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Do you like Suraj-Chakor’s team up in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan is going through good dramatic twists and turns. Chakor was always Kamal Narayan’s bandhua, but gained her freedom by becoming the national marathon winner. After Kamal Narayan returned from jail by his daughter Ragini’s help, he is targeting both Suraj and Chakor to take revenge. Chakor has sent him to the jail by Vivaan’s help, while Suraj has sent the goons to the jail to get him murdered. Kamal Narayan has the big reasons to seek revenge.

Right now, Suraj and Chakor are seen teaming up for the same mission, that’s to send Kamal Narayan back to jail by collecting evidences against him from the scratch. In the quest of the clues, Suraj and Chakor are risking their lives and also protecting each other as good life partners. Though their marriage does not mean anything to them, Chakor has kept the marriage to save Suraj’s life. Suraj and Chakor have reached that point in life where they can do anything to protect each other. Both of them gradually started falling in love But, they have to realize the love. They look good together. The pairing was made by the bigger twist of bride swapping. It seems to have fallen in right place now. Do you like Suraj-Chakor’s team up in Udaan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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