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DYM – Connection from pst Memory 9

Hiee all back with my memory ride… Sorry was not able to comment on Let me live… Pls do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me… Love u all…

Enjoy the ride….


Sam was guiding all and they reached the considerable height of the mountain.. She murmured ; hmmm it has changed but even now i am able to get it good job samuktha….. she patted her shoulders. Neil was all exhausted and teji was crawling and coming. Ardhika were coming but radhika was picking arjun as he was totally exhausted.

Arjun; radhika easy handle me like feather ok and dont shake my glass. She rolls her eyes and shouts; for heaven sake shut up u arjun. Can u say me am i a girl or a load woman taking unwanted bundle…… she dropped him over the ground and he fell down with a thud. Sakthi who was witnessing was laughing hard looking at his master’s helplessness. Arjun rubbed his back and slowly stood up and gave one mocking look and goes to neil to speak…….

The work started and all are searching for the remains of the kingdom and sam who knew where it is showed as if it was discovered. It was a engravement in the stone. Karthika took pictures of the stone and sam was smiling wide with proud tears. It was about neil and arjun she knew what was that but neil who was looking at that was looking keenly and at once he ran down and shouted all to come there. Sam was so happy she too ran back ardhika took shakthi and teji and karthika was also rushing back. He drove with the high speed and they reached a place an abandon place which was a remaining part of the castle the heart of the magadh. Ardika reached a bit late.

Neil proceeded towards the place. Teji called him but sam held his hand and nodded not to with teary eyes. Neil was looking over the place and slowly he starts to see things…..


It was a beautiful country… the generosity of the king made the kingdom more wealthy. All were so happy with the rule of the kingdom. It was the biggest day of the kingdom. The day where they will exhibit the talents and valor of the kingdom…. this was an most important day of the kingdom as every year that day the new soldiers who have trained and qualified for the army will show their ability and their passion and there the best warrior of magadh will be selected….

That year was a most awaited year coz the two important soldiers are coming to join the force…. the announcement made calling out the names and the whole podium shaken when one name is called.

Announcement ; here is the next exhibit from the new commando in chief…..Neelkanteshwar……… all were shouting calling by his name eashwar…. eashwar……eashwar…… he came in the horse and that was a pure white horse….. he had big javelins in both his hand and he from the corner of the big arena he threw it over and exactly the javelin speared the target point. The whole place was shaken by the applause…..

King felt so proud and announced that he will be the next commando in chief for the country and will take in charge by presenting him a sword as a token of appreciation…..

Announcement; next exhibit is by one of the great archers of the country…. he is noted as eagle by his master….. the great soldier and his faithful horse….. arjun and shakthi….. eashwar smiled wide after all they were kith and kin…..

The sound of the horse made the whole place silent…. slowly a cute little girl whonwas sitting next to the king peeped out and her anklet made a sound when she stepped out and stood near the compound wall of their dais….. she saw the most majestic…. one of the best soldier of the entire kingdom….

He was wearing a golden colour dhothi and his arrow pouch was behind him and he pulled one of the arrow….. with really big distant he shoot an arrow and that blasted a bag which contained flower petals which fell over the princess and the king….. she stretched her hand and was looking up and enjoying the shower and the king was so happy to see his pride his daughter happy…..

Arjun came and shakthi raised his front legs and at once the young woman in the place skipped their heart beat to look at his sharp eyes and the way he walked to the dais where the royal people were being seated…….

He bowed down and king picked him and saw him with full pride…..
King ; u r the best soldier of the entire magadh and today u made ur father and me proud here take this….. and gave a sword which had swastik symbol.

The king gave the sword and the whole arena shouted arjun….arjun…..arjun….. and he turned and saw the whole people who were chanting his name. He smiled big and saw the king who was looking at him with full pride….

Slowly a cute girl peeped out and saw him so close and he saw her…… at that time both had their hearts to skip a beat and immediately he turned and bowed and turned to leave. He unknowingly smiled but he did not know that she was smiling at his back…..he jumped up and rubbed shakthi’s neck and shakthi started to run.

Sarvesh the relative of the king and also a king of the neighboring kingdom saw shakthi and he wanted to have that as chsriot horse…. but little did he know that arjun will not accept that……

Days passed…. Suddenly the enemy country attacked the outskirt city of magadh… Eashwar *Neelkanteshwar was popularly known as eashwar) with his sena (his troop of soldiers) protected the entrance of the city.. He gave Arjun in charge to guard the royal people… Arjun at once pounced over shakthi and headed towards the palace to make sure that all are safe… He was so determined that even if his life was at stake he will protect the king and the royal people…..

But their calculation made a miss the enemy troop entered the city in the name of outsiders and they entered the royal palace to capture the royal woman and to take them as captive to their city and to make them as permanent slaves for….

Arjun entered the place where the queen and other royal woman were living no one was supposed to enter the place but a sudden scream made him enter the place… His anger was at peak when he saw the scene. His love his woman whom he truly loved was being pulled brutally by one of the soldier of the enemy country… Arjun at once took his sword and first cut was the hand which held her and the next slice was the head of that person…. Radha the princess of magadh was hell scared and she saw him with teary eyes… She wanted to hug him but that will make him a kingdom’s biggest sinner….

He kneeled down and saw her and she was still sobbing…

Arjun ; princess pls dont worry till im alive nothing will happen to you…That was the minute she totally trusted him and she nodded her head but still she was in her fear… He was about to move but radha held his hand and pleaded ; can u pls stay with me ?? I am scared….. Arjun smiled at her but immediately made his face straight and said ; princess trust me that please i will not leave u and i will promise u that…u please stay in ur dorm i will make sure that no one is coming near u…She nodded and he left her in her dorm and asked her to lock it inside unless otherwise it was her known person… She nodded but she was scared.. He read her face and said princess i am there till my last breathe i will protect u….

Precap – The war…… Neelkateshwar is seriously injured….. Samuktha takes care of Eashwar…. their love story……

Thats it guys.Sorry for a small update….. from now on we will see the past which happened to Ardhika and Nesam then what is sarvesh upto… Hope all are happy with the story line… Thank u all and do comment and vote… Love u all and dont forget to smile…..

U all can see all my works in wattpad as well…The title of this ff is connection from past…..

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