s fine. I will manage alone” said Sanskar. “No Mr. Maheshwari. You cannot handle alone. Mr. Malhotra company deal is tricky and she is al ready. And one more thing we tried hard but all the flight tickets are sold out so you got to drive to reach on time. I’m really sorry for that. But accomadation I have arranged” said Sahil. And Ragini came there with her bag. Sanskar walked front uninterested and Ragini followed him. Tarun opened the back door of the car for Ragini to sit. She opened the front door and sat without uttering a word. Sanskar looked at her annoyed. He signed her to put the seat belt. She raised her eyebrows asking what. He got frustrated and pulled the seat belt. Ragini jerked due to his sudden closeness and leaned back to the seat. As sanskar moved up swiftly Ragini’s lips slightly brushed Sanskar’s cheek and both of them opened their eyes shocked. Sanskar controlled himself and sat back leaning to his seat shocked. Ragini closed her eyes tight and looked outside the window to avoid eye contact and bit her finger feeling shy. Sanskar took deep breath to cool his senses and started the car.

After sometime of driving Ragini was getting bored so she looked here and there. Sanskar could sense that she is restless and her gaze on him made it difficult for him to control himself. “Yes Ms. Gadodia” asked Sanskar breaking two hour long silence. “Can I use the music system” asked Ragini. He just nodded his head. She turned on the music system and the radio played and buzzed song “Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai” Both of them got embarrassed. She turned the tuner and played next station which played “Oh zara zara kiss me kiss me oh zara touch me touch me” Sanskar looked around to hide the embarrassment and Ragini tuned the radio to the next channel and it played “Kiska chehra… Kiska chehra dekhu” Ragini relaxed and leaned back to her seat feeling the tickling sensation of cool breeze. Sanskar looked at her and lost himself in her beautiful face. The music and the lyrics seemed to be meant for the situation. He smiled and drove further.
“We reached so fast?” asked Ragini when Sanskar stopped the car. “No we are halting for lunch. After lunch we will continue” said Sanskar and headed to the Dhaba. “You will eat here?” asked Ragini surprised. “Why? Don’t human beings eat here?” asked Sanskar. “Not like that. It is not upto your standard na” said Ragini. “Food does not have standard Ms. Gadodia. It just satisfies your hunger without bothering about your status. So you should respect in the same way” said Sanskar and walked further. Sanskar’s words impressed her and she followed him like a kid. He sat on charpai folding his shirt after washing hands. Ragini sat in front of him. The waiter served them hot parathas with curd.

Sanskar tore the parota in a half and folded it and dipped it in curd and swallowed in a go. Ragini looked at him shocked for the way he was eating like a Desi. Sanskar licked his finger and looked up and found Ragini staring him shocked. He raised his eyebrow and asked what. “You use hand to eat?” asked Ragini. “Hei? Everybody uses hand only to eat Ms. Gadodia not legs” said Sanskar weirdly looking at her. “No I mean you don’t use fork and spoon for everything you eat like other rich people do?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “This is paratha. How am I supposed to use fork and spoon to eat this. Instead of eating my head please eat your food. It will cool” said Sanskar and munched the next half paratha. Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape and pouted angry and ate her food. “Yummy” said Ragini when she bit the first byte of Paratha and closed her eyes waving her hands in air feeling the devine taste. Sanskar who was eating another paratha looked at her still placing his fingers in his mouth and lost himself in the innocence on her face. The waiter who brought the paratha kept the plate on the table which brought Sanskar to reality. He composed himself and said “Don’t behave like you are eating food after years Ms. Gadodia, finish fast we have to leave” She pouted and looked at him as he was not letting her to enjoy her food. They finished the food and were standing near the counter to pay the bill. Ragini wanted to buy a coke bottle. She searched her bag but did not had enough money. She closed her bag and headed back to car. Sanskar came sat in the driving seat. Ragini put her seat belt and turned. Sanskar held the coke bottle in front of her to take it. She smiled widely and took it and drank it immediately. Sanskar looked at her childish behavior and smiled and nodded his head. Ragini saw his smile when she was still drinking the coke and a her lips curved behind the coke bottle. After she kept the bottle back suddenly she realized why did she grab the coke from Sanskar. Usually she will think hundred times before taking a biscuit piece also from anybody but when Sanskar forwarded the bottle she grabbed like she has all the rights to take and he felt like family. She was confused.

“Still how much time will it take?” asked Ragini. “10 more minutes” said Sanskar. “Can I take a nap till then. I’m tired” said Ragini. “Tired for what? I was driving all the way” said Sanskar. “So. I did not tell you to drive. Flight tickets weren’t available so we came by road. You got brought a driver with you” said Ragini. Sanskar gave her you are unbelievable look. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Sanskar looked at her innocent face. “I don’t know how I’m gonna control myself around you Ragini. I’m just worried nothing happens which will take you to that state again. I really cannot understand you. You say you can only hate me, then your eyes show me immense love which I cannot avoid. You say I don’t affect you but you do all possible things to break my silence. You argue with me for even silly thing. When I try to go away from you, you will try to come close to me. Why are you confusing me so much Ragini. Accept your feelings your life will be much more better. I know your mind is not letting you to do that but I will not let anything happen to you. You accept it or not I know you love me and that’s enough for me to fight everything in the world for your happiness.” thought Sanskar driving smiling.

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