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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Viren goes home and asks Chandra why did she argue with Neelima. Chandra says Neelima provoked her and she spoke only at last. Kusum says Jiji is right. Viren says if he had known all this, he would have confronted Diwakar. Chandra yells how can Diwakar be so foolish and listen to Neelima, she does not know how Saachi is staying there and tolerating their torture. O the other side, Diwakar says he made mistake by making this alliance and accepting Saachi as bahu.


Aryan and Saachi’s romance continues. Aryan says after returning home, he will clear all the diferences between families and he will apologize his in-laws. She says no need for that as her parents are not angry on him. He says he will. Their romantic nok jhok continues. Saachi says Priyanka was right,

couple forget their differences during honeymoon and reunite. She then mimics him limping. He touches her feet and asks where she is hurting and wiggles her.

Viren prays god to keep Saachi happy. Kusum consoles him not to worry, nothing will happen to their daughter. At Sethia bhavan, Prabath sits tensely with Daadi and children. Neelima suggests him to mortgage house to bank, at least they would not hear Viren family’s taunts. Prabhath warns her to stop giving her lame ideas. Nishanth and Neeti tell they cannot think of living in another house, they are born and grew up here. Diwakar with Sarita comes and hears their conversation.

Sushanth tells Priyanka that after selling haveli, they will repay Viren’s loan and will buy apartment from remaining money. They will buy it near office, so that he does not have to waste time. As soon as she calls him for meals, he can easily come. Diwakar on the other side tells Sarita that because of him, his family has to leave this house. His grandfather, father, him and all were born in this house, he will be guilty for getting his family out of this house. Sushanth tells Priyanka that he will miss this house, though seeing apartment amenities, he will eventually foret this haveli. Priyanka consoles him. Diwark continues feeling guilty and gets a heart attack. Sarita worriedly calls family. Whole family rushes towards him. Sushanth calls doctor.

In Goa, Aryan says if babasa sees this T-shirt, he will get heart fail. Saachi says babasa will look good if he walks wearing this T-shirt in the morning. He says no…She says she will give it to Nishanth then and will buy something else for Babasa. Priyanka calls her and Saachi tells herr that she was right, couple get closer during honeymoon. Priyanka says Babasa is not well and they should come home soon. Saachi informs Aryan.

Precap: Neelima brainwashes Sarita that Diwakar’s condition is because of Saachi’s parents. Sarita shouts at Viren that he is responsible for Diwakar’s condition.

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