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Double Swapping wedding–Ishqbaaz (Shot Two)

Hi guys. Jazz here with shot two. Thanks for ur lovely 😊 comments. Plz if there is any silent readers plz do comment. This shot will take place in Mehandi day. If u need the link for previous shot here:

Shot 1


OM Mehandi Day
It’s Mehandi so the preparations r going on by boys. Yes boys. They said they will do arrangements today.
Girls: We will also help.
Shivaay: We said na we will do arrangements & that’s final.
Anika: Shivaay tum apni tadi marna band karo. (Shivaay stop showing your tadi).
Shivaay: I will show my tadi. (😂😂😂😂)
Omru teasingly: Tadi ha & they laugh 😂.

Shivaay: Shut up u both.
Ishana: Di let me do it.

Soumya: Ha di if they r insisting let me do it.
Rudra (in slow tone but om can hear him) Somu is smart.
Om: Rudra. Then he realized what he said.
Rudra: O I was saying that Ishu di & Soumya r saying right. Omru smiled at Ishsomu & they smiled back.

Anika: Ok baba. U can do it. Happy 😊 😊. Sahil cane running and said: I will help u too bhaiya. Before Anika can say anything Shivaay said: Ok champ. Let’s go.
Sahil: Yeah. Anika gets happy seeing their bond. All boys leaves for their work & girls to their rooms except Somu. She went to kitchen. Rudy who got the job to check the sweets went to kitchen. There he saw Somu who is looking at sweets like: Laddoo, jalebi and barfis which had many types like kaju barfi, chocolate barfi, cocunut barfi, mango barfi, and apple barfi.😋😋😋😋😋. (All mine fav I have others too but too much sugar is not good for health).
Rudy: Somu what u doing here? Somu turned back & saw Rudy.
Somu: Nothing. I just came here tondrink water. She gets water drinks it & turns to leave. Somu: Rudy Why r u staring at me like that? Rudy who was staring at her started talking.
Rudy: You really came to get water or……

Somu: Or….. what r u trying to say?
Rudy: Did u came here to taste sweets?
Somu: No, I said na I came to drink water & I did. So I am leaving. She started going & then stopped. BTW what u doing here?
Rudy: OH! I came here to taste the sweets as we don’t want any prblm in Mehandi. To tease Somu he said: I have to taste every single sweet. Moving toward the table he said: Which one should I eat first? Should I eat jalebi first or laddoo? I should eat jalebi my favorite (mine too 😋😋😋😋). He starts eating. It’s tasty 😋. Teasing somu more. Soumya gets angry 😡 😡.
Somu: Can I have one?

Rudy: No (while he picks up a chocolate barfi) if I give u one then u will ask more & like that u will finish the whole tray. Listening to this Soumya gets angry & straight went to him before he can eat chocolate barfi soumya grabbed his hand turned it toward her & eat the barfi by his hands. Rudy smiles at her. Soumya botice what she did & suddenly she leaves his hand. From smiling Rudy started laughing.
Sonu: (confused) what happened Rudra? Have u gone mad? Why r u laughing? Rudy is not stopping.
Soumya in angry tone: Duffer Oberoi stop laughing. Rudy controlled his laughter.
Somu: Now can u plz tell me why were u laughing?
Rudy: OH! That…. he started moving toward her. Soumya started moving backward.
Somu: Rudy stop. But Rudy is not stopping. Now Somu is between the wall and Rudy. Rudy got more closer to her & he cleaned Somu’s mouth under her lips and said: There was chocolate all under ur lips.
Somu: OH!! It’s cleaned now??
Rudy: Yeah all cleaned. They r still close. Somu is about to say something when Rudy puts a laddoo in her mouth. Wajah tum ho plays. They have a pretty eyelock. After few minutes Somu tried to say something but the laddoo is still in her mouth as she didn’t ate it.

Rudy: First eat laddoo then speak. She nodes. She ate the laddoo.
Somu: Rudy ke bacche ab main tume bata te hoon. (Rudy I will tell u now). She grabbed two laddoos and put it in his mouth. Rudy tried to stop her but couldn’t. He slowly ate the laddoos. Rudy got angry.
Rudy: Why u did this?
Somu: Right question but wrong person
Rudy: What u mean?
Somu: I should ask u that question. Why did u put laddoo in my mouth??
Rudy: I thought u like laddoo and u even ate barfi from my hand that’s why. He makes puppy face.
Somu: Stop making these puppy face remember u r getting married.

Rudy: Oh ho somu why did u made me remember that I’m getting married. I was enjoying like that without NO tension and WITH U MY SOMU. Then he realized what he said: I mean u r my best friend na so…
Somu: It’s ok Let me go noe I have to change.
Rudy: Yeah u go. She leaves the kitchen and go to her room.

