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FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 8)

I am really really really sorry guys, such a late update, really sorry, let’s get started

Chapter 8 – Shopping + Kidnapping

Precap: Manik had dinner with family.
(Present Same Night)
Nandini reached her house only to see Amms waiting for her. Amms was seated on couch, Nandu went n sat beside her asking

Nandini: Amms u r still awake?
Amms: socha tumhare saath dinner karo
Nandini: k, mai fresh hoke ati ho, then v both vil have dinner. With this Nandini went to her room n after 10mins she came downstairs.

She saw Amms already seated on dining table, she went n sat beside her asking her to feed her. Amms went aww on her cuteness n she fed her. After dinner Amms sat on couch n Nandu kept her head on her lap. Amms asked

Amms(carresing Nandu’s hair): kanna tera job ksa hai?
Nandini: acha hai.
Amms: aur boss?
Nandini: wo bhi accha hai. Now she sat n said aj ap itne qs kyu pochrahe ho??
Amms: kuch nahi kanna aise hi.
Nandini: noo Amms zarur kuch baat hai.
Amms: haa, actually jabse tum job karrahi ho, u dont have time for us.
Nandini: awww, meri Amms ko time chahiye(chye), ok kal pura din mai aplog ke sath rahungi as it is Sunday. Thik hai na.
Amms: thik hai, kal hum shopping jaenge.
Nandini: jesa ap kahe.
Amms pecked her forehead n both moved to their rooms.

Its Sunday means chutti. Manik was sleeping on ulta(on his stomach), his sleep was disturbed when his phone started ringing. He recieved the call

Manik(angry): kon hai yaar.
Cabir: saale hum se puchta hai hum kon hai.
Manik: saale itni subah kyu uthaya.
Mukti: yaar hume laga to hume bhulgaya.
Manik: mai kyu tumlogo ko bholonga??
Dhruv: buddy hume laga apni Behen,PA,Nana aur Nani me bzy holar hume bhulgaya.
Manik(shocked n sat on bed): tumlog ko kaise pata chala Nana Nani ke baare mein
All in union: hamare khabri se
Manik: khabri, kon khabri.
Alya: wo hum tumhe kyu btaye.
Manik: acha, waise aj tumlogo ki meri yaad kese ayi.
Cabir: saale yaad toh roz ati hai, lekin aj tu free hoga isiliye aj kiya.
Manik: matlab
Dhruv: buddy aj sunday hai.
Manik: haa right. They talked lil more n then Manik went to freshen up.

He came down n saw Nani n Twinkle serving breakfast to Nana. He asked coming towards

Manik: Twinkle, cook kha hai?
Twinkle: bhai Nani ne use chutti dedi as it is Sunday.
Manik: lekin
Nani: lekin kuch nhi, hum sunday ko chutti lete hai toh unhe nhi de kya.
Manik: acha thik hai
N they all had breakfast, planning to go shopping.

(Thakkar Mansion)
Our Sleeping Beauty was disturbed when her phone too started ringing, she received the call asking

Nandini: kon hai?
Abhi: choti mai hoon.
Nandini(sat happily): bhai, kese ho?
Abhi: mai thik hu, tu kesi hai?
Nandini: main thik hu. Breakfast kiya??
Abhi: haa kiya r tu ne?
Nandini: nhi mai toh abhi uthi apke call ki wajah se.
Abhi: I am sorry, maine t he got cut by Nandu
Nandini: bhai, ap mujhe kabhi dsturb nhi karsakte.
Abhi: k, acha tune mujhe Manik ke baare me kuch nhi btya.
Nandini: sorry bhai time hi nhi mila, time se yaad aya I have to go shopping with Amms n Rishu, bye Bhai luv u.
Abhi: luv u 2 choti. With this she finished the call, had a bath, wore simple clothes n went downstairs. She helped Amms with breakfast n all had breakfast.

