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EK TARFA PYAAR {one sided love} chapter 3

After 6 months….

Shona’s p.o.v


Its been six months when my LOVE got married and when my dreams got shattered….

But the pain and the heartache are still fresh it everytime gets wounded when I recall of our moments together but still a small part of my heart is happy and satisfied knowing that he is happy….

After I returned from the cliff with my small inspirational conversation with MR MAHESHWARI… I didnt have the strength to face my love so I directly went to my house…
But I am still confused over few things…
What did he (sanskar) meant by ek aur??

I didn’t saw him after that night… Maybe bcoz of I left the city with my mom

Yeah I cant live their knowing i would hurt myself everyday when I see them together so I left my grandparents place with my mom ( after my fathers death..Me and my mom used to stay with my grandparents) and shifted to New York I got the job of assistant manager in a well reputed company and have a good pay enough for me and my mom to live our life in all luxurious way…

Shona’s p.o.v ends

Shona’s mom(SM): shona dear hurry up!!! You are getting late for the office…

Shona: yeah mom.. Just a minute….
(And then she gets ready and leaves for the office )

After office

Shona’s p.o.v

It was really a tiring day and as usual boring…

After office I wanted a strong black coffee to ease the headache so I went to the famous Zara’s cafe nearby… as I was heading towards the counter I dashed with someone and was about to fall but before that two strong hands holds my waist and prevents me…

My eyes were closed due to the fear but when I opened it I got shocked to see the person it was none other than…..


Yeah a cliffhanger…. I really love to end the chapters in suspense😜
Well lets guess who is this and what will happen in her life.:.
Till then
Comment😉(which you guyss barely do I am really disappointed by it.. If you wont comment your views how will I get to know that whether you like the storyline or not… Well the next chapter will depend on the response if not forget about it)

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