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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sethia family is very happy after Sushanth gets a 30-crore worth contract. Aryan, Nishanth, and Neeti plan Sushanth and Priyanka’s marriage anniversary surprise. Saachi tells Aryan that she needs to speak. Aryan says they will later, but first they will plan bhaisa and bhabhisa’s anniversary first. At Viren’s house, Mala insists Viren that she should go to Saachi’s house right now and get Karan’s pic and starts coughing. Viren asks her to rest, he will go with Sonu, makes Sonu wear sweater, and takes him along.


Aryan, Nishanth, and Neeti prepare a presentation for Sushanth and Priyanka’s anniversary and discuss that next year they will celebrate it lavishly, but this time due to financial constraints, they will celerbate it in a simple

way. Nishanth says yes. Sushanth comes and asks Aryan to give his laptop as his laptop is not working. Aryan deletes presentation, gives laptop and says he can use it till his laptop gets repaired. Nishanth asks why did he delete presentation. Aryan says they can remake presentation, but not deny bhaisa. Saachi thinks Aryan trusts Sushanth so much, she should discuss with Sushanth first.

Sarita reads ramayan and tells after banvas Ramji and Seetaji’s lives were not same, they had to face lots of problems thereon. Neelima reminisces Panditji telling Aryan and Saachi’s jodi is strong like ramji and seetaji. She feels guilty for thinking wrong about Saachi. She goes to room and scribes that Saachi and Aryan’s relationship should never break. Nishanth comes and snatches book to check and tears it in the process. Neelima scolds him. He says bhaisa and bhabisa’s names separated. Neelima gets tensed and prays god that nothing should happen to Saachi and Aryan’s relationship.

Viren with Sonu comes to Sethia bhavan. Mansoor greets him and asks to come in. Viren says he will wait outside and asks him to send Saachi out. Mansoor goes in. Sona goes and touches burning coal. Viren rushes to him. Priyanka sees Sonu and applies him ointment tempting him with chocolate. Mansoor informs Saachi that her father has come with someone and is waiting outside. Saachi worriedly rushes. Aryan asks her to slow down and tries to chat, but Saachi leaves. She goes out and sees Sonu with Priyanka and Sushanth passing by, hopes Sonu does not see Sushanth. Sushanth leaves. Priyanka asks Saachi who is this cute boy. Saachi says a woman whom papa is helping and tells Sushanth is waiting for her as he got 30-crore contract. Priyanka happily rushes in. Viren asks Saachi to give Karan’s pic. Saachi says her phone fell from car and broke down. Viren dissappointedly says Maya’s faith is ill and walks with Sonu. Sonu calls her caachi mausi and leaves. Saachi prays god to help her protect this truth until she speaks to Suhanth.

Precap: Viren tells Mala that they will get a sketch artist from police to sketch Karan’s face. Diwakar tells Sushanth that Priyanka prepared his favorite sweets, she is perfect life partner for Sushanth. Saachi hears that and gets worried for Mala.

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