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Friendship or love-which one is important? (ek duje ke vaaste) Part 1

Hi everyone…. I m back with the first epi of my ff I know that I m early than expected but I couldn’t control myself I wanna know that if u all like my story or not. And if not then I don’t waste time on writing this…..so plz do comment each n every readers plz its my first time I m writing a story so I hope u guys like it…. Fingers crossed……

One fine day:
It was a beautiful morning and our three princesses were sleeping. Then another girl come and says;
Girl: C’mon guys get up…..we r getting late for the college…..hurry up
She snatches their blanket…one of the girl replies
Girl 2:arey yarr niyati di sone do na (yes guys it’s our very own ws aka niyati….)
Niyati: uth jao maharaniyon warna tsaunami express a jaye gi……ufaaq, neeti, maro……uthoooooo
Niyati thinks to herself:ye log to uth hi nahi rahy hain kuch to karna parhy ga
She gets an idea and she starts screaming: guys utho wo a gayi ha uth jao warna sab ki khair nahi wo pani le k a rahi ha……..
Hearing all three of them woke up and said at once:where is she? Where is she? Kahan ha naina api????
They looked at niyati and she was laughing like hell and said: jab ma ne kaha tab to nahi uthy aur naina ka sirf nam liya aur maharaniyan uth k beth gi …….wah g wah….
Maro: niyati di u know na that u r so polite ap itny pyaar se humy uthati ho k lagta ha k lori de k sula rahi ho …….but naina api
Ufaaq: Naina api to eik dum hila k rakh deti……..aise uthati hain k
Neeti: k humy dobara neend hi nahi aati……
A voice comes from behind: acha bachu…..aise uthati hon ma abhi batati hn ma tum sab ko…….
And they all shout: Naina apiiiiiii………(here am I ) And hug her and says: we were just kiding api…..u know us na……
Naina: ok ok enough of ur flattering lets get ready u know we have cultural function today and we have to get ready and reach asap….so c’mon hurry up
Ufaaq: api u wait outside we will be ready in five mins
Niyati: five mins means five mins….no more than that ok
Ufaaq,maro.neeti :okkkkk


After half hour…..
Neeti: lets go guys we r ready
Niyati: neeti u r ready but what about others….un k bagair hi chaly jaen kya(she says this out loud so that maro and ufaq can hear her and signs naina)
Naina:han yar chalo waise b kisi ko time ki qadar hi nahi ha to hum kyun apna time waste karen…….
Maro and ufaaq rushes to them:nooooooooooooooooooo we r ready lets go….and they start leaving naina and niyati looks at them and gives “in ka kuch nahi ho sakta “ and leaves…neeti being the younger one follows them silently……..

After an hour
They enter the college and our drama queen’s(maro) phone ring but she is busy in taking selfies with ufaaq so Naina hits her on head and says: phone to utha le
Maro: oh han dheyan hi nahi raha…..
And she talk with some one and disconnects the call
Maro: guys they r coming
Neeti:haww maro api ur bf is coming…..
Maro gives an angry look to neeti and says: duffer mera bf nahi balky frnds gang a raha ha
And there enters our frnds gang ( which includes nikita, khushi,ariana,preetypreeti,angel pari,sharmanangel aka riya)
Gang: hey guys whats up????
Niyati:so u all r finally here
Riya:OMG guys u all r looking fab
Naina:thanx honey u all are also looking stunning
Ufaaq:oh hello……lets go inside otherwise I’ll get tan
Khushi: han yarr same here I don’t wanna get tan
Pari :uffff……in ka kuch nahi ho sakta…..
Nikita: right pari di lets go inside

They all went inside the college building and started their chit chat. After sometime there is an announcement about the performances. All friends go to the auditorium and Naina and niyati go to back stage. Yarr niyati I m so wooried he didn’t come yet we r about to began the show………….

Ok so I m done with it I know its kinda short but I wanna post the next part after ur reviews so plz do tell me how’s it plz it’s a huge and humble request……
Love u all <3 <3 <3
Bye everyone   

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