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Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 17

“Sanskar” called a boy standing outside a basket ball court of “Xavior College”. A boy who just put the ball in the basket turned who was sweating badly. He smiled at the boy who called him and said “Coming Aryan”. He went to the boy and shook hand and hit his shoulder to the boy’s shoulder like signature greeting of best buddies. (Aryan: Parth Samarthan; for all the people who suggested Parth opposite Ragini. Sorry I could not make him lead opposite. But he is playing Sanskar’s best friend) “Yo dude. What’s up ha?” said Sanskar twirling the Basket ball in his finger. “Nothing yar. I’m joining office from tomorrow and will be helping dad. I will miss all this. What about you?” asked Aryan putting his hand around Sanskar’s neck. “I’m cool. I will enjoy my life. No tension at all” said Sanskar playing with basket ball. “Yar kabhi tho life serious le le. Who will handle your Dad’s business?” asked Aryan. “Wo Sadu ka business sambhal ne ke liye mere Adi bhai hai na” said Sanskar still playing with basket ball. “Sanky he is your dad mahn” said Aryan. “Issi baat ka tho rona hai.

He doesn’t let me enjoy at all. Wo tho Adarsh Bhai hai jinki vajah se I’m safe” said Sanskar. “Jab bhabi aa jayegi na tab to akela hojayega” said Aryan teasing him. Sanskar missed his ball and looked at Aryan shocked and asked “Wo kyu?” Aryan hit his head playfully and said “Abbey Ghade. Shadi ke baad sab change ho jatha hai. And your Bro will concentrate on his family more” Sanskar looked at him blinking his eyes slowly. “Sanskar” Kavya’s voice brought him to reality. “Sanskar. Where were you I was searching for you everywhere” said Kavya pouting. “Wo Kavya. I will just come ok. I have to meet some more friends today is last day of college na?” said Sanskar and ran from there. Kavya looked at him sadly. “When will you tell him about your feelings?” asked Aryan standing beside Kavya. “Kaash I could tell him Aryan. Whole world knows that I love him but my best friend doesn’t know about it” said Kavya. “Kya kare uska dimag tho kachue se bhi slow chalta hai” said Aryan chuckling. Kavya joined him and gave high five.


“Bhabi aap Adi bhai ko badal doge?” asked Sanskar to the bride who was sitting in the hall feeling awkward. She was surprised and lifted her viel. She looked at Sanskar who was tearing looking at her. Adarsh was Sanskar’s life. He couldn’t tolerate that he has to share his Adi bhai with someone now. “Awww. You are so cute” said Pari to cheer him. “Im not cute” said Sanskar pouting. “Okay okay Handsome boy. Happy now?” asked Pari breaking the ice between them. Sanskar smiled widely at her statement. “Aur Apke Adi bahi koi kapda hai jo unke badal de?” asked Pari laughing. Sanskar laughed at her statement. “Aur mere Handsome boy aapka naam Sanskar hai na” said Pari. “Haa Bhabhi. You can call me Sanky also” said Sanskar. “I will call you Sanskar only it’s a nice name” said Pari smiling. “Sanskar why are you troubling your bhabi?” asked DP. “Sadu aagaye” said Sanskar which Pari heard. She widened her eyes. Sanskar pleaded her not to say what she heard. She smiled and complied. Sanskar relaxed and ran from there excusing himself. Pari touched DP’s feet and he blessed her. Anu took her to her room.

“Sanskar. Come fast. Your breakfast will cool” said Pari standing near dining table and serving breakfast to Anu, DP and Adarsh. “Has he came down to have breakfast so early. Gadha kahi ka” said DP annoyed. “Jaane dijiye Paapa. Sudhar jayega. Everyone take their own time to understand” said Pari cooling DP. “Yeh lo he is here” said Adarsh spotting Sanskar who was heading down from the stairs yawning. “Babu. Did you brush?” asked Pari. “Oops. Forgot bhabi. Just five minutes” said Sanskar and ran back to his room. Pari looked at him and nodded her head. “Okay maa baba I’m leaving to office. And baaba you have meeting in afternoon” said Adarsh and got up to leave. He kissed Pari’s cheek and headed out. Pari blushed and waved him bye. “I don’t know when Sanskar will realize his responsibilities. He is totally dependent on Adarsh. Im really worried for him Anu” said DP looking at Adarsh. “Don’t worry ji. Time teaches everything. Even our Sanskar will become responsible” said Anu placing her hand on DP’s shoulder.

