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Heya guys, I should be angry on u all bcoz on last chappy I didn’t expect such less comments but I know that u all have ur personal lives, so now have fun reading

PROMO – 16


Fab5 n Navnibhi reached the club, all were having fun, Manik was seated near the bar, having a glass of alcohol in his hand n was looking at a direction without blinking his eyes n it was our Angel.

Manik’s POV
What the hell?? What is she doing wid that guy, oh god is she trying to make me jealous, Nandu move away from him, he doesn’t seem good, I can clearly see evilness in his eyes, let everyone go I vil not leave that guy, how dare he touch my Nandu, arggh.
End of POV

Manik’s trance broke when he felt a pat on his shoulder, he turned n saw Cabir who was having a smirk, Manik said

Manik: kya hua, tu has kyu raha hai?
Cabir: mai yeh soch kar has raha hoo, ki tujhe Angel ko kisi aur ke saath dekhkar gussa kyu araha hai
Manik(drinking): what rubbish? Mai kyu gussa honga, tu pagal hgya hai n he left from there

Cabir’s POV
Itna saaf dikhraha hai kitne gussa araha hai, lekin chupa kyu raha hai ye, chal kya raha hai iske dimag mein, yadash gayi hai lekin pyaar waisa hi hai toh phir kyu nhi manta ki Nandu se pyaar karta hai, jab bhi wo iske pass jati hai ye monster jaisa behave karta hai, akhir chakkar kya hai, I have to find it.
End of POV

A haa, Manik baba is jealous, awww
Cabir is love, he understands everything, isn’t??
Keep commenting….?
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️❤️

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