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DYM – Connection from past Memory 8

Hiee all here is the next part of the memory ride… pls do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me….

Enjoy the ride…


There was a snoring sound……….. sam was sitting outside her tent and looking at neil who was snoring and sleeping and teji is sleeping next to Neil and ardhika were sleeping over Shakthi’s stomach and karthika is sleeping with her in her tent they had a camp fire and sam turned and looking at the river and it was a full moon day. Her thoughts got rewind back to the kingdom time..


Arjun was holding his one hand over his sword and the other holding his princess. Radha was struggling with a big dress which she was wearing. She picked that in one hand and the other holding arjun tight. She with a struggle asked him ; worrier where are u taking me . Arjun turned to her and she who was busy looking down and walking dashed over him and looked up. He was sparking in the full moon light.

Arjun with a plain stair ; can u please call me arjun princess ?? She shrinks her eyes and said its radha for u how many times to say ?? So how many times to say that call me arjun radha, arjun retorted back. She mumbled sorry inside her breathe and arjun bend down to her face and husked what did u said ?? Radha who was bending her face did not see arjun so near keeping her eyes down said i said im sorry arjun and she raised her head and saw him so close and she was looking straight into his eyes in which she lost herself as again and always.

She blushed and again she kept her head down. Arjun smiled and pulled her chin up and slowly wrapped her in her bare skin and pulled her to him a bit close and said u look so cute when u blush i wish to see u like that and close my eyes forever and i will be happy even if i never open it again. She saw him and said do u love me so much?? but i never knew that because whenever i see u i will always notice that u are not looking at me or in ur duty.

Arjun smiled and slowly picked her up in his hands and said ; hold the floating dress i will say how much i love u . She nodded and pulled the extra dress and kept it over her leg and made a ring and kept her head over his chest and looked at him and he saw her with full love.
Radha ; now stop looking like this and because of this i am falling for u again and again. He smiled and pulled her up and kissed her forehead and said ; u asked me how much i love u right? ? Radha nodded and that was making a cling cling sound of her jewelleries. He started to walk and was speaking to her.
Arjun ; hmm well the first time i saw u was when u were 5 years old. Radha’s eyes widened he smiled and nodded and continued ; yup when u were 5 years and at that time i was around 8 i guess that was the first time i saw u . U were wearing a red skirt and orange blouse and the veil was red but u were like a cute little flower when u came running behind by ur brother rudra and he was chasing u when u painted his face and king and queens were laughing seeing u both.
Radha; what were u doing there ??
Arjun replied; i came with my dad. He was the commando in chief and he made me join the training camp for the young students to train them for all the skills of fight. Radha with her innocent eyes husked ; will u teach me to fight i mean i love that sound of ur sword will u teach me ?? Arjun nodded and said ; i will and then shall i continue or not ?? Radha understood and closed her mouth .

Arjun smiled and continued then the next time when i saw u was the time i totally fell in love with u . U dont believe me i was in love with u with ur 5 year old look then u came one day to the talent exhibiting function of our kingdom and i was praying that u should be present there and i should have a glimse of u but when u came and sat on the high stage on the top trust me i instantly fell in love with u soo deeply but i was scared because we will never be together as because of the caste that is i am a soldier and u being a princess.

Radha kept her finger on arjun’s lips and said now no one can separate us coz i love u that is the only thing u will know and i dont want kingdom money power anything just u a simple life with u will u give me ?? Arjun smiled and pulled her to him and made her even close to him and she held his neck so tight and buried herself i to him. They stood like that for sometime and arjun came to sense and pulled her back but she was still in his hand. He smiled and gestured her to see the other side.

There was a boat and that was cutely decorated and she jumped from his hand and he saw her smiling wide. Arjun holding her hand called her come and they went to the boat and he stood inside the boat and held her hand and they were in the middle of the river enjoying the night and splashing the water on their faces and they came back to the shore. They sat on the river bed and Radha made her hands holding in between arjun’s hand and rested her head over his shoulders and he was caressing her head and they were living the moment.

Radha ; arjun…..
Arjun ; hmmm
Radha ; why suddenly here ?? that to today
Arjun ; there is something special which will happen now look and he asked her to see the river. The moon and its reflection was like there were 2 moons up and down and it was like the moon was kissing the river. The midnight time and the scene made a perfect timing for the couple to enjoy the moment.

