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Ek Haseena Thi (Beauty and The Beast) Part 1


Hey guys, I’m back with the first episode and the votes are down below.
Plz don’t be disappointed if he’s not the actor you chose but plz give this ff a chance as i think you’ll like it.


Spring Time 2001…
Inside a club, 2 girls are shown…

Girl 1: Wow this places age limit drops to 16 and the whole of Goa shows up.
Girl 2: Well never underestimate the power of modern day kids. Word spreads fast. Our Hot New Lawyer.
(Yes she is revealed to be our Rags.)
Ragini: You want me to work ur shift don’t u?
Girl 2: Nahii.
Ragini: Haaa.
Girl 2: Shayyad (maybe).
Ragini: Go I don’t have much to do tonight anyway.
Girl 2: If I ever get arrested I know who to ask for help. Love u.
Ragini: Yaar Bhagwan!! Meri gaadi ab rukh ni thi??? ( Oh God my car had to break down now??)
Dials Phone.
Hi, mum…
Ragini: I am soo sorry that I had to call u here at this time.
Mum: Ur lucky I answered my phone or dad would have killed u right now,literally.
Ragini: No it wasn’t luck you always come running when I need you. That’s why I love you.
A car pulls up.
Mum: Honey get in the car.
Ragini: Why.
Mum: I said get in the car.
The men step out and shoot my mum right in the chest.
I run into the jungle while they shoot at me I fell down and they surrounded me.
Ragini: Plz leave me. Plz..
He lifts his gun to shoot at me but something attacks him.
It comes closer to me I can see the face it looks like a man but his eyes are yellow…
—————————————————————————————————“Everyone told me it was a wild animal a wolf a bear, that the thing I had just seen was just the result of my concussion or post dramatic stress. You know, the men who killed my mother were beasts and I believed them… Until now…
Present day.
Ragini is seen driving a police car and stops outside a cinema.
Policeman: Hey detective, What do u think you’re doing?
Ragini: Shows badge and says just give me 5 minutes.
She runs in and goes up to a man.
She kisses him.
Ragini: Sorry I’m late Karthik.
Karthik: So u didn’t get my text…
Interrupted by a girl who says: Karthik baby lets go.
Ragini: Karthik baby???
Karthik: Look it was all good at first but know I just don’t feel that spark you know..
Ragini: No, I don’t know. You know what. Security!
Flashes her badge and tells the officer that Karthik has a gun on him.
Her phone rings.
Ragini: Khanna…
—————————————————————————————————Scene shifts.
Swara: Should have kicked him. Mimics the sparks are gone. So what he was in it just for the spark?
Ragini: Swara even I didn’t feel the spark. In fact, I never felt it.
Swara: You have a blindspot for a*es. All men are a*es which is why I am on a man strike and you should go on one 2.
Ragini: So you can be my date for my dad’s wedding.
Enters a crime scene.
Swara: 102 got a call off her cell at 9:51 tonight and no recording.
Ragini: A light trauma to her head. No wallet, No ID and No Keys.
Swara: Could be a robbery-homicide.
Ragini: And leave back an Armani? You know how much this costs?
Swara: No and no robber knew it was an Armani.
Police officer: I knew.
Ragini: It’s a too public place to rob and kill someone.
Officer: And this is a 5-star hotel.
Swara: Okay can we get some 5-star service and see some CCTV footage. Is that possible? Oh great.
Ragini looks painfully at the dead women’s body.

Abhi (Their boss.) : An injured women walks into a hotel and no-one even notices. Gotta love Kolkatta. So where is our villain?
Ragini: That we don’t know but we identified the victim as Kavya Singhania, not a hotel guest.
Swara: Hey boss, Google says she is the editor of Femina magazine.
Abhi: Did she have a husband,boyfriend,fiance??
Ragini: Married to Sidharth Singhania, a fashion photographer. They were a page 11 power couple.
Abhi: So where is Mr Page.11.
Swara: Haven’t been able to track him down.
Takes an evidence bag.
Ragini: But we have been able to get prints off her zip.
Abhi: Looking at the evidence, get me the results. Walks away.
Swara: mimics.
Next day.
Crime office.
Ragini: Hey we’ve got a match and it’s not Mr Page 11.
His name’s Lakshya…Lakshya Taneja.
Abhi: What are his priors.
Swara: None. He’s military.
Ragini: He’s dead.. Lakshya Taneja MD killed in India 2001….

SO that’s the end of the first part.
How did you like it and plz leave your comments down below.
and our Varun fans don’t be diappointed as Sansku’s entry will be shown next update.

What do you guys think about our dear Namish Taneja returning as Abhimanyu?
And the split between SwaSan?

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