After 3 hours of shopping, both Manan’s family ended up in “Cinema Hall” to watch movie. Manik n Nandini bumped into each other when they both were going to buy popcorns. They both asked
Both: tum.
Both: haa mai.
Both: tum yaha?
Both: obvious movie.
Manik(laughing): k ladies first.
Nandini(laughing): Rishu wanted to watch movie, so n u?
Manik: Twinkle’s wish.
Nandini: Nana Nani kese hai?
Manik: tumhe bhi pata hai??
Nandini: mujhe bhi pata hai matlab?
Manik: actually subah Fab4 ka call aya tha toh unhe bhi pata tha.
Nandini: hmmm, ho sakta hai Twinkle ne btaya ho.
Manik: waise tumhe kese pata?
Nandini: kal mai tumhare ghar gyi thi.
Manik: acha, chalo lets order. They ordered n were standing when Amms came looking for Nandini, she saw her at popcorn counter. She went n asked

Amms: kanna itni der.
Nandini: Amms mai aane hi wali thi. Amms meet she was cut by Amms
Amms: The famous singer Manik Malhotra.
Nandini(smiling): yes n my boss.
Amms: oh tum ho Nandu ke boss.
Manik(touched her feet): ji mai ho.
Amms: waise hamari deal se tumhe profit hua tha ya nahi.
Manik: haa hua tha, bhut zyada hi hua tha.
Amms: good.
Nandini: ek min ye ap dono kis deal ki baat krahe ho.
Amms: kanna, last year mai Mumbai inhi ke deal ke liye gyi thi.
Nandini: oh acha. The order was over,they took their popcorns, Manik went left, Nandu n Amms went right.

After 1 hour of movie, it was interval for 15mins. Nandu went out to have barf gola🍧.
As she was returning back, she saw some goons came in front of her. She asked

Nandini: kya chye tumlogo ko?
Goon 1: oho ye toh sidha line pe agyi
Goon 2: tu chye. He got a a
hard slap on his face. He touched his cheek.
Goon 3: iski itni himmat mere bhai pe hath uthaya. He held her wrist tightly making her shout
Nandini(shouting): chodo mujhe.
Goon 1: nahi chod sakte n with this the third goon started taking her forcefully, she tried to run but the goon held her tightly.

Inside the cinema hall, Amms was finding Nandu as she said her before interval gets over she vil return, but there was no sign of her. Meanwhile, Manik came outside from washroom, he heard some familiar voice n found Amms is calling Nandu. He went to her asking is everything k, she informed him everything.
Manik said her to take care of Rishu n he vil find her.

Manik came out of the hall n asked many people n they said they saw some goons taking her with them. His blood boiled on listening this.
He ran to the direction people informed him. He reached an under-construction building(too filmy right). He went inside the building to see one goon was on Nandu n her eyes were tightly shut(closed). He went pushed the goon n started beating him harshly n shouting tumhari himmat kese hui ise haat lagane ki, the other two also came n got beaten by Manik. A goon was coming from behind with a knife but Nandu came in b/w n got n cut on her arm, she was about to fall but Manik held her. Police reached there as Manik called them n took the goons with them. Manik took Nandini with in his arms, everyone were waiting for them. Amms saw this n came to them asking what happen to her? He said first v should go to home n vil inforn everything. He said Twinkle to go home with Nana Nani n he went with them.

They reached Thakkar Mansion n Manik called hix family doc. Doc reached in no time. She bandaged Nandini’s cut n said she vil b fine n get concious. Manik thanked her but she said no need as she is their family doc as well. Manik was suprised, after doc left Manik went n sat beside Nandini, she started getting consious, Manik was very happy n hugged her tightly n said

Manik: never ever do this to me again
Nandini: k but atleast leave me, its paining
Manik(breaking the hug): sorry. Rishab entered the room n Manik left. Manik came to Amms n said

Manik: Amms ap thik to ho na?
Amms: mai toh ho par Nandu nhi hai.
Manik: matlab
Amms: she needs a friend jisse woh sab kuch share karsake. Isi ke saath ye nhi hua hai par do-do baar, asar bhut bura hota hai.
Manik: do-do baar matlab, isse pehle bhi kuch hua tha.
Amms: haa hua tha, uske khud ke singing teacher par wo bhut trust karti thi lekin usne kya kiya.
Manik: kya kiya?
Amms: usne Nandu pe rape attempt ki koshish ki. Manik was angry n shocked.

So guys, kesa laga?? R u all shocked?? I am really sorry as I didn’t update early, sorry, so I am waiting for response…….
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