“It’s a boy” said Doctor heading out of labor room to Maheshwari family who were waiting outside. Sanskar lifted the lady doctor and twirled due to his over excitement. She shouted and told him to put her down. He said sorry and placed her down. She glared him angry. “Bhai you became Papa” said Sanskar hugging Adarsh. DP and Anu smiled and thanked God. “How is Bhabi?” asked Sanskar. “She is absolutely fine. We will shift them to normal ward later you can meet” said Doctor and headed inside again.
They shifted Pari and new born baby to normal ward in half an hour. “Thank you so much” said Adarsh holding the baby in his arms and smiled looking at Pari who had happy tears. Sanskar’s face expression changed a bit. Pari observed it. “Babu” she called Sanskar and signed him to sit beside her. He sat beside her. She caressed his hair and said “But my first kid is always my babu only” Sanskar looked at her shocked and a tear dropped from his eye. He hugged Pari and sobbed.
Yes Pari changed Sanskar’s family by holding the bonds more firmly with her love and care. Sanskar was her life. And for Sanskar Pari was most important person of his life.

“Ansh” called Adarsh running behind his four year kid who was becoming naughty day by day. “Apka jaana zaruri hai?” asked Pari standing behind Adarsh when he was playing holding Ansh. “Seriously Jaan. If it was not that important I would not have gone. It’s for Sanskar’s future.” said Adarsh hugging Pari from side. She pouted and said “Ok”
“And baby don’t trouble mumma ok. Love you” said Adarsh bending and kissing Pari’s baby bump. He hugged her again and headed with his bag leaving Ansh and Pari in the room.
Next day Anu called Pari as her parents had come to take her to their house for Godh Bharai which they missed doing while Ansh was in her womb as they were out of country due to some emergency.
“I will miss you Bhabi” said Sanskar pouting. “Babu. I will come back soon. Don’t worry” said Pari caressing her hair. She headed to her myka with her parents and Ansh

“What?” screamed Sanskar and the phone in his hand dropped. “Bhai…” screamed Sanskar collapsing on floor. “What happened Sanskar?” asked Anu who came out of Kitchen hearing his scream. “Maa Bhai” said Sanskar and sobbed. “What happened to Adarsh” asked Anu worried. “Maa Bhai’s plane crashed and all the passengers on board are no more. Maa Bhai” said Sanskar sobbing holding Anu. She stumbled as she could not take it. “Maa” screamed Sanskar and held unconscious Anu in his arms. DP who was climbing down missed his step and rolled down the stairs. His soul was no more. Adarsh was his hope his life. He was DP’s first kid with whom he had all the expectations. “Papa” screamed Sanskar looking at DP horrified. “Ramu kaka” called Sanskar who came to help Sanskar. He took both of them to hospital.
“She is just shocked” said Doctor analyzing Anu. Sanskar was looking at her still sobbing. He went to the room where doctors were examining DP and treating him.

“He has fallen in coma” said the doctor coming out of DP’s room.
He felt so helpless. His family was scattering one by one. His phone ringed and he picked up the call without realizing. “Babu. What is wrong with your Bhai ha? I’m trying to call him from morning. He said he is landing today. His phone is in out of coverage area from long time. ” said Pari complaining. Sanskar sobbed silently. His throat was paining as he was trying hard to control the outburst of tears. He couldn’t tell her. Not at least in this state. “Wo” said Sanskar and took a deep breath looking at the wall and continued “Bhabi. Adi bhai’s flight has been cancelled due to weather issues. And he was saying that he doesn’t have good coverage of mobile networks, so you might be not able to reach him” He pressed his lower lip in his mouth to control the urge to scream. Pari was not just like mother for Sanskar but she could also sense his hidden emotions. “Are you okay Babu? Why do I feel something is wrong” said Pari. “Ohho Bhabi nothing like that. You enjoy your Godh Bharai. I will tell bhai to call you once. Okay. Bye now” said Sanskar and disconnected the call as he knew Pari will sense his emotions. He did not realize that she had already sensed it.

Adarsh body was burned beyond recognition. They could identify him with his cloths only. They brought Adarsh body to Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskar lit the pyre and bid bye to Adarsh. He had not even given a last chance for Pari to meet Adarsh. It made a unforgettable wound in his soul.

