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Summary:- Twinkle is working in Kunj’s office. One day they have a meeting where kunj told Twinkle to act as his wife. Where then one day Kunj proposes Twinkle one day saying that she was his life and if she was not there then he will die. Twinkle accepts Kunj’s proposal. Then they go to Aer-Four seasons hotel and they spend all time with each other.

Recap: Twinj liplock.


The next day morning Twinkle comes to office. She finds no one there. She then calls Kunj and asked why there was no one in the office and why he also was not there.

Kunj(coughing): No Twinkle there is no office today. It’s leave for everyone.

Twinkle who heard Kunj coughing and talking: Kunj are you fine? Y r u coughing so much?

Kunj: No twinkle it’s nothing. Just slight f3ver and cough. U don’t worry.

Twinkle: How can I not worry? Wait I’ll come.

Kunj:Ok! Saying this he cut the call and said My plan is successful now!

After half an hour Twinkle reaches Kunj’s home. She enters the house where she saw no one was there where she was calling Kunj’s name out. But then she didn’t get any answer.

Where she was passing through the rooms where someone pull her into the room. She didn’t understand what was happening now. She then realised that it was Kunj who pulled into the room and it is the same Kunj who is kissing her on her lips passionately! After a few minutes he took his lips off hers. He then hugged her and whispered Happy Birthday Darling 🎂🎂🎂!!!

Precap: Twinkle to be mesmerized by Kunj’s giftðŸŽ�ðŸŽ�ðŸŽ�

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