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Eternal love… manan (Episode 1)


Hii ppl , thanks a lot for your support. I hope you like my story . This would be my first epi. Please do keep commenting your views. Criticism accepted😊.
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Story continues.
Nyonika keeps alya in Malhotra mansion to kick Nandu out. She takes alya to her room.
Nyo: alya, beta are you ok?
Al: yes aunty, i am fine. Its ok if you don’t want me here.
Nyo: no dear, c’mon. I really like you infact even Manik loves you!
Alya: what? Aunty, but he never told me.
Nyo : because you couldn’t see his love. You were just carried away by Dhruv and ran away. But actually, you love him.
Al: but aunty, he is Nandini ‘s husband and they love eo. I cannot afford to break my best friend’s happiness.
Nyo: i know beta, but think about manik. He doesnt love her in fact,he hates her. I know you love him . You have to love him. You and Dhruv were just delusioned about your future. See, that’s why you are here.

Alya’s pov:
It was so sweet of aunty to let me stay. But, the fact just shocked me that Manik loved me not Nandini. Yes, often he did behave wierdly but love?? And what about my Nandu?? What is aunty trying to say?? Did she mean i love Manik not Dhruv. Wait alya, first get sure there’s nothing between Manik and Nandini, then go and tell Manik. I cannot break my friend’s happiness for myself.
End of pov.
Alya is in deep thinking . Nandini enters .
Na: alya, are you ok ?
A: yes Nandu. I am fine.
N: do you want to talk about Dhruv?? Please tell me what happened? You loved each other right? Then?
Alya bursts out: yes, we loved EO. But Dhruv, he doesnt even think about me nowadays. All he expects me to do is help him and support his house. We have some financial problems, but even I was adjusting na?? He was so rude to me..
She starts crying and Nandu consoles her. She makes alya sleep . And goes out of the room. She collides with manik.

Manik’s POV:
I was looking for Nandu, when she collided with me. Her eyes were red and,puffy from crying. I understood that it was for alya. I felt bad for her. Wait manik, you can’t feel for her. You can’t love her. But , I don’t know why I had this urge to hug her. I took ger little figure in my arms. She did reciprocate. And I don’t know why but it felt good.
End of POV.
Manan broke their hug.
M: Nandini, are you ok??
N: yeah manik, I am fine. Its just that alya. She is my best friend. I never saw her suffer so much.
M: i know. What was up with Dhruv? How could he do this to her? Anyways, i can’t find a file. Please help me.
They go to their room.
Nyonika comes out and thinks.
I can’t let that girl, spoil my Manik ‘s life. I have to do something fast. Alya must fall for Manik else this middle class girl will badly spoil my reputation.
End of POV.

Alya thinks of a plan to get to know if Manan are together or not. Dhruv calls her she gets teary but cuts the call.
In vedant house:
Dhruv ‘s POV :
How could i do this? How could i be mean to alya, my love?? I have to apologize to her. But how?
End of POV.

Precap: alya executes her plan. Dhruv in Malhotra mansion . Nyonika to crate misunderstandings between dhrulya.
So guys , i know it was kinda short,but the next one will be pretty long. So plz plz do comment. And keep supporting.
Loads of love😚😘

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