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From heart – episode 9

Oh sry guys I was busy for some days and iam planing to end this ff becoz I don’t get topics to write but I got a new so I will start that ff after 2, 3 weeks so here is the episode starts……

It’s morning
Suhani in phone call : yes sir sure I will join the office tmrw ok ok sir
Yuvarj heaed their conversation
Yuv: excuse me , what’s wrong with u ??? U r wife of yuvraj birla and u need to work in a company
Suh: so what ? I am not just yuvraj birla wife but also a girl who Really dreamed to be independent
Yuv: iam sry to say but u can’t go to work
Suh: but y???
Yuv: in my house ladies never used to work
Suh : are u sure???
Yuv: yes iam
Suh: but u will change u r decision within one day
Yuv: we will see
Suh: yes we will


Suhani discussed something with rags menka in evening everyone cake to have food and their was nothing
And sauanuyuv saw ragssuhmen watching TV
Sau: for ur kind info it’s 9:00 pm and it’s time to have food
Rag: ya sure u can have
Anu: but we can’t have plate and glasses
Men: exactly first u have to makd food
Yuv: but Ladies used to make food right ???
Suh: but not only ladies eat food ???
Yuv: means ????
Suh: what ??! U said that ladies in ur home doesn’t work so I said ragsand men to stop working is their anything wrong ???
Yuv: what the ….
Suh: hell???
Yuv: nos guys pls make food for us I know that ladies works and they can do whatever they like suh : what did u say ??? We can do whatever we want right ??.
Yuv: yes.
Suh: tehn ok Mr yuvraj birla u lose the challenge .yuv: ok now what should I do ???.
Suh :. nothing becoz iam sure that u won’t be able to impress me
Yuv: actually that’s ering I can impress u
Suh: ok try ur best Mr sadu birla

It’s night Suhani came to her room lights were off
Suh: yuv… Yuvarj
Someone closed the door and touched her from back .Sanam re plays …..
She turned and saw yuvraj
Yuv moved her hair a side and took one earring and mafe her wear that he kissed on her ears
Suh smiled and closed her eyes

Yuv came from back a hugged her and they are standing in front of the mirror
Yuv: did u like it???
Suh: mmmmm
Yuv: so I also won the challenge

Suh got sad
Suh pov .
So did he do all this only for challenge???
Or did he really…..

So that all about today’s episode hope you guys liked it and don’t to add comments love u😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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