Radha was mesmerised to see the beauty of the scene and she stood and she was out of words to express what was she feeling she jumped danced and finally held arjun’s hands and twisted and hopping and she was so excited to see the view. Arjun all the time smiling the way he always does and she was lost in the beauty once again.

Suddenly there were few leaves sound a kind of a disturbance. Arjun was immediately alert he held radha and they hid themselves behind the thick bushes of the tree. She was scared and held his chest and closed her eyes tight by holding his shirt tight. Arjun with one hand over her and the other hand on his sword to take it out any time was peeping through the bushes and looking keenly. There was a giggling sound of 2 people . They were there Samuktha and her love Neelkateshwar. Arjun smiled and nudged Radha she opened her eyes and she too saw them they were enjoying the scenic beauty.
Radha ; let them enjoy now shall we go ?? Arjun nodded and said ; ur wish is my command my queen she blushed and they left the love birds but samuktha found them leaving she who had doubt confirmed now but she did not say that neelkanteshwar as he may not help them so she just smiled and enjoyed her time with her love.

Sam wiped her tears thinking of the happy moments they spent together her only love was Neelkanteshwar, but rudra the thought was suffocating her he was the one who was having eye on her and to pretend to be normal now infront of him was too suffocating , she turned to see her love and she saw him sleeping peacefully with her brother tejashwin but now teji she smiled at them as they were fighting cocks always starting for a petty things to selecting a dress everything they had a bet but rudra how did he land in this place and karthika devi wow a woman who…………… she was not able to think more but her only wish is to see her princess and her brotherly figure to get married which is Ardhika’s marriage as she was always protected by Arjun last time. But sam was determinant that this time Rudra can never mess with them.

Zubin made all the arrangements and he got the key with him and he did all the packing and went to saral to give the package in which the key was available. Saral examined the key and smiled devilishly and patted Zubin’s shoulder and held the key tight and gave the bag of money to Zubin. Zubin who was happy went out from the place. He saw one of his person. That person nodded and went out behind zubin. Saral gave a devilish smirk and saw the key, he kissed that and said i will not leave the treasure of the magadh kingdom, now no one can stop me and he holds the pack tight and there was a crack. Then slowly when he opened he saw the key was broken and it is now clearly seen that it was not iron but just a duplicate one of the key…… Saral threw the pack and shouted on top of his voice. Teji who was sleeping smiled for no reason and held his pant pocket tight and turned to sleep peacefully…….

Neil who was sleeping got disturbed due to Teji who was constantly twisting and turning. HE came out and saw Sam sitting in the river bed and was just floating her hands in the water and was thinking deep by looking at the moon.

Neil ; looks like some one is in deep thought ?? Sam turned and found Neil standing for her she one secind thought him with the armour and sword and in royal service attire. She smiled and nodded nothing and he too smiled.
Neil ; shall i ??? Sam nodded and he sat to the next stone of sam’s and she was looking at him with full love and he was busy staring at the moon and the view. He turned and saw Sam and smiled.
Neil ; what ?? she nodded nothing, he continued it is like i have been here before but u know what it is the first time i have come to this place. Sam laughed big.
Neil ; why did u laugh that big ??
Sam ; nothing u said right i am here for the first time. I laughed for that.
Neil ; seriously sam this is the first time i am here but after coming here everything is changed the stories we hear about the kingdom the place the palace area everything all are seems to be that i was here before. Sam was now looking at him in filled eyes ; then what is happening i mean were u able to see or visualise any thing ?? She wanted him to call her once Samuktha my dancing queen so that she can forever surrender to him.
Neil ; no nothing like that but the thing is it is feeling different that i have seen these places before..
Sam ; might happen neil dont worry tomorrow we will go to the top of the cliff as a part of the study and also for some free time as well u will find the answers for all ur confusion, saying so she left Neil and went to her tent to sleep. Neil was staring at her in a confused look as what is she meaning ….

The person who went behind Zubin came back and said ; sorry sir he fled i donno how. Saral who was in hell frustration took his gun and loaded it and said ; no more wait i will do it all by myself here after not going to believe that rudra always making me go mad. This time i will kill him as well not to sarvesh u rudra not to me dear and starts from there…….

Thats it guys for today gave some glimpse of the past and present and i know this is small but wanna update it so here it is and do comment me about ur views. Love u all take care stay strong and stay blessed and dont forget to smile….

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