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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Before saachi and Aryan leave Viren’s house, Chandra asks Aryan to not punish Saachi for their mistake during marriage. Aryan fumes. Kusum says Sethia family is famous for respecting their bahus and why will they punish Saachi. While traveling in car, Saachi tries to speak to Aryan and jokes with him that he was very jovial with Tanu and Vaibhav. Aryan says her aunt insulted again. Saachi asks not to think much about Chandra’s words. Aryan asks why his family is always insulted and looked suspiciously and warns her if his family is insulted agian, he will not keep quiet. They both reach home. Neelima asks who was their trip. Aryan says it went well. Saachi goes towards her room. Neelima asks why he is looking sad. Aryan says nothing, he enjoyed a lot at his


in-laws. He silently leaves. Neelima says Priyanka something is wrong, Aryan’s words and expressions were not matching. Priyanka says he looked happy. Neelima says she knows well Aryan more than her.

Saachi goes to her room and is surprised to see all her room’s things in this room. She happily thanks Aryan. Aryan says his family keeps their promise and not like her family who breaks promise. She stands sadly. He leaves.

Sushanth and Priyanka think Aryan and Saachi’s behavior is very suspicious. Nishanth and Neeti play carrom and says it is not enjoyable without Aryan and let us call them. Priyanka says they must be asleep. They say they are not and walk towards Saachi and Aryan’s room. Saachi and Aryan’s argument starts again Saachi says if they cannot forget the past, how will they live life peacefully. He shouts her family can forget and move on after many mistakes, but his family cannot. Priyanka, Nishanth, Neeti and Nishanth hear their argument standing near door and try to walk back, but Nishanth slips and falls into Saachi and Aryan’s room. They both are shocked. Aryan asks what is this. Nishanth apologizes and says Neeti pushed her in. Priyanka asks why were they fighting. Aryan says Saachi wants cold coffee after dinner and he was suggesting black coffee. Priyanka says green tea. Diwakar from downstairs asks what fell. Saachi asks Nishanth why did he slip into her room, she will inform babasa and walks out. Aryan pulls her and she falls on him. Their eyes lock. Priyanka and Sushanth alerts them. Saachi tells Diwakar that something fell in her room while keeping it. Sarita comes and takes Diwakar from there. Nishanth thanks Saachi for saving him. Saachi sys she was joking and shakes hi fi with Priyanka and Neeti. Priyanka says Saachi is jovial like her and says keep it up. They all walk out. Nishanth says Saachi jovial like him. Priyanka says like her. Aryan thanks Saachi for handling issue.

Viren and Kusum look at marriage pics. Kusum says Saachi is looking very pretty, if anyone saw such a pretty bride. Viren says he saw one in his marriage. Kusum gets shy. Vaibhav coughs and says if their romance is done, they should select pics and show them to Sethia family also to make a photo album. Viren says okay then he will go. Kusum says what will they think. He says if he feels wrong, he will not go next time.

Neeti and Nishanth show Saachi house rooms. Sarita tells Saaachi adapted well to their family so soon. Neelima says she took one month and could not speak. Prabhath says when she spoke, everyone were afraid. Family’s jovial attitude continues. Mansoor comes and informs Viren has come. Prabhath and Diwakar get angry seeing Viren. Viren apologizes them.

Precap: Neighbor lady tells Sethia family that they are so lucky to get such a rich bahu who brought so much dowry. They all fume.

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