Hello peeps! I’m Beas. I guess many of you know me here. This is my first ever article on ShraMan. So let’s start. All the relations are same as the story but the only difference is that here ShraMan and their families do not know each other.

A girl is shown instructing some other ladies to pack the tiffins quickly as it was late at night(Obv this is our Sumo). After all are left Sumo closed the door and started walking towaeds the main road to catch an autu as her car has been again admitted in the garage because of clutch failure. She walked through the abandoned street. There were a few street lights so it was quite dark. She saw an auto passing and ran to catch it sreaming at the top of her voice but it did not paid any heed to her. With a disgusted look she stood on the stand waiting. The moon was shining brightly in the sky with a few stars around it, making some of its soft rays to fall on Sumo making her glamorous face even more lustrous. Just at that point of time a jip passed by her and stopped. There were 4-5 goons loaded in it. They were casting evil glances on her and uttering some nonsense, rubbish. Sumo passed a killer look to them but it didn’t seem to bother them. She tried to avoid them. One by one they leapt from the jip and walked towards Sumo.


She was hell-frightened, drops of sweat trickling down her face. The goon came even nearer and was just about to touch her when a strong hand grabbed his paw. (Obv this is our hero Shravan). He looked towards Sumo who was also looking back wth pleading eyes which were requesting him to save her from those horrible creatures. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. Sumo was lost in his shining hazel eyes and Shravan in his deep crystal pools, her face which was so simple yet beautiful and adorable. The goon took this chance and tried to beat Shravan . The blow landed on his nose and started bleeding rapidly. They came back to their senses. Shravan caught hold of him and beat them black an blue. Such that they will never dare to come on this raod again.

Suman tensely looked towards his bleeding nose and offered him her handkerchief. Sumo-‘ Thanks a lot for saving me’. Shravan-‘ No need, Btw what are you doing here so late at night’. Sumo-‘I was just returning from my work’. Shravan-‘ Where do you stay?’ Sumo-‘ At XYZ road( Guys I don’t know any Delhi road names so just assume). Shravan-‘ Come I’ll drop you’. Sumo was not feeling secured so she didn’t denied. She guided him the way and Shravan drove off. Sumo-‘ Ok! We have reached. Once again thanks a lot and sorry for troubling you so much’. Shravan-‘ It’s my pleasure’. Sumo-‘ Goodnight’. Shravan-‘ Goodnight’

Precap- ShraMan meeting in the mall…….begining of their friendship.

So done. GUYS TELL DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE WITH THIS? Let me know through your comments. Feel free to express your views.

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