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Ek Duje Ke Liye – Shivika FF by lijince (Part I)

Hi Ishqbaazians…..this is my first Fan fiction…..and I am excited that it is Ishqbaaz that I have chosen…..
I try to read almost all the FFs and OSs in Ishqbaaz….but I was truly inspired by Ae Dil Hai Mushkil by Monique, Jab thak hai jaan by Maya or Pragya, and Kuch Rang Bahara by Maria Rebecca….so let’s see how it goes…fingers crossed!!
Friends….I am starting with the precap shown on Saturday….it’s the great Shivay Singh Oberoi’s sangeet ceremony….Shivay can’t bear the proximity of Daksh and Anika…. And when Daksh says Anika will tell if she has a problem to marry him…Shivay gets furious and says ‘Anika has said NO…and a NO means NO….”
Now, here goes the FF…
In front of the Oberoi Mansion, an Audi car (you can imagine any car you want….Audi is my choice….maybe big shots like Rana family will be using something more expensive than Audi) comes to halt and Mallika and Sidharth step out of the car….Mallika is wearing a lemon green gown with golden embroidery….and Sidharth in a lemon green tuxedo suit!!
They smile at each other….Mallika gets hold of Sidharth’s hands and together they walk into the Oberoi Mansion. They reach the hall and see that Shivaye is holding Anika’s hands and arguing with somebody…they look at each other with ‘what-is-happening’ look….
Sid: (Eyeing Daksh) What is he doing here?
Mallika: Who Sid?
Sid: He…Daksh….the person with whom Shivay is arguing…
Mallika: Oh…Daksh…he’s Shivay’s childhood friend…you know him??
Sid: He’s our architect for our new office in New York…remember after my last visit to NY, I talked about an ambitious architect….well, he’s the guy!
Mallika: Ah…yes…he’s the one!
“ANIKA”…they hear Shivay’s voice and turn around to see Anika storming out of the hall….
Mallika calls ‘Shivay’ and walk towards him….Sidharth follows her….
Shivay who was about to go behind Anika turns back and sees Mallika and Sidharth….he pretends to smile at them….Mallika comes and hugs Shivay….Sidharth shakes hands with Shivay and they exchange formal greetings with other family members….
Sid comes to Daksh and asks him…”Hi…I didn’t know you are part of family”
Daksh: Yeah….Shivay and I are childhood friends….I didn’t know that you were related to Oberoi family…
Sid: Yeah….family friends and business rivals….my wife Mallika…
Daksh: I know Sidharth….I didn’t know you were husband to Mallika…
They both laugh…
Meanwhile Mallika to Shivay..’What’s happening Shivay?? Why are you having fight with Daksh?? And what happened to Anika? Did you again hurt her feelings?’
Shivay looks on but he cudn’t find the right words…’No…I don’t know….I have to talk to her’
Mallika stops him and says….”Not now Shivay…it’s your Sangeet and all guests are watching you….you stay here…I will go and see”
Shivay looks at Mallika and she nods her head in assurance…
‘Shivay Baby….can you come for a minute?’ Tia calls Shivay and he goes to see Tia.
Mallika looks at Sidharth and signs him that she is going to the other side….Sidharth nods….
Mallika goes inside and searches for Anika….she finds her near the poolside…Anika was crying with hands over her mouth….she was trying hard to control her tears but in vain….
Mallika sits near Anika….Anika….what happened?? Why are you crying??
Anika looks at Mallika and hugs her tightly and starts crying….
Mallika pacifies her….”Stop crying Anika….and tell me what happened….”
Anika controls her crying and starts explaining to Mallika the events from the starting with Tia’s marriage photo, the stalking incidents, how Shivay misunderstood her intentions, the money Shivay gave through Tia for her services, and Daksh’s proposal for marrying him…
Mallika sat calm for a few minutes after listening to the whole story….by now, Anika had completely stopped crying, her tears had dried off and she was looking somewhere in the deep blue water….
Mallika took Anika’s hand in her hands and asked her…’So tell me what you think of Daksh’s proposal?? You like Daksh?’
Anika was startled with that question….she thought atleast Mallika will understand her feelings!
Mallika smiled…’I know your feelings for Shivay Anika….but when both of you are not ready to accept your feelings towards each other, then I don’t think you should be thinking about him….and Shivay is all set to marry Tia…Tia is married or not is a different situation….but I think you should think about moving on and think about Daksh’s proposal….!


Anika looks on….she reminisces Shivay calling her obsessed, Daksh telling her that he will wait for her, Shivay telling her that she should not hear her heart and move on in life, Shivay coming to rescue her, dance with Shivay at the sangeet….tears fill her eyes!!

Well friends, today only this much is possible….I wanted to bring Mallika back to Oberoi Mansion….as we all know Mallika knows Shivay better than him….please please please write your comments – negative and positive – so that I can improve in the next episode….
I know this chapter was less of Shivika…. But I promise you I will bring them back next time…pardon for the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes…will take care next time!!

Precap: Sidharth tells Mallika….’But how can Anika marry Daksh?? Daksh is already married….”


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