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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Saachi informs Viren about Diwakar’s heart attack and him being admitted in the hospital. He tells family that he will go to hospital. Chandra asks him not to go, else they will insult him again and may create problems for Saachi. Aryan and Saachi pack their bag and rushes towards hospital. Aryan asks taxi driver to speed up. Saachi asks him to relax, nothing will happen to babasa. Sarita and Mansoor are seen praying god for Diwakar.

At hospital, Neelima brainwashes Sarita that Diwakar’s condition is because of Saachi’s family, since marriage, they are repeateldy insulting them, till when Diwakar will bear insult. Prabhath hears her and warns her to keep her mouth shut and speak seeing the situation. He gets a call from office and says he will

come. He informs Sushanth that income tax people have come for inspection at office and they both need to rush there. Viren reaches with Vaibhav and says they can go to office, they will stay here. Sarita sees Viren and lashes him that Diwakar’s condition is because of him and if something happens to Diwakar, she will not spare him. Saachi and Aryan also reach hospital. Doc comes and informs that Diwakar’s condition is stable now. They all relax. Prabhath and Sushanth leave for hospital.

Neelima takes Aryan aside and tries to brainwash him that Diwakar got heart attack after Chandra insulted their family and demanded to return loan, he could not bear the insult. Aryan silently hears and asks Sarita why did she lose calm when she does not at all. He asks Neelima to take mom home and rest. Neelima asks what happend to his forehead. He says he got a minor scratch and fixed bandage as a safety and asks them to go and rest at home, he is with babasa here. Viren on the other side tells Saachi that Neelima provoked Chandra and forced her to talk about loan, but Chandra did not tell tto return loan. She brainwashed Diwakar and Diwakar got a heart attack after this. Saachi hugs and cries. Aryan comes and aplogizes him on his family’s behalf and says he is so good, but family misunderstood and insulted him repeatedly. Viren says their families are one and he is not angry on anyone. Aryan hugs him emotionally. He hugs both Aryan and Saachi next and says they have to save Sethia bhavan now.

Nurse informs that their patient is awake now. Aryan goes and meets Diwakar. Diwakwar tries to get up. Aryan helps. Diwakar stumbles. Viren comes and holds his hand. Diwakar gets angry seeing him.

Precap: Neelima brainwashes Sarita that Aryan got injured because of Saachi. Sarita scolds Saachi if she does not care about Aryan. Aryan takes Saachi’s side and asks to scold him and not Saachi.

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