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Friendship or Love – Episode 18

Hy friends.. I know I am really very late. Sorry for that. The credit goes to my university exams..
Ok. Hope you remember this story..

Recap: 5 years leap and its shown that ishani stays on hhostel to be away from home. She didn’t wish her sister’s birthday even and disha came to school in search of her. Ranveer saw disha and wished her and felt sorry for them. After the match, ranveer scolded ishani and she convinced on her view..


Hope you could get the story back now.. The story continues…


The next day…
Classes went asusual and ishani was upset since she didn’t met ranveer yet..
Neethu: Ishani, what happened to yyou? From yesterday you were like this only
Ishani: Nothing neethu. I am ok..
Neethu: But you aaren’t
Ishu: Neethu, do you wish we both should go out. If mam hears our murmur then this will happen
Neethu: Y are you changing topic now
Ishu: Please, be quite and let me
They were hhaving the class time and it’s afternoon and in lunch too, she was quite..
Lisa: Ishani listen. I don’t know what is your problem. But if you were like this tomorrow, then surely I won’t leave yyou. Ok. We need our chatterbox back
Ishu: hmm
Saying all starts to their home.

Ishani and Neethu was going towards their hostel room. A voice stopped them.. ‘Ishani’
Ishani (turned and seeing): Ranveer tum
Ranveer: Yeah, actually I am sorry for yesterday. I shouldn’t have spoken like that..
Ishani: No ranveer it’s ok
Ranveer: Oh really. Then why you didn’t met me today
Ishani: wo..
Neethu: Ranveer, she was so sad today.. I think that’s because of your both fight..(seeing ishani): Ok ishu. I will lev to our room. Come after..
Saying she started to her room..

Ranveer: Ishani, actually I
Ishveer: Ranveer, its ok. Actually, I think I was wrong.. That’s why you
Ranveer: No ishu.. I should have understood you and support you. But I didn’t
Ishani: But still you are with me na that’s eenough. I am now happy..
Ranveer: Ok. Then why you didn’t came to library today..
Ishani: Oh hello. I will come there only to meet you ok. Library is far away from myself.. you only spend more time there
Ranveer: Oh yeah, because my future career is important and I have so many ideas for that. I have to score well

Ishani: Oh yes I know. Now please don’t talk about studies.
Ranveer: hhmm. But I was waiting for you today
Ishani: I thought you will be angry on me. That’s why I didn’t came.
Ranveer: Ok for today. But don’t do tthis ok. Our fight will be for that time. Not the next day
Ishani: Hmm okay. Now I really feel relaxed. You talked to me.
Ranveer (smiling): Ok. How about your class?
Ishani: Hmm gud. But was waiting to finish this school
Ranveer: Oh. It’s just a matter of 1 more year now
Ishani: Haan.
Ranveer: Ok ishani. Let us lev. See you tomorrow.
Ishu: Tk ranveer. Bye
Saying she left to her room
Ranveer (sstanding seeing her back): Ishani, I promised Disha di that I will make you understand but I don’t know how and when.. Hope you get your happiness back. That’s when my complete happiness glow.
He too went back home.

A week later,
School park,
Ranveer: Ishu, when are you coming home
Ishu: No ranveer, after our final exam only, now ffor this semi, our hostel will be opened and I will be here itself.
Ranveer: Then what I will do. We wwon’t meet for a week then
Ishu: yeah,I too was thinking that only
Ranveer: then come home

Ishu: No.
Ranveer(with made up anger):Then you won’t abide your friend’s words na tk..
Ishani (seeing him): Ranveer, I am sorry. I can’t now. Tk. Other than this say me whatever, I will do it for sure..
Ranveer: Promise
Ishu: Pakka promise..
Ranveer: Ok . Make sure of this I will use this promise in a way to iirritate you too
Ishani: Oh really. TThat won’t be a big issue anyway and I know how to convince you
Ranveer: hmm let us see..

A month later,
Everyone were busy in annual day preparation..
Ishu and her classmate of pink house were arranging the students to perform for each program..
They went to all class to collect the names and when entered classA ishu saw ranveer doing something important with his note.
To get his attention, Ishu(in a loud voice): Excuse me sir,
Sir: Yes come in
Mesha: Sir ek circular

Sir: yeah go with it
Ishu: All the students interested in any pprogram for annual day are welcomed and could give your name to mesha now
Some started giving names.
Ishani saw ranveer and signalled him is what he gonna do this time..
Ranveer( in action): its a surprise to you. Also a shock to you. He signed and winked at her.
He said something to mesha and sat back
After getting they both started out of the class
Ishu: Mesha,show me that list
Mesha: IIshani, no. Your job is to make everyone join a program. Not in the namelist. So please do your work and don’t interfere in mine. Ok?

Ishani (in thought): How mean she is. Hnm. I thought to know about ranveer’s plan let me know that by him itself somehow.
She went to most of class for namelist and got it to mam.
Mam(seeing ishani): Gud. TThis you too performing a program uh
Ishani (confused face): Mam myself. But I didn’t gave my name.
Mam: what? But your name too is printed here. So..
Ishu: Mam where is my name
Mam(showed the list)
Ishani (getting it): Oh no. Dance.She got how her name came in the list and in thoughts: Ranveer tum bhi na ..Nahi mam.. I am not going to participate in it
Mam: But you only took the namelist na. NNow there is no option and it’s printed too. You have to do it. And ranveer is your best friend ryt. I know very well. So you have to perform with him

Ishani: But mam. You can go back to your class now. Call all students and assemble in auditorium at tomorrow 2 pm. 2-4 will be the practice session for all program. As you are performing, call arshitha of classD with Vinith for organizing. You are free and they will be organizers. Now lev.
Ishani(shocked and sad face): Yes mam..
Saying with anger moved out to meet ranveer…
The screen freezes…

Precap: Ishani to fight with ranveer for giving her name and their dance practice and annual day celebration….

Hope this part is good and not bad… Let me know with your comments… The next part will be posted on Sunday..
Keep smiling..
Take care….

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