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Double Swapping wedding–Ishqbaaz

Hey guys this is jazz. This is my first time I am writing something so you don’t know me that much I usually comment on urs guys ff’s. I read everyone’s ff and they are amazing superb and all the writers write awesome 😘😘. I am so sorry guys as I couldn’t comment on ur ff few weeks ago as I was really busy with my school and homework and obviously 🙄 wid my family. I am so sorry ðŸ˜� guys for that but now I am commenting as I have a week off from my school. So happy ðŸ˜�. Actually I had many ideas of writing something on IB but couldn’t as sometimes I don’t like my ideas or I don’t have time but this time I have time and I even kind of like my idea and I hope u guys will also enjoy 😊 it. This is about all the pairs of Ishqbaaz and somethings are same and some are different. So this is just an introduction about what’s happening. Sorry for my bakbak and let’s start:

Daksh and Tia are married & they r behind Shivaay money 💰 and that’s why Tia is marrying Shivaay. Daksh is marrying Anika so she can stay away from Shivaay. He don’t love her. Shivika r feeling for each other even more Anika thinks she is falling for Shivaay but they r not telling each other as they r getting married to someone else.

Anika have a sister Ishana and lil bro Sahil. Ishana is best friend of Om. She also loves to draw paintings and sculptures like Om. She is assistant of Om in his art gallery. Riddhima and Om r in relationship but Om is not committing with her as he feel something for Ishana. Ishana too feels something for him but don’t want to tell him as she thinks it will affect their friendship and his relationship with Riddhima. Riddhima is also behind Om’s money like Tia. (There was NO breakup and any contract part between them & Tej). She wants to marry him and is insisting him. Daksh have a brother Karan who also cane to Oberoi Mansion (OM). As Ishana also go to OM Karan fell in love ðŸ˜� with her at the first sight.

(Karan know about Daksh&Tia marriage & their intentions). He wants to marry her & he always stick with her when she is in OM. Sometimes, he even goes to Om’s art gallery to meet Ishana. This makes Om really angry 😡 and jealous 😒. In OM, as Karan was talkng to Ishana and Riddhima to Om. Riddhima asked Om about their marriage. In anger, Om said yes which made Ishana mad 😡 and angry. At the same time, Karan said that he really loves her and wants to marry her. Ishana was fuming 😤 in anger and was not in her senses said yes to Karan. But after that realizes what she did. Everyone was happy 😊 about that except ishkara. (There is NO Om & Priyanka past about any accident).

Roumya are NOT married. They r best friends and share everything with each other except their feelings for each other. Reyaan is soumya bf and romi is rudy’s gf. (Romi is not a psycho). Romi is doing acting that she really loves him and wants to marry him but in real she is behind his money. Soumya’s mom & grandma came to OM for her marriage. Reyaan’s parents & soumya’s parents don’t have any prblm wid with their marriage but soumya hadn’t said yes YET. But as she see rudy with romi she gets really angry 😡 & jealous 😒 & even more angry as he is not telling about his feelings for her so in anger she said yes to Reyaan. And Rudy who was thinking Soumya will say about her feelings to him but she didn’t and instead said yes to Reyaan and also in anger he said yes to Romi who was insisting him to marry her.

Dev is son of Mr. Chabra & not illegitimate child of his. So that’s mean there is NO relationship broken between him & prinku. ACP Ranveer is cousin of Reyaan and Dev but they r more than cousins. (Just like shivomru). ACP’s dad is dead & he lives with his mom. Most of the time he stays in Chabra house. ACP have helped Oberoi family a lot specially prinku. He has solved Gayatri’s case & had found it was Roop & put her behind the bars. Svetlana was also involved in it but not that much that’s why there was no clue about her. After Roop went to jail she was really angry & made a plan. Oberoi’s were celebrating as Gayatri’s case was solved and everyone (means every single person in this ff) were there. Suddenly, they inhaled something wrong. Yes it was Svetlana who had released gas poison in the party. Everyone helped each other to go out but prinku was still inside & Ranveer had saved her. Everyone were really thankful to him.

Svetlana got caught and sent her to jail. From that day they were bestiees. Prinku also have another bestiee who is a girl—Anjali. Anjali & Prinku almost stay together [Oberoi family knows Anjali and her mom REALLY WELL. (Anjali’s father is also dead & she lives with her mom]) whenever Prinku goes to meet Dev Or Ranveer Anjali is always with her. As Anjali knows that Devanka r gonna get married so she don’t pay that much attention to him but whenever they go to Ranveer she is always talking to him & this makes Prinku angry. In her anger mood she tells her family that she don’t have any prblm if she gets married early. She said that in front of Ranveer which made him angry too. Anjali gets to know that. Next day, Anjali and her mom went to OM there was also Chabra family & of course Ranveer too. Anjali had already talked to her mom about Ranveer and Anjali ‘s mom seeing the chance talked about Ranveer and Anjali marriage. Anjali was happy but Ranveer not. He was about to say no when he sees devanka talking & laughing out aloud and holding each others hand. In jealousy he said yes.

Next day, OM’s elders, Riddhima parents, Tia’s mom, Soumya’s mom&grandma, Chabra’s elders, Romi’s parents, Ranveer’s mom, Anjali’s mom and Sundari Bua were present in OM living room. Everyone were discussing about their children marriage. After discussing Dadi said that everyone marriage will be at the same day as everyone knows each other very well. Elders didn’t have any prblm but oopsi voopsi youngsters(main leads) were feeling hurt(not others they were happy) as they gonna see their love getting married to someone else. But hesitantly they said YES.

Whom they getting married to??
Shivaay&Tia—Shitia…. Daksh&Anika—Aksh…. Om&Riddhima—Ridom…. Karan&Ishana Ishkaran…. Rudra&Romi—Rudromi…. Reyaan&Soumya—Seyaan…. Ranveer&Anjali—Raanjali….
Dev&Priyanka—Devanka….. Who they will be married to?? Shivika, Ishkara, Roumya, Priveer

Daksh&Tia—Daksha…. Riddhima&Karan—Ridkaran…. Reyaan&Romi—Ryaan…. Dev&Anjali—Danjali…. CLARIFICATIONS 1. U guys will be thinking that why these three girls (Tia Riddhima Romi) r behind Shivomru. So here it goes they r sisters and con girls. They had a big fight that they will marry one of the Oberoi and will snatch money from them. But these girls don’t even trust their own sisters bcz they think if their sister got all the money she will take all the money and will run with her lover/husband. So that’s why they r trying to get married wid them. Mrs Kapoor the family of Riddhima and Romi r fake parents. (Remember the ones in OM hall discussing about marriage). Their parents r dead.

Riddhima and Romi know about Daksha marriage. 2. Ani&Ish r real sister. When they were young they both were going somewhere at night time with their parents but they met wid an accident & their parents died. When they were in orphanage sahil’s parents took them but they died too. So they start living wid Sundari Bua. Both anish r scared of darkness. Both shivom knows about their fear of darkness. Sundari Bua is really nice and really loves anish and sahil. 3. Om loves Tej a lot and calls him Dad. 4. Prinku sometimes still gets panic attack.

Guys I am sorry ðŸ˜� if I bored u bcz I know it’s boring. I think its way too long but I wanted to clarify everything in one part so I just wrote everything. Guys plz plz plz do comment if u like it an emoji or just a word is fine for me. So plz comment. I am not sure if there will be one or two shot. So guys plz bear wid me. Take care. Byee

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