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Heya guys, how are u all? I think fine bcoz ur reading story, isn’t it *chuckles*?? K enough of joking, let’s see what’s today in the promo, let’s take a look



Old Man n Old Lady were roaming Malhotra Mansion while Twinkle was guiding them. Twinkle stayed at home as Manik wanted her to. They reached Manik’s parents room. She was turning back from the room but the Old Couple insisted her to open this room as they wanted to know who gave birth to such kind boy. Twinkle never say no to elders so she unlocked the room. As the  Old Couple entered the room, Old Lady felt dizzy when she was about to fell Twinkle held her asking r u k? Old Lady nodded but Twinkle thought of calling Manik n she did the same. Manik reached in no time. Twinkle was waiting in lounge, Manik reached asking her where r they?? She informed  they r in Neyonika n Raj’s Room. He ran to the room, Old Lady was seated on bed, Manik sat in front of her on knees asking

Manik: ap thik to ho na??
Old Lady: haa beta mai thik hoo. Tumhe aane ki koi zarurat nhi thi.
Manik: mai kese nhi ata, ap dono ki zimmedari li hai nibhani to padegi.
Old Man(pointing towards Neyo n Raj’s pic): r they ur parents?
Manik: yess, did u know them??
Old Lady(crying): yess, how can I forget her, sh-she wa-was m-my dau-daughter. Manik was shocked.

So guys, laga jhatka? Lemme know as I want a *smirk* on my face. Haha joking so true response needed. Waiting for response……….
Lots Of Love������

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