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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aryan insists that he will go to Kasauli on a business trip. Diwakar says he should go on a honeymoon trip first. Prabhath says they will send manager and if deal is good, they will go. Diwakar says okay and asks Aryan to go and get ready. Mansoor sees Sushant tensed and asks if he did not forget Kasauli. Sushanth says he had, but suddenly he felt as if his past has returned, he does not know if it was his imagination or he really saw Mala. Mansoor says Priyanka is his present and he should be loyal to her Sushanth goes into flashback and reminisces how he met Mala during his Kasauli vacation and lied that his name is Karan. She thinks he is a driver and they both fall in love. He returns back to Jaipur and does not go back.


Mala tells same story to Viren’s

family. Viren asks if her husband did not return after that and if she did not try to reach him. She says she tried to come here many times, but did nnot get any chance and got a chance this time. He says she brought up her child alone.

Neeti sees Aryan and Saachi’s marriage album and tells Nishanth that a girl was behind her always, she will inform parents about this. He asks not to. Neelima enters room with hicchups. Prabath gives her water. She says she is getting hiccups since Aryan and Saachi’s marriage, so she wants to get their kundalis checked again by panditji, what if their qualities don’t match well as problems creeped up after Saachi came to their house. Prabhath scolds that he is not telling anything, that does not mean she can talk rubbish. Neelima then goes Sarita and tells her same. Sarita warns her to stop her rubbish and change her filthy thoughts.

Aryan and Saachi reach Goa resort. Aryan behaves weird while Saachi tries to cheer him up. Priyanka calls Saachi and asks her to enjoy her honeymoon well. Saachi clicks Aryan’s pics and tries to cheer him up. He shouts he came here on babasa’s insistence and to stop her family from finding fault always with his family. Saachi stands sadly.

Neelima goes to panditji and asks him to check Saachi and Aryan’s kundali. Panditji says they after marriage, he cannot. She insists. He checks and says their Kundalis match like Ramji and Seetaji. Neelima gets happy and says that means Saachi will be behind Aryan always and walk along him. Chandra comes there and yells why she matched kundali after marriage and badmouths about her. Neelima says she will not listen to her rubbish like Diwakar and Sarita listen and will confront her. Chandra takes out loan topic and says whole Jaipur knows about it and what thier status is now. Neelima fumes and confronts. Chandra continues lashing her. Neelima leaves angrily.

Aryan standing aside road fumes that Saachi did not utter anything as it was her family’s fault. A few bikers speed up rashly. Aryan stops them and asks why are they driving rashly. They challenge Aryan to teach them then. Saachi comes and hears their conversation.

Precap: Aryan with Saachi races with goon boys. One of them kicks bike and they both fall down. Diwakar tells family that he has decided to sell their house to repay Viren’s loan.

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