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EK TARFA PYAAR {one sided love}

She was standing their from hours without moving an inch and was watching the most dreadful site, the marriage of her love, yes her love was marrying someone else, she was broken yet happy because he was happy…
So what if she didnt got her love
So what if they are not together
So what if he doesnt reciprocate the same love for her
So what if he love someone less
So what if he marries someone else
So what……
She has will and always love him till her DEATH
Yes death; although she was strong she cannot see him being someone else so it is the only way for her….. DEATH

She was standing in front of a cliff ready to give upon her life reminiscing her happy moments when she felt a hand on her shoulder stopping her from jumping in darkness
She turned and was surprise to see….


(Well if you want to know what happens further will she die or have a inspiration to live with her love still intact for him read further)

Guys those who are on wattpad you can read it their also as it gets uploaded faster
My wattpad id is “poota1234”

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