It’s Mehandi time:
Boys had did all the arrangements really well.
Dadi: WOW everything is perfect. My children did it all perfectly.
Boys: Thanks dadi.
Dadi: Where r my girls??
Rudy: You know na Dadi these girls take hours to get ready. They do makeup and all other stuff. He acts like a girl who is getting ready. All boys agreed and started laughing 😂 😂😂😂. We take hours to get ready ha. They heard a girl voice. They all turned & saw all girls. They all r looking beautiful. Anish r wearing sarees. Ani wearing a hot pink where ish wears a red saree wid white flowers designed in it. Somprinku r wearing frock suits. Somu orange & yellow. Prinku Is wearing baby pink & white. Anjali Riddhima r wearing suits. Anjali blue & Riddhima green. Tia Romi r wearing lehanga. Tia is wearing golden with designs of black color. Romi is wearing black lehanga with designs of golden color. All boys r mesmerized by their beauty. They r just starinf at them. Girls came to them.

Ish: We take hours ha.
Boys: No we were just kidding.
Prinku: O bhaiya even u r wid them.
Tia (with her ladybaba voice): Shivaay Baby I didn’t expect this from u.
Shivaay: No Tia I don’t think like this it’s this duffer Rudy.
Other boys except Rudy: Yeah we didn’t said anything it’s this duffer. Everyone hit him playfully on his head one by one and left. Rudy stands there wid his puppy face. (I love his puppy face 😘😘😘😘).

All girls who r applying Mehandi r here.
Dadi: Go girls sit down and have ur Mehandi done. We will put too.
Pinky: Yes mammi jii. Dadi leaves wid pinky and Jhanvi.
All girls started applying Mehandi. Shivaay who was doing some arrangements near Ani but instead of focusing on work his focus was on Ani. The girl was about to ask her would be husbands name when Anika said: Shivaay be careful. Shivaay was about to drop something when Ani noticed it & told him. Shivaay: Yeah. The girl thought its him so she wrote S on her hand. Next to her was Ishu. Ishu was getting thirsty. Girl about to ask her husband name. Ishu saw om standing.
Ishu: Om can u plz get me water or juice? Om: Yeah sure. He gets juice for her. She shows him she can’t drink by her own as she have Mehandi. Om makes her drink. The girl thought it’s Om so she wrote On in her hand. Next to Ishu it’s Soumya. Somu was just staring at her hand.

Girl: Which letter should I write??
Somu: R. SHE thinks of Rudra as his names starts from R too. Next to Somu is Prinku. Prinku’s hair is disturbing her. Her hairs were coming on her face. She tries to remove them but in vain. Then she felt some warm hands on her cheek. She looked up and saw Ranveer.
Prinku: Ranveet what u doing??
Ranveer: Just tying ur hairs. Nothing else. He ties her hair. She smiled at him and said: Thanks.

Ranv: How many times should I tell u that No sorry and thanks between us.
Prinku smiles: Ok baba. The girl thought it’s her would be husband & wrote R on her hand. Next to Prinku is Tia. The girl asks for the name. And Tia who is thinking about Daksh said: Daksh. The girl wrote D on her hand. Next to her was Romi. She have R on her hand. (Which stands for Reyaan too). Girl was about to write R on Anjali’s hand when suddenly a ball hitted her and by accidentally she wrote D. A lil boy came who was playing wid the ball and said: Sorry di.
Girl: It’s ok. Anjali noticed D on her hand.
Girl: If I try to clear the D it will mess up the Mehandi near it.
Anjali: It’s fine leave it like this.

Girl: Ok Riddhima’s mehandi was done. She have O letter on her hand but her chunni suddenly slipped from her shoulder and fell on her hand. Riddhima removed the chunni really quick and found out that O got messed up. The girl had wrote O on her right hand at the corner. So Riddhima tried to write O on her hand by left hand but couldn’t due to her Mehandi. And accidentally wroted K. She saw that and said leave it. I am not getting marry him for like that real. The ceremony got over and everyone went to their room. Anishprinkutia saw their hand and got shocked 😳 seeing S. O. R. D. On their hands. They want to take that letter off as their mehandi was still on but couldn’t got courage to take it of. They smiled seeing their hands and went to sleep 😴. Roumya reminiscing their moment and dozed off to deep sleep. It ends on happy 😊 sleepy 😌 face of everyone.

Guys so this was second shot. Hope u liked it. In next one I will try to add everyone’s scenes. Maybe I will try to add something different if I can. I am not sure 🤔 bcz I have two different ideas maybe I will put one or maybe two. IDK 😐. We will see. Ok so will see u in next shot. So guys plz comment and I need more comments as they make me happy 😊 and boost me up for next shot.
Take care guys 😊😊😊😊.

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