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Faith and Fate (Coming soon…)

Ikhtiarudin Malik Altunia is the Sultan of Ghazni , an empire twice bigger and massive than Hindustan , considered as one of the most powerful rulers of the world , he leaves no stone unturned to get what he wants .

Jalat-ud-din Razia is the first ever woman to rule Hindustan , beside being a shrewd politician and a strong and brave warrior , she was a just and kindhearted Sultan , for whom , her people come first.


What will happen when Altunia’s eyes would lay on the most beautiful woman of Hindustan… Razia? Well , he has many wives , but nobody could match the skills and beauty of hers……….And what will happen when Altunia will come to know about Yakut , the person Razia is in love with…

A tale , stained with blood and betrayal and painted with love , lust and obsession. …..FATE AND FAITH ……when your fate betrays your faith.

I’ll start writing this story from April ….I know , long time , but my board exams are most important. Will be waiting for response, should I continue ?Or drop the idea?

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