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Fallen apart – shot two

Hello guys. I am back. Guys its going to be 5 shots.
Its specially for vaasu di and my orange. U both requested me to post so here it is. Hope u both like it.



Next day everyone was sitting and enjoying as they have booked one full beach for themselves and it was the idea given. They were all sitting and enjoying. Twinkle was wearing a very beautiful floral off shoulder dress and chapals. He hair were dancing along the air and she was also dancing with yuhis 7 months princess kaira.

Everybody was enjoying. Rishabh, Aditya, Chinki, Mahi were irritating twinkle. They were teasing her, throwing things on her and making her crazy. Stop ittttt screamed twinkle.
They all looked at her and then at each other and started laughing.

Maa tell them na cried twinkle. Dont disturd her leela odered them and the very mext moment she also started laughing. Kunj was sitting just opposite to twinkles shack
and he was continusally looking at her. His face was completely blank. He was just emotinless. Usha was cursing her. Manohar and bebe didnt pay any heed to her. Anand and niiki were playing with ishaan.

They had spent all their day sitting, relaxing , playing, eating. They all wanted to enjoy the next day to the fullest , so they were storing energy.
It was night and dadi asked everyone to go to their room and get a good sleep. Everyone went except twinkle. She was sitting and drinking vodka. She has become an alcoholic and a partyholic in these two years. She was running from all her situations and was living a hell life.

Chinki saw her and came and sat next to her. They sat in complete silence and twinkle then finally she broke it. Chinki i always wanted a happy family, I always wanted to be happy but that never happened. My happiness is always snatched from me. Chinki its my personal advice if something wrong, please dont blame urself and dont dare to do ever sacrifice you can make. Let bhai also make sacrifices. Look here i am now, all alone. You know wat chinki my best partner is this alcohol now. Always being by my side and you know wat the reality of my life. I am lobed for my body not for my soul. Many men want to heat their bed with me. Its wat where i am standing. You know why they want to do this, they know i am alone. Chinki can i tell you one more thing, i ha…ve stomach cancer chinki. Chinki was shocked and she started laughing like a maniac. I am not joking chinki. Its true. Chinki looked at twinkle and slapped her hard.

Why didnt you tell it to anyone twinkle???? How can you do this with us???? Screamed chinki.
I am going and telling it to everyone. Come twinkle. Said chinki.
No we are not going anywhere chinki and not telling it to anyone. Chinki i have never been a good daughter to my mother. Please dont do this. I am living my life to die one day. Everyone does that but others die happily and i will die because i dont have anyother option said twinkle.

Chinki i am taking another vodka bottle , do also want asked twinkle. Are you out of ur mind blurted out chinki amd snatched bottle from hand and threw it.
You will not drink anymore twinkle , if you did ill tell everyone said chinki.

Kunj, manohar, usha and bebe were standing and listening to their talks. Chinki and teinkle saw them and chinki went towards them.
Hey, how are you?? You seems to be extraordinarily good. I am i right. Of course i am said chinki taunting him.
Chinki lets go, you need to get up early tomorrow morning. Cmmon bhai will come to see us please lets go yaar. I am not feeling well chinki. Please said twinkle.

They both went to their rooms, leaving them behind.

I know its boring. Hope u all like it. I know i didnt show any romance or teinj interaction but further episode are going to show their love again. Dont worry
Plzz do comment. Its last piece of my writing. Hope u all like it.
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Love u all????
Thank u to all of u who commented on my last shot. Thannk uuu very much
Aadaya- mom me maaf nahi kara. Chupe ke likh rahi haun?????
Hope u all like it

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