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Friendship or love-which one is important? (ek duje ke vaaste) Part 2

Hi everyone I m back with the next part of my story…..thanx for those who commented on my ff that’s really sweet of u…..but some people really disappointed me……I won’t mention their names but I had thought that those people will be the first one to comment……so I m really sad bcz of that but I don’t wanna make those sad who commented on my ff…… so I m posting this part for my friends……
Now lets start with the episode………

Recap: introduction of all friends….cultural function is going on and naina and niyati are waiting for some one


Naina and niyati at the back stage
Naina: yarr niyati I m sooo worried the show is about to begin and he didn’t came yet……
And here our hero gives an entry…..guys hold on to ur heart bcz the hero is none other than………
Shr : don’t worry naina I m right on time
Naina looks at him in anger but his cool looks and cute smile melts her and finally she speaks up
Naina:ok ok zayada bateesi dikhany ki zaroorat nahi ha….are u ready for the dance
Shr: I m always ready dear…..(here shr is a bit flirty)
Naina: kitni bar kaha ha k don’t call me dear only my frnds have the right to call me that….
Shr: so that means I m not ur Frnd and makes a sad face
Naina thinks for a little and says : ho but achy waly nahi sirf frnd ho
Shr:what do u mean k acha wala nahi hon u mean I m bad and now shr got angry
And our peace maker jumps in….
Niyati: guys stop fighting shr naina k kehny ka matlab ha k tum b frnd ho ACHY WALY but tumhari aur hamari friend is different u know na frnds are life for her…
Shr: hmmmm
Niyati: and u know ……and suddenly her phone rings
Niyati: han bolo…ok ok I m coming wait and she hangs up…..yarr shr naina they are calling me I need to go and all the best for ur performance from all the devil gang…….and she leaves
Naina and shr practice for the last time then they r called for the dance and they leave for the stage

There on stage they dance on the songs ballay ballay from bin roye and chulbul from zindagi kitni haseen hai(I have taken these songs as I m going to perform on these two on my cultural day)
They dance really well and the devil gang cheer for them.

The dance got over and so as the function….every one starts leaving for home but our devil gang leaves for their favorite place that is the backyard of college and there some other people join them and they r pushkar, aditya,mohsin, sameer and zain

They greet everyone and appreciates shr and naina for their dance and again everyone gets into chit chat while everyone is chatting someone comes from behind and puts hand on Preeti’s eyes
Everyone is about to speak but the person signs her and by the time Preeti says: I know sumo di its u(So here comes our very own suman)

Everyone hug her
Ariana: U r late sumo alooooottttttt
Sumo: I know I know I m late but what to do i was busy with college work (Suman studies in different college but she is friend with all of them from childhood and she is preeti’s sister)
Then they all started talking with sumo and all boys are also talking with each other but shr steal glances of sumo time and again… adi and push notice this and ask him to tell the truth
Adi: bhai bol de na kis ka intezar kar raha ha
Push: han yarr…go ahead and tell her ur feelings for her…
Shr: no yarr u know na that doesn’t believe in love at all….if I confessed my feelings to her she might break frndship with me
Adi gets an idea and says something in zain’s ear
Zain: are u sure
Adi: 200%
Zain: ok then…….guys listen everyone we r getting bore so lets play truth and dare

