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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Diwakar tells Aryan and Saachi that he had to take decision of selling house without informing them. Aryan says he knows babasa will always take a right decision. At Viren’s house, Viren happily cooks in kitchen. Mala’s son chats with him and asks to him to teach cooking. Viren shows him spices. Mala says she did not see him so happy till now. He says his happiness is obvious after knowing that his daughter got a perfect life partner. Mala gets sad. Viren says soon she will find her Karan soon. Mala asks if she can call him baba/father. Viren looks at Kusum and says sure, he will feel he got another Saachi.


Saachi tries to help Priyanka in kitchen. Sarita asks her to go and rest and asks Priyanka to do her work. Aryan signals her. She asks Neelima

if she can help her. Neelima says no, as Sarita told, she would go and rest. Saachi feels sad. Aryan goes and tells Sarita that he got hurt in Goa as he fought with goons and it is not Saachi’s mistake. Sarita says he cleared himself and is worried about his wife, but what about their feelings. Aryan feels sad, he goes up and stands sadly in front of his room. Saachi consoles him that maasa is more hurt and is in pain, they have to calm her down. Priyanka comes and tells Aryan that babasa is calling him. He leaves. She asks Saachi to peel peas. Saachi says maasa will feel bad. Priyanka says she will not tell maasa.

Aryan meets Diwakar who tells some Rajgadia from Mumbai is coming next week to inspect their haveli and if he likes it he will buy it. Aryan says he will go and pick Rajgadia from airport and takes his number. Saachi peels peas and goes to inform Priyanka that she kept peads in her room. Aryan comes and tells her about Rajgadia coming to inspect house and they should stop it. They plan to calm Sarita’s anger next.

Aryan acts as scolding Saachi loudly in front of family and drags her down. Diwakar asks what is happening, leave Saachi’shand. Aryan says maasa ordered Saachi not to do household chores, but she peeled peas. Diwakar says this is also Saachi’s house and she can do whatever she likes, nobody will stop her, pointing at Sarita. Rajgadia comes and says he had some work in Jaipur and came 1 week earlier to see haveli. Diwakar shows him whole haveli and introduces his family. Rajgadia likes house a lot and says he wanted to buy similar haveli and asks Diwakar to show him papers during their next meeting. Diwakar gets tensed. Prabhath says they will show him papers and send him. He tells Diwakar that he will go and get papers from Viren. Neelima yells this is their house and they have right to sell, Viren via his sister provoked them to sell their house. Saachi and Aryan sadly watch from balcony.

Precap: Diwakar tells family that he gave house papers to Viren, so he will go and bring them.

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