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Fallen apart – shot one

Hello guys. I am back with three shot. Hope u will like it. I know i am not a good writier but i had this idea coming in my mind. This is my last piece of writing. As many of u know my mom came to know everything so i am writing this chupke chupke. Hope u all will like it.

This three shots is based on tei original story. As we all know their were rumours tei taking leap and twinj getting separated. Everything was fine , yuvraj was also pardoned of his deed. Sarna family was going to london and kunj was upset as he thought twinkle and yuvi were growing close. So he asked twinkle to come to airport, if she doesnt come he will leave her and go. Twinkle wasnt able to
Come bcz leela met with accident.



Everything changes, time, people, place everything. It happened in this love story also.
Everything was perfect but i was late reaching to the airport because my mom met with an accident and full sarna family left me, specially kunj. He left me.
Twinkle called out a voice , the girl closed her dairy and rushed out of her room.

Twinkle cmmon yaar you are in goa for my and chinkis wedding and you are sitting in your room. Isnt that amazing really taunted aditya. Aditya is twinkles cousin brother.
Sorry bro. Paka it wont happen again said twinkle.
Haan now if twinkle di will remain in her room,me and yuvi will drag her out said mahi.
Mahi you dont pay attention to me amd enjoy your husband yuvi sweetheart said twinkle with a wink.
They all giggled and went back to their room to get ready for adityas and chinkis sangeet ceremony.

Sangeet venue*

Leela ji look they all came said chinkis dadi. Leela turned and was shocked to see sarna family to see infront of her. She never expected they will return. Its been 2 years, twinkle is alone.
Namaste aaye andar said dadi.
They all went inside and greeted everyone. Aditya was very angry to see them but somehow controlled himself. Mahi, yuvi , anita, leela, Rt , chinki everyones face turned pale.

Ohh god itni shanti said rishabh, twinkle and chinkis nappy friend. Cmmon i dont think i am in a snageet. Plzzz help someone said rishabh in a dramatic way.

Plz someone call my hottie …… I am here rishabh said twinkle.

Twinkle was wearing a orange colour s*xy lehnga. Every guys jaw dropped and they were drooling over twinkle.

Finally you are here said rishabh with a wink. Rishabh we are gathered in the wrong venue haina. Yeaah babes lets take them to the ryt venue.

They blindfolded aditya and chinki aka simran. They arrived at the venue and removed their blindfolded. They both were amzaed to see the venue. The venue was in the garden and it was decorated with mirchi bulbs, lights and beautiful carved chairs for the love birds.

Soon they heard some sound coming. Twinkle and Rishabh were dancing on gal ban gayi.
They both were dancing intimately.

Look at this girl, she never changed but became more characterless taunted usha.
Mom plz lets not talk about her. I dont care. We are here for the wedding. Lets enjoy that said kunj.
Yeah kunj is right said bebe.

Twinki and rishabh pulled everyone to the stage and they all enjoyed to the fullest.
The night ended for everyone except one soul and that was twinkle. She cried full night. She saw kunj after 2 years but kunj didnt come to her. He ignored her. She even listened to his and ushas talk. This made twinkle realise her true value in the eyes of sarna family.
She finally slept after her eyes dired up and she wasnt in the condition to cry more.

Next morning*

Twinkle was jogging on the beach in her shorts, sports bra, a jacket tied around her waist and her earphones plugged in.
Again kunj and sarna family saw this and made ill comments about twinkle. She was soo upset and exhausted that she didnt see the time and she continued her jogging. She was jogging from around 2 hours. She was trying to take her out frustration, sadness and anger but she was physically making her ill.

Hope u all like this. Plzz do comment
Love u all💜💜

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