“Adarsh…..” screamed Pari standing at the door entrance when she returned Maheshwari mansion as she was feeling so restless after listening to Sanskar. As she entered the house she saw a garland around Adarsh’s photo kept on a little high platform created for Puja. All the guest has left after paying homage to Adarsh. She held her baby bump where she felt immense pain and screamed. Sanskar who came running hearing her scream stopped looking at her condition. Her mom and dad were struggling hard to console her. “Babu….” screamed Pari looking at Sanskar stretching her one hand. Sanskar was scared. He had never faced a situation like this. He was numb. Pari fell on ground which brought him out of his shock. “Bhabi…” screamed Sanskar and ran to hold her. She was wincing in pain. Sanskar lift her and placed in car. He could not think due to tension. Every time Pari screamed Sanskar felt her scream was sucking his life bit by bit. He drove swiftly. He was continuously looking back at her. He was really immature driver. He never felt necessity to learn also. But for the time being taking Pari to hospital was more important.

As he turned his steering wheel loosing balance he saw a girl who was in front of his car. She turned and closed her eyes. In fraction of second he found a boy pulling her and himself coming in front of the car. Only that persons back was visible. Sanskar closed his eyes fearing. He felt some heavy load has fallen on top of the car. He wanted to stop but Pari’s scream made him to not to stop and he continued driving and reached hospital. “Doctor…. Doctor…..” screamed Sanskar heading inside the hospital holding Pari in his arms. The doctor and nurse came and took her to emergency ward. Sanskar walked restlessly. “She wants to talk to you” said Doctor who was attending her. Sanskar ran inside the room and sat beside her holding her hand. “Sorry bhabi. Everything because of me. Adi bhai went to Delhi because of me and I just hid it for your health.” said Sanskar and sobbed. “Babu Listen to me. I have very less time” said Pari. “Where are you going?” asked Sanskar shocked. “To your bhai Sanskar” said Pari. He looked at her horrified

“You will take care of my Ansh and Daughter na… Other than you they don’t have anybody” said Pari struggling to speak on the hospital bed. “No bhabi please don’t leave me please I have already lost bhai and you are also leaving me alone. Please bhabi don’t go” said Sanskar sobbing holding Pari’s hand and bent closing his eyes sitting beside her. “I’m always around you babu. I’m always” said Pari and her heartbeat stopped and her hand fell from Sanskar’s hold. He was shocked and looked up at Pari whose eyes popped out as she breathed last. “Bhabi…..” screamed Sanskar horrified. A kid was lying in a incubator behind him moving its baby hands weakly which was pierced with some needles.
“I killed a person. And fate is playing such bad game. I cannot repent for it also” said Sanskar looking at the news after Pari’s funeral.
The incident brought huge change in Sanskar. He worked hard and made Maheswari company as top company. He stopped talking to his family thinking they will remind him of Pari. He became the rude arrogant Sanskar Maheshwari.

He was always dependent on Adarsh. When Adarsh left Sanskar had no other option than stand like a wall protecting his family. He became the toughest wall who could not be broken. But one thing always pierced him like needles all over the body. The guilt of killing a human. He felt disgusted about himself that he did not even stop the car to help them. It killed him day by day. He avoided court hearings and did all the possible things to get himself out of the case which he succeed also but the guilt did not leave him and came as a curse.

When you do sin, you cannot choose your punishment. And if you succeed in getting out of it then you should think that God is just fooling you that you are out of it and he has planned something bigger for you. It happened with Sanskar. He fell in love with a girl who was sister of the person whom he killed. Though it was an accident he had destroyed a family unknowingly. Unless you realize what you have done repenting has no value which happened in Sanskar’s case. It was just beginning of the game time had started playing with him.
Sanskar opened his eyes with tears sitting beside DP who was lying like a lifeless body on hospital bed with a machine attached to track his heart beat. “I never valued you Dad when you were with me. Now I need you badly” said Sanskar sobbing holding DP’s hand. One finger on DP’s other hand moved a bit which Sanskar failed to notice.

I don’t know how many of you liked it because I did not give equal importance to Sanskar’s past I feel. And I wanted to make it emotional but I could not as I did not wanted you people to wait for it. Sorry guys. And I wrote it in sleep mode so sorry for any typos. And a big sorry for mentioning Kavya as Kavita in promo. It was big blunder
Next update I will try this week but I’m busy with a football match organization so get late to reach home and type the updates. I will try maximum not to make you people wait. Sorry again if you felt this was not up to your expectations.

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