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Ahem Ahem guys, ur most awaited patience is gonna get over, don’t think too much, juz move further n read the promo

PROMO – 12


Nandini was passing from jamming room of Malhotra Mansion when someone pulled her in the room. It was Pundit. She asked

Nandini: what do u think ur doing??
Pundit: well well I am going to r n Thud before he could say  further Nandini slapped him hard. He said
Pundit: how dare u slap me??
Nandini: ye mujhe bhut pehle hi karna chye tha.
Pundit: tum me bhut himmat agayi ha, abhi nikalta hu ye himmat
Nandini: uss din mere saath koi nhi tha par aj sab hai suna tumne
Pundit: maine toh sunliya par koi aur nhi sunsakta tumhe
Nandini: juz shut up n don’t u dare touch me
Pundit: tum kahogi aur mai maan jaunga
Nandini started running in the room from one corner to other n Pundit was laughing. He held her wrist n she took the drumsticks n hit his head. He held his head which was bleeding.

Meanwhile Fab5 came back home as recording was cancelled n were seated in lounge when Mukti noticed Nandu’s handbag was still on the couch. She said

Mukti(going towards the bag): Manik mujhe lagta hai angel abhi bhi ghar mein hai.
Manik: kya?? Par yaha toh nhi dikhrahi
Mukti(showing her bag to him): ye dekh uska bag
Manik: I think wo washroom me hogi. N juz then they heard a loud sound from the jamming room. They all ran to jamming room which was locked, they heard voices from inside. Manik called Nandu’s name n she heard him but before she could respond Pundit placed his hand on her mouth, she immediately bit his hand n called Manik. Manik heard her n tried to break the door but couldn’t. He was getting restless n kicked it hard n it opened. He saw that Pundit was trying to tear her top but Nandu was saving herself. He went to him, punched him hard on his face, blood started oozing from his nose. He kicked him. Anger was visible on his face, Cabir stopped him but he didn’t, then Nandini stopped him. He stopped n engulfed him in his arms n lil later they broke the hug. After awhile police came n took Pundit. Everyone were asking if she is okay? She said

Nandini: I am ok guyz.
Cabir: aaj tune dikha diya ki tu meri behen hai
Nandini: awww bhai.
All sensed Manik’s anger n left the room. Nandu held Manik’s hand n said
Nandini: I wanted to inform u about Pundit but Manik cut her off
Manik(angry): kab haa kab?
Nandini: plzzz calm down Manik
Manik(same as before): how can I haa? Kya soch rahi thi tum? Tum wait kar rahi thi ke kab wo tumhe kidnap kare aur he got cut by Nandu as she also got hyper n said
Nandini(angry): shut up Manik, u want to know na I did this bcoz  I LOVE U DAMMIT. n I didn’t wanted ur ca before she could complete he placed his lips on hers.

So guys, koi jhatka laga ya nhi?? Toh Pundit aakhir gaya inki life se ya phir aayega?? Keep guessing n let me know, waiting for response…………
Lots Of Love❤️️❤️️❤️️

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