Nikita : yeah that’s a good idea
Preeti: so lets start
Everyone sits in a circle….adi brings the bottle and spins it. It stops at Nikita
Mohsin: so truth or dare?
Niki: dare!
Mohsin: sing a song for me…..
Niki: r u crazy do u really thing that I m gonna sing a song for u….no ways
Mohsin: u have to…it’s a dare
Riya: just do it niki di
Ariana: yeah di go for it….and its only a song it doesn’t matter
Khushi: they r right just sing and finish it
Niki: ok fine and she sings the song “hum pagal nahi ha bhaiya” (from humshakals) with a little improvisation and instead of hum she ssys tum pagal nahi ho bhaiya tumhara dimag kharab ha….
And all frnds gang laugh
Then again bottle spins and stops at sameer
Khushi: truth or dare?
Khushi: Why u guys always call us devil gang???
Sam looks at boys and burst out laughing and says:Bas itna asaan sa sawaal….
Khushi:jawab de warna teri khair nahi
Sam: ok ok Miss lady hitler( sorry khushi)actually ur girls group always makes messes all around and u guys aren’t scared of anyone…tum logo ne to hum boys ko b peechy chor dia itni himaat kisi insaan ma to nahi ho skati sooooo that’s why we call u all devil gang
Naina:huh tum boys toh ho hi itny fattu….khud se to kuch hota nahi bary aye humy bolny waly
Maro: right api…and they both give hi-fi
Like this everyone’s turn comes and now its sumo’s turn
Push:truth or dare?
Sumo: actually I m really tired today so truth
Adi gives a smirk and says: so sumo do u believe in love and do u love someone?
Sumo:I don’t know…. I never loved someone so how m I supposed to believe in it…
Push: but we heard that u don’t believe in love
Sumo: and who told u this rubbish…..(shr,push, adi look at pari)
Pari: what???? oh now I understand that day u thought I was talking about sumo…..
Shr:aur nahi to
Pari:no idiots I was talking about me…………
Adi and push scratch their heads and looks at shr who gives angry glare
Adi:sorry yarr galti se mistake ho gaya
Push whispers in shr ears: bhai ab to tera rasta saaf ha na to phir propose kar de na kis ka intezar kar raha ha
Niyati: guys tum logo ki baten ho gai ho to bottle spin Karen
And this time it stops at naina and everyone gives a naughty glare. Naina understands it and says:truth
And everyone’s smile changes to frown
Sumo: Naina tell me the truth what am I to u?
Naina laughs slightly: what kind of question is this Sumo? U r my friend like everyone else
Sumo: no u r lying. U never considered me as a friend. U never initiated a talk with me u never shared anything with me.
Everyone was shocked that what is she saying?
Naina: no yarr aisa nahi ha u r also my frnd like others but its just that I never talked to u much bcz u never started a conversation but I still consider u as my frnd
Sumo shouts: no u r lying
Maro tries to pacifies her : calm down sumo plz its nothing like that. Its just that she takes time to open up completely and since u never asked her something or made her comfortable that’s why she could not open up with u.
Ufaaq: exactly sumo when we start talking, I always had to take initiative bcz she is somewhat an introvert but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t consider u as her friend.
Sumo: fine then tell me one thing…agar ma aur maro eik boat ma doob rahy hon to tum kis ko pehly bacho gi….
Neeti: What???how can u say that u both r eqaually imp for her.
Riya: exactly
Sumo: I asked her the question so let her answer. Answer me naina
Naina :fine u want answer then listen: i would make myself drown but will save u both….
Sumo:ye sab sirf kehny ki baat ha. I know u wont do any such thing.
Naina gets teary eyed: I wish k kabhi aisa waqt aye jab mujhy tum dono ma se kisi eik ko bachana pary tab ma tum dono ko bachon gi apni life sacrifice kar k…………..and she cries

All gets emotional and tries to divert the topic and suddenly zain puts on some fun music and asks everyone to join and finally it makes the atmosphere light….
Nikita:hey guys its getting late its 5 o’clock I think we should leave now
Aru:yeah niki di is right
Pari: lets go all

They all start leaving but a teacher calls naina
Naina:u guys go I m coming

After sometime all the frnds cross the road and went to the other side of the road. Maro and Sumo were also reaching there but suddenly Sumo trips and Maro supports her. Naina was coming from behind and saw that sumo and maro were standing in the middle of the road and a car war about to hit them when naina shouts and push both of them and the car hits naina. Sumo and maro both were about to fall where frnds gang holds them and then they saw that naina was lying in the pool of blood. Everyone shouts naina and rushes to her. Niyati takes her head in her lap and tries to wake her up. Zain call ambulance and she is rushed to hospital.

Ok guys so now I m done with it plz plz plz I request u all to comment…..i know I m not a perfect writer but still I m writing this just for my friends…. I can’t stop writing this as I don’t like to leave things in the middle but I promise that I wont write any more after finishing this so till then bear me…..and do tell me what faults I have made so that I can improve next time………and one more thing I don’t wanna make sumo negative….i just show that if we will be biased towards our friends it might hurt our friends badly and sometimes some things which are left unsaid can make a big issue……and I apologize for showing this side of suman but trust me she is not negative…..she is just upset with naina’s behavior
Questions, comments, thoughts, and concerns are welcomed……..
Till then take care…..
Love u all
Bye <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

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