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Eloped- A Swasan os

Hello lovely people🙋 I m Mariyam aka Louella.. I m a fan of Swasan as well as Raglak.. Only a few people know me as I comment on the serial IKRS only, but today I thought to give it a try for Swasan also.. I m sorry if there are any mistakes or if it is boring.. So lets go..

A girl and boy are seen running away from some goons who are behind them.. They somehow escape and sit in the bus which is going to Mumbai.. (The girl is Swara and the boy is Sanskaar)
The goons enter the same bus in which Swasan are hiding.. Swara puts ghungat from her dupatta while Sanskaar puts on the moustache and sunglasses which he had kept in his pocket..
The goons check each and every person there, they see Swasan and stare at them..
Goon 1- Hey girl, take out your ghungat, we want to see your face..
Sanskaar(in a different voice)- How dare u tell my wife to take out her ghungat? Its a sin for a woman to show her face to any man..
Goon 2- Ok ok..(shows him Swasan’s photo) Have u seen these two anywhere?
Sanskaar- No.. Who they are to us that we will see them?
The goons leave..
Swara takes out her ghungat while Sanskaar removes his moustache and sunglasses and they both sigh in relief..
Swara(smiles)- Arey wah! What an acting..
Sanskaar(smiles)- After all I m Sanskaar Maheshwari..
They both laugh..
The bus leaves.. Soon they reach Mumbai.. They both get down of the bus..


(Okay so till now u must have understood what has happened, Swasan love each other but their families are against this as Swara belongs to a rich family while Sanskaar belongs to a poor family. So they run away and marry in a temple and now they are set to go to Mumbai to live a happy life but Swara’s father has sent his goons to kill both of them as he loves his respect more than his daughter.. Will Swasan be able to overcome all hurdles and lead a happily married life?)

Swara(gets tensed)- Sanskaar, where will we go now? We don’t have anyone who can help us. And my father will do anything to find us..
Sanskaar(caresses her face)- Shh, don’t worry, first we will have food, then we will find a place for us to live, okay?
(Swasan have bought some money and jewellery with them, so that they can make up for their daily expenses)
They both go in a nearby restaurant and have lunch.. Now they go to the jewellers shop. Swara sells her gold ring and necklace and they get some money..
Swasan reach in a village where there are only huts. A man helps them get a hut where they can stay.. The hut is very dirty but Swasan together clean the hut..
Swara(sighs in relief)- Thank God! Its cleaned now..
Sanskaar laughs at her..
Swara- Am I looking like a joker that u are laughing like this?
Sanskaar(controls his laugh)- See ur face, the dust is on ur nose(rubs her nose) now gone..
Swara- Accha Sanskaar, I’ll call maa and tell her that we both are safe here..
Sanskaar- Okay, but take care, till then I’ll bring something for us to eat in the night..
And they both leave in different ways..

Swara goes to a shop where there is a telephone, she puts the coin in it and then dials the number of her home..
Her mother takes up the call…
Sharmishta- Hello..
Swara(says emotionally)- Hello Maa..
Sharmishta- Hello Swara, where r u beta? Are u fine?
Swara- Ha maa I m fine, and I m Mumbai with Sanskaar..
Sharmishta(has tears in her eyes)- Swara, beta, please come back.. Ur papa is so much tensed about u, he is searching u everywhere..
Swara- No maa, I will not come back, if u could have accepted Sanskaar before, I would be with u all there, but now its too late maa, Bye…
She cuts the call..
Shekhar, who heard it was Swara, comes to Sharmishta..
Shekhar- Sharmishta, to whom were u talking to?
Sharmishta- Woh I was talking to Ragini..
Shekhar slaps her tightly..
Shekhar(shouts)- I know u were talking to Swara.. Where is she? Tell me fast, or u will not be saved today..
Sharmishta(cries)- She is in Mumbai…
Shekhar calls someone and asks him to check every corner of Mumbai and if they find Swasan, kill them…

Days passed and Swasan spent romantic moments with each other, they tried to adjust in the small hut with love, while the goons were checking every corner of Mumbai.. Shekhar’s anger was increasing day by day, he used to remove all his anger on Sharmishta by beating her..

One day,
Swara and Sanskaar were spending some romantic moments when the goons reached there, Swasan were shocked to see them..
One of the goon removes his gun and points at Swara, but Sanskaar comes in between and takes the bullet..

Swara wakes up with a jerk.. Yes it was her dream..
Sanskaar(caresses her face)- Shona, what happened?
Swara doesn’t say anything but hugs him tightly and cries..
Swara(breaks the hug and cries)- Sanskaar, those goons, they had come here.. They were going to…
Sanskaar(keeps his finger on hers)- Shh, calm down(hugs her) nothing has happened, it was a dream, just a dream..
In this way Swara always used to get such dreams but Sanskaar was always there to calm her down.. Swara now stitches clothes to earn money, while Sanskaar has opened a tea stall.. They both work very hard to earn money..

One day,
Shekhar’s goons see Sanskaar selling tea.. But they wonder where is Swara…
So one of the goon calls Shekhar and tell him about it..
Shekhar- Keep a watch at him, where he goes, what he does and find out where is Swara and where they live..

For a few days the goon keeps a watch on Sanskaar. And while keeping a watch at him, he comes to know that Swasan live in a hut and that Swara stitches clothes to earn money while Sanskaar has opened a tea stall..
When they tell this to Shekhar, he orders him to kill them!

So one day when both Swasan were at home, two goons came in diguise of guests..
Swara went to the kitchen to get something for them to drink, but when she came out she saw Sanskaar in pool of blood, and the goons have gone because the villagers had seen them with a gun and threatened them to call the police, so they could not kill Swara…
Swara goes to Sanskaar and makes his head rest on her lap..
Sanskaar(breathes heavily)- Swa..Swara..gi..give..mee a..pro..promise…th..that..u..wi..will..no..not..be..become.. wea..weak..but..stay..stro..strong..and..fulf..fulfill..ur…dre…dreams..pro..promise..mee.
Swara(gets teary eyed)- Yes Sanskaar.. I will do it for u.. I will live for u.. But plz don’t leave me.. Please..
Sanskaar(smiles)- I..lo..love..uu..Swa..Swara..
And he breathed his last..
Swara cried out loud to him but now he had already left him..
Today Swara is a great fashion designer, but still she has not forgotten her Sanskaar who taught her to live… She loves him still the way she used to before…

I hope u liked it.. Sorry if it was boring, all comments are welcomed😊 Sorry if I wasted ur time.. Meet u in the comments sections…

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